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The Chaos Of Liu Shan

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It was a normal day,Until Liu Shan broke under the pressure of being called weak and incompetent.

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It was an absolutely normal day for Shu, Xing Cai was off flirting with all the other boys such as Guan Ping and all his hoodlum karate kid friends. Guan Suo was in the flower garden putting pretty flowers in his hair. Zhao Yun sat in-front of a mirror admiring his poster boy appearance. Jiang Wei sat in a garden talking to a unseen person he called "chancellor". Guan Yin Ping bench weighted two hundred pounds!
Liu Shan sat in his room being harassed by Huang Hao. Telling him lies and boasting about the banquet scheduled for Friday night. Shan drew a picture on his parchment of flowers and pretty dancer girls, until the ink ran out. Liu Shan's happiness ran out.His smile turned to that of dispair! Then to hate.He never asked for this life! Liu Shan just wanted a normal life without being the heir to a bullshit kingdom! They wanted him to be something he wasn't!
So Liu Shan decided to give them what they wanted but at an extreme level!He throw the calligraphy brush at Huang Hao's face.
"Why did you do that?My Lord?" The eunuch asked with the left over ink all over his face.
"Dick-less asshole!What are you doing telling me all this shit?" Liu Shan asked in a serious tone unlike him.
Haung Hao looked at him dumb founded" I was appointed as your adviser!"
It seems you are just waiting for this bum shit kingdom to fall?"
Hao chuckled"I thought the two of us were waiting for that?"
Liu Shan glared at him with bitter dissent and kicked Hao in the face and began to jump on this head."You think so?Who you think I am?I'm the son of an over-emotional dumbass and child abuser Liu Bei!, I'm the heir and emperor!"
"Yet you are less the man..."
The young emperor sneered, and Brought Hao to the highest tower on the palace,"Are you ready for the drop?"
"Let him go!Lord Liu Shan!He isn't worth killing!" Zhao Yun yelled back at him.
Liu Shan was silent for a second and spoke "He has no use living either,I hope you fall on your head Haung Hao...Since you can't fall on anything else" The young emperor pushed his adviser off the tower. Haung fell on his head hitting the cobbled ground and died. "Ew...Tell the servants to clean up Huang Hao! Zhao Yun"
He walked away muttering: "He never acts like this...."
Walking away from the scene Without confrontation,He walked back to his room.Took his rapier and strutted to the flower garden: hacking the flowers, dancing.and laughing manically!
Guan Suo began to cry "My flowers!NOO!", Lastly Shan slashed the flower out of Guan Suo's hat.Then he moved onto Jiang Wei, who was sitting on a rock and talking to a ghost.
"Who are you talking to? Jiang Wei?"Liu Shan requested.
"Chancellor Zhuge Liang, Hes in front of me! We are talking about the next battle" He answered in a content tone.
Stepping back, Liu Shan second guessed Jiang Wei's sanity" Jiang Wei...You are seeing nothing! Zhuge Liang is dead in the ground...If the only thing my sword goes through is air...That means hes not talking to you!" Liu Shan tempts to wave his sword,but Jiang Wei grabs his hand."NO!My lord!You could kill him!"
Pushing Jiang Wei back,Liu Shan cuts through the air with his rapier,proving he was right."See no one is there"
"You killed Master Zhuge Liang! How could you? You have his blood on your weapon!" The protege curled up in a ball on the ground weeping and screaming in his delusion!
Liu Shan resorted to walking away and moving to Guan Yin Ping, Who was training with large weights."You can't lift the weights, Yin Ping, you are not big and burly, You are smaller than the average teenage girl "
"Liu Shan,This is musou world where everyone looks perfect, can lift a ton, use magic, dies without a drop of blood, toddlers can fight in battles, there are endless pawns to use and kill, girls with massive boobs or small mass can fight with big weapons, everyone is basically a god...except for many" Guan Yin Ping explained to him loosing her breath.
"What?!That must mean that...We are...Dull people"
"Hmm.I never thought of that" Guan Yin Ping commented putting down the weights.
"I hope...I'm not dull"
" You are dull in the least, My lord " Guan Yin Ping giggled.
"hmm, You are too nice Yin Ping...Bye!"
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