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Super Dreams Craft Sonic

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NiGHTsXSonicXSuperMeatBoyXMinecraft Crossover with a Bit of Relation with Creepypasta

Category: NiGHTS into Dreams - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover,Fantasy,Humor - Characters: NiGHTS - Published: 2016-01-31 - 341 words

Episode 1,"The Union of Villians"

Four figures were together with a Sphere of Energy on a Darkness Void.

One of them was a Blocky Man.He haved Shining white eyes who could shine even the Pure darkness,an Adventurer Brown Bag,Brown Hair,an Dark Cyan Blouse,Fingerless Back Gloves,Jeans and Shoes.

Other of Them was another Blocky Figure but only with Arms and Legs.He dressed a Gothic Black Clothing with a Hat and he haved a Monocle for the Eye.Whoever,this Body,who was A Robot,was merely a Shell for the Real form of Himself who was visible on his Own Glass face:A weak Fetus.

Other of Them was a Scientist with Ball-like Body.He haved Mustache and Glasses and a Red Jacket.His Pants and Shoes literally combined.

And the last of Them was the Tallest of them.He was a Titanic figure with a Gray face and Invisible eyes and Noise but Visible mouth.His Cape was Blue and he haved a Collar in his "Neck" and A Ring behind his Back and he haved Six hands.Each of them with a Blue-and-Purple eye who looked curiously to the Sphere.

The Sphere was massive and glowed with Purple and Black.It seemed like it was Going to Awake.

"Soo....let's awake him?",asked the Man with Glowing Eyes.

Everyone nodded and recited a Music.Clarely for the Letter,they were ready to Invoke "Zalgo",an Devil-shaped Begin who could corrupt Worlds with Facility.They were obviously summoning them to defeat they Enemies,who were Heroes always breaking they Plans for Conquering or something similar.

Zalgo appeared out of nowhere Jumping to they Front.

"Urgh...I hated this Imprison of Many Years...",Zalgo sayed."Well...this Imprision ended draining my Powers...Could you bring you Bugs so I can get power from Them?"

"Everything for you,sir.",sayed the Block man with Shining Eyes.

So,they rushed to the Portals of they Worlds with the Powers who Zalgo gave to them...

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