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Depressed me.

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MCR is saving another life right now. Yeah, me.

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So the school year is rapidly approching. And I'm not happy about. To top it all off my best friend isn't going their. I couldn't be more depressed. Next thing you know Ray won't have an afro! That's something to die for. So...I really thank MCR right now. On with the chapter.
3 months later...

"Are you ready for another 2 wonderful months of touring?" Frank asked everyone.

The band all gave a whoop.

"This is gonna be a great tour. I can taste it!" Gerard said.

"So any plans for this tour? Anything new Gerard?" Brian asked.

"Yeah. We were gonna put on a secret show for everyone."

"What is it?"

"I can't tell you. I make plans to break plans and I've been planning something big," Gerard froze. "Planning something BIG!"

"Well, you have to tell us."

"Okay. The band was gonna dress up like freaks and capture everyone. Throw them in a truck all tied up and then gag them and strap them to chairs." Mikey said.

"And force them to listen to our music!" Gerard said. "Surprise!"

"Woah. Some surprise." Brian said.

"Naa, we're just kidding."

"Really! You really got me!"

On the bus.

Everyone was sorta just sitting.

"I'm extremely bored." Frank said.

"The fun doesn't start untill the bus starts moving." Roxy said.

"And what are we waiting for?" Mikey asked.

"For your brother." Ray said.

"Reason why he's late?" Frank asked.

"He said he couldn't find his drawing book. And you know how he gets when he's drawing." Ray said.

At that moment Gerard stumbled thru' the door. "Sorry that I'm late."

"Your drunk again aren't you?"

"I'm not. I'm speaking in full sentences, aren't I?"

"So why are you like this?"

"I was in a rush."


"Getting chased." Gerard said.

"By who?" Cloe asked.

"Umm...they weren't the cops."

"What now?"

"I was speeding. But it was an accendent(sp)"

"Well, now that everyone's here lets go."
Not much of a chapter but...For the next chapter they have to be on tour! So this is just a start up.
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