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Possession and Necromancy

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Guan Yin Ping kills her brothers and Zhang Bao while being possessed, Who is responsible?

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Xing Cai - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2016-02-02 - 516 words

A crazed possessed look lured its way across Guan Yin Ping's face. Her eyes turned dark as she laughed hysterically! She took her mace and slammed Guan Ping with it. Killing him instantly, his blood pooled all around him.
"How could kill your own brother? Yin Ping?" Xing Cai screamed and tried to stop her, but Liu Shan stopped her:
"Something is wrong with her ,Xing Cai, Don't touch her she may hurt you!"
Guan Yin Ping strides away in a mechanical manner and goes after her other two brothers and Xing Cai's Brother Zhang Bao, killing the three of them. Then dragging their blood seeping bodies next to Guan ping's. Xing Cai and Liu Shan look down at the bloody mess with frozen fright. Bao Sanniang chases her outside crying "Guan Suo!".Yin Ping passes out immediately, turning cold.
"Whats going on here?!"
"Good job, chancellor!"Jiang Wei comes out from the darkness, along with Zhao Yun; who has a bloody barrel in one arm.
"What do you have in there?Zhao Yun?"Liu Shan asked him,nonchalantly.
"The eunuch, You killed and your ladies Wang and Li"
"Thanks, Liu Shan's killing of his former adviser Huang Hao and his new ones, we were able to use possession to possess Yin Ping; so she would kill her brothers and Zhang Fei's son;using them as sacrifice to start a ritual to bring back Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei!But now we just need you Liu Shan your sacrifice will complete the ritual" Wei explained taking out a decrepit scroll with bone hinges.
Guan Yin Ping started to wake up."auh, Whats going on here?"Xing Cai helped her up.
"No, I will not let you kill me, it seems you need one kin to kill another kinsmen, so this will not work because my siblings are dead" Liu Shan claimed helping Xing Cai with Guan Yin Ping.
"NO!NO!This is wrong!They will not come back "right"!You two can't do this! let them rest in peace!"Bao Sanniang stood up to Jiang Wei and Zhao Yun.
Zhao Yun pours out the body parts out of the barrel and over the four dead boys and Jiang Wei starts to read the bone scroll.After the ritual two zombie like Guan Yu and Zhang Fei arise from the blood and flesh of the four boys.Guan Yin Ping begins to scream!
"What a waste of time..."Liu Shan swiftly stabs Jiang Wei through the neck with his rapier.The protege bleeds out and the bear finishes the job.Jiang Wei's necromancy dissipates and the undead spirits disappear and Zhao Yun as well.
"Oh, I forgot Zhao Yun was dead...He just seemed so alive..."Xing Cai spoke to herself looking at all six bodies.
"He annoying, lets have a banquet! Cai,Yin Ping, and Sanniang!"The four of them went back into the castle to have a tasty meal.
"I can't believe...I killed my brothers"
"They were asshole brothers, anyway,Yin Ping"
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