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The Very Next Day

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A fight with the Guans and Zhangs.

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The next day, Liu Shan awoke with a pain in his head. As he a rose from his bed his chamberlain and three servants entered his chambers; the 1st servant came with his robe, boots, under garments, and a headpiece, 2nd servant came with rice including peppers,and beef and a tea cup of green tea with a mint leaf afloat, 3rd servant brought legal documents and policies as well as shu updates.
"My head! ugh, it hurts"He keened cupping his head with his right hand.
"My Lord!Drink this it will help!"His servant gave him the green tea with a mint leaf.
Liu Shan sighed and glanced down at the tea "What is this?trying to poison me?"
He gives the cup to his chamberlain to drink, the chamberlain drinks it, but doesn't die and offers it back to his lord.Liu Shan begins to eat.
"I was hoping it was poisoned..." Shan muttered to himself.
"My lord, now that Huang Hao is ... deceased. Who will you choose as your adviser?..." The chamberlain asked in hopes he would be chosen.
"Wei Yan." Liu Shan said snickering.
"Wei Yan?" said the chamberlain dumbfoundedly disappointed.
"It was joke! Heh, Heh, Ha, Ha, Ha." Liu Shan chuckled, falling off his chair.
The chamberlain looked down and over his shoulder."Who IS it going to be?"
"My Concubine Wang. We will better feast when she is the hostess. Plus, she will be better than Haung Hao at entertaining our guests. That eunuch had no taste." Liu Shan smiled."Also, my consort Li will take care of court orders,Go tell them they have new responsibilities!"
"Yes, My lord!" The chamberlain complied and left Shan's room.
Liu Shan began his studies, but all of a sudden he heard loud yelling and groaning coming from the courtyard.Looking out the window; He saw Guan Ping, all his brothers, and Zhang Bao practicing their martial arts.With them was Xing Cai, She was beating up Gaun Ping with her bare fists. She had punched him in the face.
Liu Shan wished she would do that to him, but she would not,since she thought he was fragile. "Yeah! Xing Cai beat him up!" He cheered for her out looking in the window."Bash his ugly face in!"
Xing Cai heard Liu Shan and stopped herself. "I'm sorry!For such violence!"
"I will always cherish this bloody nose!"Guan ping exclaimed desperately.
"Why did you stop them Liu Shan? My sister was doing an awesome job beating the crap outta Guan Ping!"Zhang Bao hollered at Liu Shan.
"I did not tell them to stop! Turd brain!" Liu Shan shot back at Bao.
"Turd brain? Want me to show you turd brain?"
"I'm coming down! To prove you are shit! Bao!" Liu Shan jumps out of the window and lands on the back of his grisly bear!
"Are you ready to be shat out as a bear turd? Zhang Bao?"Liu Shan begins to chase Zhang Bao around with his bear steed.
"awe! He looks so cute on that bear! Bao Sanniang! " Guan Suo said to her, blushing.
"Suo!Come on!Lets go do something productive instead of staring at people rudely!" Bao Sanniang dragged him by the arm and the two left inside the palace. Guan Xing uses his wing blades to swoop in and save Zhang Bao from Liu Shan's carnivorous bear.
Meanwhile back at Xing Cai and Guan Ping, She helps him off the ground "Are you serious? About your bloody nose?Ping? "
"I will keep my Xing Cai battle injuries until the day I die!" Ping said honestly.
" Wow, okay! I will ware these Guan Ping injuries until the day I die as well" Xing Cai smiled.
"You two have to be pure idiots?" Liu Shan said out loud to Xing Cai and Guan Ping. Giving his bear a piece of meat.
"Hey!I just lifted 300 pounds!Guys!Now I can smash the life out of my brothers!" Guan Yin Ping Skipped into the courtyard clapping her hands.
"What?"Guan Ping turned to his younger sister.
Guan Yin Ping began to giggle manically!
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