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Chapter 1

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Elizabeth is a member of the Volturi. Oh you say you don't know her, well she doesn't really like attention. Well anyway, she is a high ranked guard. Let's go through her story together. Oh and by ...

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My story begins when a bloodthirsty vampire attacks the village I live in.
It's around midnight on a warm night in the village. I'm laying next to my mother, who is sleeping. I watch the moon light the bedroom with its pale light. A cloud passes the moon and the light disappears. I get up and head to the chamber pot. I'm about to pull my skirts up when I hear the screams. I head to the window and look out. I see bodies lying around up ahead on the road. There's a man walking towards where the house I'm staying it is at. People begin to look out their windows and some brave people walk out of their house.
I watch the man walk until he suddenly disappears and I gasp. I put a hand over my mouth when the man reappears on top of a person.
A hand grabs my arm and pulls me away from the window. A scream begins in my throat but a hand covers my mouth.
"Shh. It's going to be okay."
My mother says and I let the scream become a heavy breathe. My mother has blonde hair, a nice face, and short for a woman.
"Mother, what's going on?"
I ask in a whisper.
"Don't worry, my sweet girl. I need you to do me a favor though. Can you use one of your gifts for me, please?"
She asks in a quiet tone. I nod.
I have two 'gifts' as my mother calls them. The first 'gift' is that I can teleport from one spot to another. The second 'gift' is a terrible 'gift'. I have only used it once and that was on a mean boy. I felt like my mind went into his mind and I feel all of his memories. I immediately picked the worst memory that he had and used it against him. Then my mind went back into my mind and he was face down on the ground. He was either unconscious or dead. I didn't find out because people were calling me a witch, so I ran away from them.
I grab my mother's hand and think about the wild grass field in front of the village. I close my eyes and then open them again. We are standing in the middle of the wild grass field that I thought about. We could still hear the screams from the village people. Mother takes her hand away from mine and turns to face me. A breeze goes between us. It hits our faces, goes though my white-blond hair and mother's blonde hair, and rustles our skirts.
"My sweet girl, I love you. Just remember that for me, yes?"
Mother says laying a kiss on my forehead.
"Yes. I love you."
I kiss her cheek.
There is a laugh and mother swirls around. She stands so that I'm behind her and she's facing the man. The same man who killed the whole village. The man has red eyes, claws for fingernails, and sharp-looking teeth. His brown hair is curly and a mess that touches his shoulders. The man smiles and his sharp teeth turn into sharp fangs that glisten in the moonlight.
"Oh that's so sweet! A mother and her daughter. I will enjoy killing both of you!"
The man laughs again and the disappears. My mother curses and looks around. I gasp when the man appears in front of mother. I grab her hand as she glares at the man or creature. The man laughs and grabs mother. Our hands are yanked apart and I scream as the man sinks his fangs into mother's neck.
After awhile, the man takes his fangs away from mother's neck and he throws her limp body away from him. I scream again and run to her body. I put her head onto my lap and I start to cry.
"Mother! Mother! Please wake up! MOTHER!"
I cry and the man starts to laugh.
"You pathetic human. Your mother is dead and I killed her. Her blood was almost the best I've ever had."
The man says as he laughs again. I glare at him and gently place mother's head on the ground before I stand.
"You're the pathetic creature. You killed a whole village without a thought. Do you not have a soul?"
I look into his red eyes and my mind goes into his. His memories flash by my eyes. I choose his most painful one and that's when he became a vampire. I let that memory sink into his brain and then my mind goes back into my own head. The man screams and glares at me. I guess the memory didn't affect him much.
"You little bitch!"
He grabs my arm and the bones pop and crack as he yanks me to him. He hisses as he bites my neck and I scream. I start to get dizzy as my blood drains from my body. Then suddenly as it starts it disappears. I fall to the ground. I hear the man scream again and then silence. Four people walk to stand in front of me. One of them had the man, that killed mother, over his shoulder. The man must be unconscious. The girl in the group steps away from the others. I look into her eyes. She has red eyes like the man. She has blonde hair like mother's and she's wearing a black dress under a black cloak.
That's when the pain starts. It feels like being burned. I begin to fall to the side. Before I hit the ground and my eyes start to close slowly, I see a boy with brown hair, red eyes, and black clothing. I look into his eyes before mine close.

- Alec's P.O.V. -
I see the girl begin to fall and instincts take over my body and I catch her before she fall onto the ground. I look into her pain filled eyes before the close. My breath, that I don't need, stops. I look over at my sister, Jane. She see the look in my eyes.
"We must get her to Aro soon."
Jane says turning towards Felix and Demetri and walking away from me. I pick up the girl and follow her. I feel the girl's heartbeat slow and I walk a little faster. I know I can't do anything to help her. Even my powers wouldn't help her with this pain.
I fall into step with Jane. I look down at the girl. She has long, white-blonde hair, short and skinny like Jane, and is wearing a brown dress that is covered in blood. Most likely her own and her mother's.
"We'll get her to Aro, Alec. Don't worry about the girl so much."
We get to the castle quickly and the girl's heart is going than before we left her village. We walk through the passageways towards the throne room. When we arrive at the huge doors, Jane opens them with a push. I quickly walk in and bow to the three kings. Aro, Caius, and Marcus. Aro is in the middle, Caius is on Aro's right, and Marcus is on Aro's left. They are all sitting in their thrones. Carlisle is standing near them.
"Aro, this girl is turning into one of us. Please, master, help her in any way you can."
I plead. I lay the girl on the floor at Aro's feet and I sit next to her on the back of my ankles. Aro puts his hand out and I put my hand in his. My memories of the night flash past. He sees the girl appearing in front of us with her mother. Then the vampire coming and killing her mother. The girl doing something to the vampire and then her getting attack. Aro reads my thoughts on the whole thing and then takes his hand away from mine. He looks down at the girl and then grabs her hand. He's silent for a minute. He lets go of her hand.
"She will be fine. Take her to your room. She will wake in a couple of days. Come back when you have her settled."
Aro says waving me away. I pick the girl up and quickly walk out of the throne room. I quickly walk to my room, which is in a one of the towers. I run up the stair and unlock the door. I walk to the bed and put the girl onto the bed. I feel her heartbeat slow even more. Why is she making me feel this way? I don't get it. I've never felt this way before.
I quickly walk out of the room to get away from this girl's presence. I have a feeling I know what this feeling is. I'll have to ask Chelsea. I run down the stairs and head to the throne room again to find out the punishment for the rogue vampire is.
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