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Ghosts in the Shell

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POST-STD(KP/Ghost in the Shell: SAC X-over-fusion) Twenty five years ago Kim and Ron were terribly injured, now they return to find themselves in a new age, a new world, and even in new bodies. Wil...

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Session 1: Death and Rebirth

/"The things that are ours cannot be given away, or taken away, or lost. We break our hearts, all of us, trying to keep things that do not belong to us - and to which we have no right." -Myrtle Reed/

Tokyo//, //Japan//, //5/21/2005

"This is it, Shego!" Kim Possible called out swinging from a line attached to the wrist of her battle-suit as she battled her long time arch foe Shego from atop Tokyo Tower.

"I still owe you for destroying my hair last time, Kimmie," Shego sneered as Kim landed before her. Shego lit up her hands and leapt at her foe. The emerald criminal came to a stop when her energy struck Kim's suit's energy field.

"You and Drakken are going back to jail, Shego. Face it, accept it, and let's call it a day." Kim said as she kicked Shego back, as Kim's boyfriend and partner Ron Stoppable tried to help the school teacher and children there on a field trip into the stair well and out of harm's way.

"Oh I don't think so, Kim Possible," Drakken snapped proudly, "My plan is absolutely flawless this time, even more so then the last time."

"Wait one of my children isn't here," the teacher gasped loudly gripping Ron's arm. "Motoko! Motoko Kusanagi! I can't find Motoko!"

"You can go on with the others, I'll find her, ma'am," Ron said reassuringly.

She stared at the young hero for a moment before nodding and leading the remaining children down the fire escape.

"KP! Amber Alert," Ron called out running out to help.

"It doesn't matter what you do, Kim Possible," Drakken said moving toward the control panel of the large machine attached to the radio tower of the landmark. "As soon as I turn this key, a signal will play a specific sound pattern on every frequency, brainwashing everyone in the area making them my personal zombie army!"

"That's your big plan?" Ron asked, smirking.

"Yes, as soon as I turn this key, it's all over but the crying!" Drakken laughed.

"What Key?" Kim asked, smiling innocently at the mad genius.

"This ... WHERE'D IT GO?! SHEGO!!" Drakken screamed, turning to see Ron dangling the key to his machine between his thumb and forefinger. "Buffoon! Give it!"

"Say my name and say please, and I MIGHT toss it to ya," Ron smiled.

"Absolutely not, you foolish twit! Now DROP MY KEY!" Drakken screamed a blood vessel straining in his neck.

"Drop it? Remember, you told me to, dude," Ron smiled as he dropped the key over the edge of the tower.

"NOO!" Drakken screamed as his key dropped out of sight.

"Ok, mission not complete, retreat?" Shego asked, backing away from Kim's own glowing fists.

"Right, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME, KIM POSSIBLE!!" Drakken screamed as he approached his Hovership, attached to the side of the towering landmark.

"You think we'd just let you get away?" Kim asked, as she and Ron prepared to pounce.

"That's exactly what we think you'll do." A familiar voice said confidently.

"Erik ..." Ron growled, as the red and black unmasked Synthodrone stepped out of the shadows with a horrified little girl with teary violet eyes staring fearfully at the two teen heroes.

"That thing doesn't have a name, Ron," Kim growled, "What's it take to make you stay melted, 901?"

"What, don't you miss me, Kim?" Synthodrone 901 smirked, "We made a beautiful couple, everyone thought so." He grinned when Ron started to move in to attack him. "Unless you want this beautiful little girl to have a snapped neck I suggest you calm down, Ronnie."

"Why don't you let the little girl go and we'll settle this the old fashioned way, slime-dude." Ron growled.

"What's it going to be, Team Possible?" Synthodrone 901 asked, grinning as he stroke the terrified little girl's short purple hair. "Bring us in ... or save the little girl. It's up to you two."

"You're slime ..." Kim growled as Shego and Drakken watched the drama unfold.

"I know this already, Kim, now catch!" He said as he threw the screaming girl over the edge of the tower.

"Hang on!" Kim yelled, as the villains quickly made their escape but at the moment she didn't care as she dove after the falling little girl.

Kim quickly caught the girl and fired a grapple to catch herself. "You're ok, sweetheart," Kim said as she held the young child to her with one arm.

"Says you, Kim," Erik said aiming his laser at her hooked grapple as the hovercraft lifted off. He shot and destroyed destroying the hook sending the two girls into a fall yet again.

"KIM!" Ron yelled as he threw himself over the edge and fired his grapple at the ground and using it to propel him toward Kim and the girl faster.

As Ron caught up to the two falling girls, he dropped the first grapple and pulled a second from his belt, he scooped Kim into a cradle with one arm with the girl in her arms, and fired the grapple up hooking on the side of the tower. The three splashed down roughly in a fountain before the tower and sat there in the cool water trying to catch their breaths.

"Everybody ok?" Kim asked looking form the little girl to Ron.

"Oh, everything's fine my way, KP," Ron groaned, "Except my bladder control. Its shot all to heck right now ..."

"Eww ..." Kim scrunched up her nose, as the little girl clung to them both trembling and crying.

"Hey, it's ok," Ron said stroking the girl's hair, "You're just fine."

"Yeah, you're safe now," Kim said hugging the girl, glancing up at the escaping ship. "You're safe now ..."


Kim and Ron stood outside the private jet Nakasumi-san provided them for their ride back to America when the school teacher and the six year old little girl quickly ran from the airport toward them.

"Oh thank goodness, we were afraid we'd miss you." The teacher said smiling at the two teenagers.

"What's the sitch?" Kim asked politely as the couple turned to face the two.

"Motoko has something she'd like to say." The teacher smiled.

Kim nodded and dropped to one knee before the little girl ran up and threw her arms around her neck. "Thank you for saving me!" She said in a beaming voice. "When I get big I wanna be a hero like you and your boyfriend, Kim!"

"Hey, if you work hard you will," Ron said coming up and placing a hand on Kim's shoulder. "You'll probably be even better." He said grinning.

Kim glanced from Ron to the little girl before nodding to herself. "I want you to have something," Kim smiled before unsnapping a silver wristwatch and placing it in the Motoko's small hand. "My dad gave this to me after my first real mission. I want you to keep it for me."

"Really?" Motoko's eyes lit up, looking from the watch to her idol. She beamed when Kim nodded. "Thank you! I'll treasure it forever!" she said hugging the redhead again.

"No big, squirt, now go with your teacher, me and Ron have a long ride home." Kim said kissing the girl's forehead.

"Bye, Kim, Ron, I hope I see you again soon!" She waved as the teacher lead her away.

"Ready to go home, KP?" Ron asked as the two walked onto their private jet. "KP?" Ron asked again turning to see her watching him with a strange smile. It's been four months since Junior Prom and the pair had finally become a couple like everyone it seemed had been waiting for. And ever since it was still strange for Ron and Kim to when they stopped to think about how close they've become and never even knew it till they accepted it.

"That was really brave of you when you saved me and the little girl, Ron ..." Kim said in a soft loving tone Ron had heard used toward other boys and only recently heard it addressed toward himself.

"Ah, well just doing the sidekick thing ..." Ron said scratching the back of his neck nervously as she grabbed his free hand and pulled him toward the couch.

"Even so ... I think you've earned a nice long making out session, Babe," Kim smiled, "And we have a few hours before we're home so might as well enjoy the time we've got ..."

Ron blinked for a few moments before muttering the only thing he could. "Booyah."


Kim moaned as her eyes slowly opened and she glanced around the interior of the private jet. She and Ron made out for who knows how long before settling down for a good old fashioned cuddling where they apparently both fell asleep. She loved watching Ron sleep, which is something that carried over from her time as just his best friend. And now that they were a couple she especially loved the time to study his calmed features. Her musings were cut off when the plane jerked violently.

"I think you two better buckle up," the pilot spoke up, as the two teens sat up as the plane continued to tremble and shake.

"What's going on," Kim called up toward the cockpit.

"We're not sure but we're loosing power ... we're going to have to make an emergency landing," The pilot explained, and Kim and Ron gave each other worried, fearful looks. "At least we're over the coast of California ... we should be ... oh shit."

Kim and Ron quickly moved to the emergency seats and buckled their belts as the plane began its decent. "I don't like oh shit, Kim ... I really, really don't like oh shit, Kim ..." Ron whimpered as Kim gripped his hand.

"No big, Ron," Kim's trembling voice spoke up trying to sound confident even though she was almost crushing her boyfriend's hand, "planes have emergency landings all the time ..."

"Sure, but not many survive them ..." Ron gulped, squeezing her hand just as tightly. He then glanced out the window and saw the plain quickly approaching a forest. "I don't think we should be falling this fast ..."

"Ok, Ron ... I admit it, I don't admit it often but ... Ron, I'm scared ..." Kim whimpered, reaching for him with her free hand.

Ron let go of her hand and put his arms around her. "We'll be ok, like you said ... happens all the time."

"Ron ..." Kim said pulling her boyfriend to her. "I love you, Ron ..." she whispered staring into his eyes.

Kim smiled when the fear in Ron's face melted into a loving smile as if he forgot the situation completely. "I love you too, KP," he smiled before moving in to kiss her. It was heaven until they felt a very, very hard hit then ... nothing.

Kim gasped and to her horror found herself alone, no Ron, no plane, not even any cloths, just herself floating in a strange tube, completely nude, and breathing a strange fluid. She gasped and held her throat as she tried to scream but only released air bubbles in the fluid.

Her body felt weird, stiff, and sore but then gasped when the fluid started carrying her down the tube. She tried to scream for help but again only muffled sounds and air bubbles escaped. She tried to hang on to the metallic walls of the circular tube but couldn't get and finger or toe holds and continued to travel with the fluid bouncing along the walls.

The fluid carried her on out of the tube where she landed on a hard metal floor hard on her side. She coughed and gagged as the fluid escaped from her mouth and nose. She felt so tired and weak and her head hurt so badly.

"K-KP?" a familiar voice spoke from behind her. It took all her strength to roll onto her back and then move her head to glance at Ron who like her was completely naked and soaked in strange fluid.

"Ron?" she spoke in a hoarse voice. "A-Are you ok?"

"Ya know ... KP ..." Ron breathed, before coughing some more gunk up as well. "I always figured since we hooked up at the prom a few months ago, that we'd end up waking up naked together sooner or later ... didn't think it'd be on the set of Star Trek though ..." She glanced around at the high tech mechanical laboratory like room before a voice spoke up as light filled the room.

"Kimmie, Ron, welcome back to the land of the living," Kim recognized her mother's voice and glanced up to see her mom approaching but one thing really grabbed her attention. The woman she's seen every day of her life now had several wrinkles on her face and her red hair was almost completely taken over by silver.

"Mom ... what happened ..." Kim coughed, as her mother began to towel dry her stiff body.

"You've ... you've been out for a long ... long time, sweetheart ..." Mrs. Dr. Possible said with a mix of joy and sadness in her tone.

"How long, Mrs. Dr. P?" Ron breathed out.

"Long enough ..." Mrs. Dr. P said cryptically.

"Mom ... how long?" Kim pressed, giving her best effort into a glare.

"Twenty five years." Another voice spoke up. It was very vaguely familiar, but easily notable it had a softness to it but also held a commanding presence.

Kim and Ron glanced to see a beautiful woman in a leather jacket, what looked like a futuristic body suit that barely covered what a one piece swimsuit would, thigh high stockings and boots, and what grabbed Kim's attention, the silver watch she gave Motoko. Kim's eyes widened in realization when she realized this woman's hair color and eyes were the same as that little girl's.

"We'll talk later," the purple haired woman smiled at the two teens, as her voice seemed to echo in their heads though her lips never moved. "Sleep ... you need your rest ... you're safe now." Kim and Ron didn't need to be told twice as their eye lids closed and they drifted to sleep.

To Be Continued ...

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