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Cosmic Return

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Super Dreams Craft Sonic Episode 3

Category: NiGHTS into Dreams - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover,Fantasy,Humor - Characters: NiGHTS - Published: 2016-01-31 - 544 words

The group of Heroes followed the Firefly's in the Sunset.They dragged the Heroes to a Yellow house.The door haved a Figure of Yellow Fox tails in it's Upper part.

"...Why this Firefly's dragged them to Tails House??",Sonic asked to Himself.

"Tails?",Helen sayed.

"He's my Best friend if you do ask.He is called Tails because his Two tails.",Sonic sayed.

Sonic knocked the Door with the Hand awaiting a Answer.After fourth Minutes,the Two-tailed Fox friend of Sonic exited,with a Flower on Hand.

"Sonic?Why are you here?",Tails asked.

"Light Firefly's ended guiding us to You",Sonic answered.

"What?Why here have Two 12-years old Children and a Jester??",Tails asked looking to NiGHTS,Will and Helen.

"They are NiGHTS,Will and Helen.They came from the Night-Dimension",Sonic sayed.

"Why this Flower on Hand?",NiGHTS asked.

"I was going to talk about that.",Tails sayed."The flower is starting to Glow unconsistent Sometime-"

Before Tails complete the Phrase,a Big Light shined from the Flower,forcing everyone to Cover the Eyes.Sonic uncovered the Eyes to see a Familiar (for Him and Tails) Girl with Green Hair and Jewel.

"COSMO!You're back!!",Tails sayed with Joy.

Sonic was glad that the Seedrian friend of Tails comed Back.But NiGHTS,Will and Helen we're Confused.

"They are knows and I didn't know?",Helen sayed.

"It's a Long story...I camed in a Meteor to Sonic World and Tails was one of The People who saved Me.He showed that I could be Helpful.But in Certain Moment of my Life,I was forced to turn into my Final Form breaking the Jewel and Die to save the Universe...",Cosmo explained with Memories flooding in her Mind of her Old Adventures to stop the Mettarex.

"But what happened to you Revive??",NiGHTS asked with her Curiosity.

"I was living in a Black Void trapped in my Child Form after I die...It was Quiet and I could Only see myself.Today,a Angelical Female white figure appeared to Me saying that I could be Reborn if I bring it to Your...",Cosmo sayed taking a Red orb of her Back."I accepted,because I wanted to see you Again and Help you."

"I don't have Words to describe how Happy I am too see you Again...",Tails sayed.

Will ended remebering of the Talk of the Orbs to Make portals and Unite the Other Heroes.

"Cosmo,you Carry a Orb used to create a Portal and Call other Heroes!",Will sayed excited.

"What?",Both Tails and Cosmo sayed.

Sonic ended giving to Tails and Cosmo the letter that he Recieved and explained everything.

Cosmo now understand why She was born with the Red Orb with Her.She was going to Make the Heroes advance one Pass to defeat the Great Villian.She feeled Helpful like Never.

Cosmo so landed the Red orb to NiGHTS who maked a Portal to the Next World.So,Will and Helen Jumped.Sonic rushed calling more Friends of him who Do not revelated themselves to NiGHTS.Cosmo,Tails and Sonic jumped and NiGHTS also dashed to the Portal.Two red-and-black figures resembling Sonic and NiGHTS also jumped on the Portal before it Closes.
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