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The Union of Heroes

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Super Dreams Craft Sonic Episode 2.

Category: NiGHTS into Dreams - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover,Fantasy,Humor - Characters: NiGHTS - Published: 2016-01-31 - 267 words

Chapter 2,"The Unions of Heroes"

A Jester fly through a Dreamland.

Her name was "NiGHTS".She was a Beautiful Purple begin of Nightopia who protect this Land since her rebelling with Wizeman.Even that she was with a Happy Smile,inside she feeled bored:Wizeman wasn't planning anything to Destroy Nightopia.NiGHTS ended coming to her Dreamer Friends Helen and Will.

"Hi NiGHTS!",sayed both.

"Hi Will,Hi Helen...",sayed NiGHTS with some Boredom on her Voice.

"What's the matter?",Will sayed.

"Nothing happened since we Defeated Wizeman and i Haven't seen any Nightmarens exept Myself",NiGHTS sayed.

Suddenly,an Uncommon Portal appeared.Out of that Jumped a Blue Anthro Hedgehog.

"Aaa!",screamed NiGHTS,Will and Helen almost at Same time.

"Calm down!We don't have much time...",sayed the Hedgehog,grabing the Hand of NiGHTS dragging her to the Portal.Will and Helen followed the Jester.

The trio stopped on a Place full of Green Hills.

"I ended recieving a Sphere who I used to Open that Portal.I discovered this Letter who sayed to me Catch you Three and More ones of other Two Worlds so we can stop a Great Evil who is Coming...",the Hedgehog explained.

"Wow!Well...I am NiGHTS.These are Will and Helen,we comed from Night-dimension",NiGHTS sayed.

"Sorry for not say my Name,I am Sonic",sayed the Blue Hedgehog explaining His Name.

" we are going to the Necesarry universes?",Will asked.

"We will need to find the Spheres of some Way...",Sonic answered.

Suddenly,a Light comed in form of Firefly's wanting to Guide them.
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