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Chapter 2

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Same as before

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- Jane's P.O.V. -
I saw the look in Alec's eyes two days ago. I've never seen that look before in his eyes. I've only seen it in Chelsea's eyes when she looks at her mate, Afton.
For two days, Alec has been in his room watching over that girl. The only time he's been out is to feed and if Aro wants him.
What is with that girl? I don't get why Alec is so obsessed with her. She's not even that pretty!
"Jane, my dear, are you worrying about your dear brother again?"
Aro asks. I'm in the throne room with Aro, Caius, and Marcus. Renata is here too but she's staying in the shadows.
"No master. I'm only wondering why my dear brother is so obsessed with the girl."
I say standing in front of the thrones.
"Don't you see. Alec has found his mate and he doesn't even know her or anything about her."
Marcus says with a slight laugh. I guess he must have felt the bond between Alec and the girl.
"Are you jealous that he's paying more attention to that girl then you, Jane?"
Caius says leaning back in his throne.
"No master. I'm not jealous of a Newborn."
I say glaring at his feet.
"Brothers! Brothers! Stop messing with the poor girl."
Aro says with a laugh.
"I'm not -"
"Masters, the girl is about to wake."
Alec says bursting into the throne room. Aro, Caius, and Marcus get up from their thrones and quickly walk to Alec's room. I follow because I love watching the pain in Newborn's eyes when they wake up for the first time.
We surround the bed and wait.
The girl's heartbeats begin to go faster than ever before. Then the heartbeats stop.

- Elizabeth's P.O.V. -
The pain is almost unbearable. I have to tell myself that it's almost over but I really don't know if it's almost over. I stop screaming and struggling awhile back ago because it wasn't helping. No one was helping or coming. All I see is darkness and all I feel is burning hot pain.
Awhile I lay here pain, let's think over things for a bit.
I think about the boy with the red eyes that caught me from falling on the ground. The boy looked to be about my age, which is sixteen. I wonder if he is a creature like that man who attacked the village and the villagers.
I think of the villagers and how they hated me because I hurt that boy when I was younger. They always gave me and mother the evil sign and glared at us when we were outside.
I think about my mother. My sweet, sweet mother. I hope I get to kill the creature that killed her. He took away the only person that truly loved me. She was the one who encouraged me to use my gifts. She would make me teleport from one end of the house to the other. Then when that got too easy, she made go from the edge of the village to the other. She tried to make my other gift a nice gift but it never worked. I always found the worst memories to use against a person. We stopped working on that gift when I hurt mother with memory of father dying all over again.
I don't remember my father much. All I remember is that he had black hair, green eyes like mine, and always wore a smile on his face. Mother loved him dearly and had always loved him.
The pain has slowly stopped as I think over things. I start to hear voices and so I try to move my fingers and successfully get them to move. I slowly open my eyes to find five people around me. One of the people is the boy who caught me. The girl is the one who stepped out first from the group when I first saw them, is glaring at me with her red eyes. The other three I don't know. The one closest to me has long, black hair, has a creepy face, is tall, and he's wearing black robes. On his left is a man who has shoulder length, blonde hair, has a scowl on his face, tall also, and is also wearing black robes. The man, on the creepy man's right, has a tight smile on his face. The man has shoulder length brown hair, shorter than the other two by an inch, and also wearing black robes. The creepy man smiles at me.
"Hello, my dear. How are you feeling? Thirsty yet?"
When the man says thirsty. My throat begins to burn and I grab my throat.
"Why is it burning?"
I ask through the pain.
"Because, my dear, you are a vampire. You need to drink blood to stay alive. I will let Alec explain everything to you later."
The creepy man gestures to the boy. I wince with pain.
"After you feed, I have a special surprise for you. So feed quickly!"
The creepy man finishes saying and then leaves with the two others by his side. I look to the other two remaining in the room. The girl and the boy, Alec, stare at me and I stare back. I wince again from the pain in my throat.
"Brother, let's take her to the feeding chambers."
The girl says leading the boy away and me to follow after them. We walk down passageways and pass doors. We also pass people with red eyes. I wish someone would explain everything to me right now. But I remember that creepy man said Alec would explain later.
We stop in front of a door and the girl looks at me. I hear the heartbeat and the blood flow of whoever is inside the room. I try to compose myself over the burning in my throat. Mother always told me; 'if something hurt, don't let it show because that's a weakness people like to feed off.' The girl opens the door and mother's words flew from my mind. I smell the blood and I rush into the room. Surprising myself of how fast I got into the room and in front of the person. I quickly let my fangs hang over my lips and the venom starts to drip off them.
I grab the person's neck and yank it to the side. I then bite through a vein. Precious blood seeps into my mouth and I quickly drink in the warm, tasty blood until it stops. I drop the person and look around to find only the girl and Alec. My throat still burns but only a little.
"Are you done? How's your throat feel?"
Alec quickly asks to my surprise. He hasn't talked at all until now.
"Yes, I'm done for now. My throat only burns a little bit."
I say wiping away the blood from my mouth with the back of my hand.
"Aro wants to show you your surprise. So let's go."
The girl says glaring at me. I feel pain in my head and I scream.
"Jane, stop!"
Alec yells at the girl and as quickly as the pain came, it left. I hold my head in my hands when the girl, Jane, loses eye contact with me. Alec is in front of me and he puts a hand on my shoulder.
"Come. We must go to Aro."
Alec says glaring at Jane. He than turns to me and takes a hand away from my face and into his hand. We start to walk through the passageways again.
"My name is Alec Volturi. What's yours?"
He asks. His hand is still holding mine. Why is he holding my hand? I don't even know him.
"My name is Elizabeth Jett. it's nice to meet you."
I say softly. Alec stops walking when we get to the biggest doors I have ever seen. They got to the ceiling and are as wide as a small house in the village. Alec removes his hand from hand and pushes the doors open with Jane. He beckons me with his hand.
I quickly follow him into the room. The three men that I met earlier, are there sitting in thrones. There are other people here also. There is a man with short blonde hair standing next to Marcus. There is also a woman with black hair with red eyes standing right behind the creepy man.
Alec stands in front of the three and bows at the waist.
"Masters, may I present to you. Elizabeth Jett. She has just finished eating."
He raises as he says this. He beckons me with a hand and I walk to stand next to him.
"Hello, darling! How's the throat? Burning, perhaps?"
The creepy man asks.
"Good. Still burning a bit."
I say looking at the floor. I don't want to be here right now. With all these people looking at me. I don't know anyone here, not even Alec. I just know his name.
"Well you are a refined Newborn, aren't you?"
The man with brown hair asks. I shrug.
"Is she broken?"
I look up at the blonde man in the throne and I shake my head.
"My dear, I'm Aro and these are my brothers, Caius and Marcus."
Aro says gesturing to the blonde and the brown hair men. I look at Aro's feet not wanting to look at his sparkling red eyes.
"Well, my dear Elizabeth. We have a surprise for you. We want to see your gifts and you want to kill the man, who killed your mother. Isn't that right?"
Aro asks stepping from his throne to stand on the bottom step of the raised floor.
I say glaring at the floor. I feel a hand on my chin making my eyes look into Aro's. My memories start to flash before my eyes. Aro let's my face go and smiles.
"If your gifts have potential then you may join the Volturi. Which is us. If your gifts don't have potential. I will kill you myself."
Aro says clapping his hands together and smiles at me. I glance over at Alec, who is looking at Aro. I hear a rustle and three men walk into the room. The middle man is struggling and cursing the other two men, who are holding onto his arms. I glare at the man in the middle. The same man who killed mother. I growl and that surprises me because I sound like an animal.
"My dear Elizabeth. Use your gifts to kill this man."
Are says. The two men release the man and stand by the door. Alec gives me a tiny smile before standing next to Caius.
Everyone stands around the room, circling us.
I glare at mother's killer and...
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