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Sleepless Nights?

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Stuff happens, with a thing, and there was never a moose.

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Umbara lived up to its legend and then some. The surface of the planet was was so thick with fog that I couldn't see a more than a few yards ahead of me. The air was cold, then again everything is cold compared to where I was, tatooine exempt.

"You guys, get that stuff unloaded the buyer sound be here soon and I need to pick up supplies".
Farin lifted the crate that Dasi'l had set me on and carried me of the ship. The captain stood talking to the port director, Joeci came down the ramp behind us, carrying a smaller crate. Dasi'l came back over with a grin on his face,
"Looks like our buyer is runnin' a bit late so it's gonna be awhile, lets see if we can't get that leg of yours fixed up here, they've got tech here that you wouldn' believe".
Joeci lifted me off of the big crate and jogged over to where Dasi'l was.
"you got her Joeci"?
"It's not like she's heavy sir". So In the most awkward way possible, with joeci holding me over her shoulders like a cape, we went off to go get supplies and medicine.

Dasi'l refused to ask for directions, insisting that he knew where we were going, though I swear that we passed the same shop four times. It's hard to tell time on the world of shadows, but we eventually got to the local clinic.

Joeci stood in front of a bench to let me drop down, which only hurt a lot, as Dasi'l walked up to the counter and asked the attendant if the doctor could see me soon.
"He will be prepared in a moment, if you could fill out these papers and I'll ring you up".. Dasi'l placed a small bag on the counter,
"how about we skip the papers and the ring up"?
The man smiled, "ah, you spacers are my favorite kind of customer, I'll have her back there in a second, this might take some time, so if you have any other business you can take care of that while we attend to your associate".
"Sounds good to me, Joeci, can you stay here with Thalia"? Joeci dropped onto the bench heavily beside me and started grumbling.
"ah'll take that as a yes then, see you ladies later" and with that Dasi'l was gone.

A tall Umbaran man opened the door on the other side of the room,
"Hello, I am Dr. Mieno Fal. If you could come to the back room I will inspect the damage". I looked to Joeci, who said something about pale skinned harpies before crouching down in front of me so I could get on her shoulders.

The doctor took one look at the splint and sighed,
"This will take a long time".
He knelt down and gently pulled the synth cord off, making the two pieces of dura-steel fall with a loud clatter then removed a large wadded gauze wrap.
"Ok, I can see when the bone exited, the skin over that area will be scarred but that is to be expected, tell me if this hurts".
Dr.Fal ran his thumb and pointer finger in a V shape up the bone in my calf, long before he reached the point where the skin was torn I gasped,
"Ok, the nerves in this area are still alive, this is good".
He did the same going down from my knee.
"Lets get this reset then, I'd like to put you under for this, as I will need to re break the bone to align it correctly". At the thought of that I shuddered.
"will this be ok ma-am".
I looked down and nodded.
"Just lay back for and relax".
He placed a mask over my nose and mouth.
"take a few deep breaths for me and do not worry, it is just like sleep".
'Alright Thalia, you heard what the nice doctor said, deep breaths, in annnnd out...'

I woke up to a pinching feeling on my leg,
"just in time, I have your reset, can you stand up"?
Groggily, Shifted to a sitting position on the bed.
'I shouldn't have done that'.
A wall of nausea hit me like a charging rancor. Seeing the color quickly drain out of my face, the doctor grabbed a waste bin, held in under my chin and swept back my hair. I hadn't eaten much since I left my masters stronghold, so stomach acid spewed out of my mouth as I fought back the next wave of vomit.
"I am very sorry, sometimes off worlders react poorly to the anesthesia, I'll go get you a drink"
I coughed to clear my burning throat. He came back in with a small metallic cup.
"This should help you with settle your stomach".
I took the cup gratefully and looked down into it. Its content was bubbly and crystal clear blue. I sipped it to see what it was like and found that it tasted like camby berries (like something between a strawberry and a blueberry).
The doctor smiled,
"It is always a favorite among my clients, just do not drink it to fast. Your friend is waiting out in the lobby".
I finished my drink and left the backroom after thanking the doctor. Joeci was nowhere to be seen but Dasi'l was sitting on the bench.
"Look at you, walkin' an everything! The job went well and the new supplies are all loaded up. Let's head on back then".

We walked down the street slowly looking at the shops and talking about what we saw. I was looking at a pair of black shin high boots when I heard the blaster report.

A huge crowd of Umbarans were outside the shop we were in, shouting and jeering. The shop owner walked out to greet them.
"What is the meaning of this"!
One man stepped forward, blaster drawn and steaming. There is a sith here and we believe she is in your shop".
"Oh poodoo" 'wait, was that out loud'?!
Dasi'l looked at me, the betrayal in his eye was worse than the broken leg.
"are you..."?
"Yes, kind of, I just d-didn't want to scare you". I couldn't even look him in the eye.
"Hey, I'm not gonna freak out that easy, now lets get you outta here".
"No, I'm going to face this properly, I want you to know what I can do". There was only a hint of fear in his face, but more than that he looked curious.
'Lets hope that sticks around'.

I pulled the rim of my robes and found Laatste lied. I force pushed the door open slowly, for dramatic effect, and walked out with my hood up over my face and hands hidden. The crowd backed up and each of them drew blasters.
"Your kind aren't welcome here sith"!
The crowd cheered at this, and leveled their blasters at me.
"Flee cowards, and I'll kill you quickly".
With this, I began drawing in and condensing the fog on the street, obscuring everything below our elbows.
"Are you mad! your out numbered thirty four to one, not even a Jedi could beat that"!
"Not even a Jedi...? You seem confused, Let me help you",
I benighted my lightsaber, the pulsating violet blade creating horrific shadows all along the mist,
"the Jedi aren't the ones you should fear".
Half the group had dropped their blasters, and those that remained were wide eyed and shaking.
"Now Die"!
I screamed with the fury of all my years of hellish training and rocketed up and out of the fog, landing in the midst of the mob, impaling their leader. The Umbaran men ran in every direction, but I forced them all back, dragging them by their heel, back into the fog cloud. Every member of the mob died with in moments, all but one. I cleared the fog, I want him to see the last one. I held the tip of the violet blade to the Umbaran's chest.
"please! NO! Have mercy"!
"Mercy? That's a Jedi's way".
I hacked of his arms and legs with my saber, his screams could have shattered stone.
"That is the mercy of the sith, you will be an example to all of what a sith is".
The last of this message went unheard, he had passed out from shock, though he was likely dead.

Dasi'l walked out of the shop and into the carnage filed street, carefully stepping over the contorted, severed limbs and torsos. I shut down my lightsaber and turned to him as the wave of exhaustion swept over me, forcing me to fall to my hands and knees. I heard his voice, filled with concern, fear... and that curiosity from before. I smiled sleepily and raised my head to look at him, "your so cute when your worried". I fell asleep looking up again into his purple eyes.

I woke up on my bunk in the women's quarters.
'No handcuffs that's got to be a good sign'.
I was still in my heavy, dust covered, traveling robes, with my blaster in its holster, but Laatste lied wasn't in its place. I sat up and found that is had been placed at the foot of the bed.
'Ok, all my stuff is here and accounted for, now what'?
I stood up and shifted out of my robe, letting the dirt covered cloth fall to the floor. Under the robe, I wore a light Synth-silk shirt and a pair of baggy pants. I hefted the heap of purple and grey, dusty clothing onto the bunk and sat down next to it. I took of my boots and rubbed my sore feet, that jump had been really hard and the landing had made bruises all along the bottoms of them.

Once I got bored of doing this I walked out to the main room, where I found Dasi'l resting on a couch. He straightened up, seeing me out of my usual heavy and concealing robes. I could feel his gaze on me as I went and sat down next to him. I pulled my knees up under my chin and hugged them.
"So... d-do you still want me on your ship t-till Dromund Kaas"?
"Why'd ya do that last guy like ya did? He gave up".
"That's h-how we're trained to h-handle situations like that".
"While yer on this ship, when we travel together, it can't be like that".
I closed my eyes and nodded.
" an' yer gonna have to find a way to tell Petra that you weren't a slave".

"Th-that part is, or was true. Before I was s-ss-sent to the academy, I was owned by a sith lord. I ended up b-being her apprentice so, in a way, I'm still her slave".
"Ok, that'll go over a bit smoother with Petra".

"What's gonna go over with me exactly"?

Petra entered the room, from the cockpit and flopped down into the couch almost on top of me.
"Are we out of the shadow nebula yet Petra"?
"Yep, now about what you two were saying"?
"Well, Thalia has some thing to tell ya, so ah'll just be goin' then...".
"Now captain why the rush, just keep yourself seated, no where to run anyway". The menacing look in those crazy-colored eyes was all the authority she needed.
"yes, ma-am".

"Nice to see you've relaxed enough to shed the robes, so what does Thalia have to tell me then"?
She stared directly at me, never blinking or wavering, like she would pry it out of my soul if I didn't tell her soon. She sat with an elbow on one knee and extended her free hand to her other knee.
"I need to tell you that...",
"That you're a sith? Yeah, I already knew".
The captain and I both must have looked hilarious, because she toppled over in a fit of laughter, crying out "oh tha look on ye face".

It didn't take long to tell fill her in with what I told Dasi'l, though she asked questions like "where were you before korriban"? and "What's your favorite color"? When she had had her fill of answers she said she was gonna get back to the cockpit and see how we're doing, time wise.

Though there were no stars nearby the ships auto clock signaled that it was ten. I was tired anyway I returned to the bunk and crawled in moving my robes to cover me.

A few moments later Petra and Joeci walked in talking about hyper-drive maintenance and a broken compressor. Joeci climbed the ladder to the bunk above mine and Petra followed her up. Pieces of clothing started falling over the edge of the bed. Shirts, pants shoes, socks, a pair of pink undergarments... The next half hour was filled with quiet moaning and sucking sounds. While I was trapped under their bunk, hearing all of this, I couldn't help but do some thinking.
'If these two are together, then that means the captain is likely single...'.
I reached down under the waist of my pants and massaged myself thinking about him, from his blue skin to his ruggedly handsome face. I pushed a finger into myself and accidentally let loose a moan. All noise in the room stopped. I quickly pulled my hand out of my pants and hid under my robes. The bunk above me creaked and Petra pulled up the section that hid my face, which was as red now as Joeci's.
"How long have you been here"?
I shrank inward,
"the whole t-time, I would have said s-s-something, but...",
"Ya didn' want to interrupt"?
My face flushed even deeper. Joeci's voice whispered angrily from the top bunk,
"Well, now what Petra? The captain can't know about this, he doesn' allow this sorta thin on tha ship for this exact reason".
"Well Joeci, you stay put, I'll give her a reason to stay quiet about this", Petra jammed her hand inside my pants and pulled them to my knees.
"Hey"! I went to grab them but Petra jumped in between my legs. Joeci's head peaked out, upside down, from the top bunk. I scooted back across the bed till my head hit the wall, and Petra followed me. She lowered her head between my legs and licked my already wet slit. A wave of pleasure raced up my spine and sent me into a daze.
"Oh dear gods yes".
Needless to say the Women's Quarters saw no sleep that night.

The ship landed on Nar Shaddaa with in ten standard days and a few sleepless nights.

"We've got a new job people! Let's load up and get a move on"!
Joeci cleared the delivery men out of the hanger and we got to work. Now that the crew knew what I was, I could be a lot more helpful. Farin and I raced to see which of us could load more crates. I was still hard pressed to beat him even by force lifting two crates at a time, he'd just grab one in each arm and jog up the ramp like it was nothing. During the time we spent loading the cargo taught me something, Farin doesn't talk... Ever. About anything. Other than the crate load off, our time in the Nar Shaddaa space port was pretty dull till Dasi'l got back.

The captain came stumbling through the entrance to the hanger, drunk out of his mind, with joeci half carrying him. I rushed to help carry him, but he straitened up, some what, when he say me.
"Hey ya ther thals, 've bn' meenin' ta talk with ya".
I tried to pull his other arm over my shoulder to help keep him up, but he wouldn't have it, and told joeci to get the ship ready for take off.
"c'mon le's get outta here".
The captain stumbled of toward the ship with a bottle in one hand and mine in the other. "We gotta deliver these crates ah poodoo to some shith on Dromund Kaash".

'I guess I've got a decision to make then, ride out the storm as Tytho's apprentice and become a sith lord, maybe or stay with Dasi'l and the crew and be a pirate legend... oh what choices'.
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