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Avatar The Legend of Zelda: Heroes of the Wind

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(Avatar: Legend of Zelda crossover) Thought killed by his friends and enemies, the young Avatar crosses paths with another hero with power over the air. With the war against the Fire Nation at a fe...

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Long ago, it was said that there was a country chosen by the god's power Long ago, it was said that there was a country chosen by the gods' power. The people who lived in this blessed rich land were called the Hylians, and were said to be able to hear the voices of the gods. They, together with the people of the plains, the people of the mountains, the Gorons, the people of the water the Zora, the people of the desert, the Gerudo, and the people of the forest, the Kokiri, all carried out unique lives. Even in this rich land, the footsteps of destruction began to creep in.

The Evil One seized the power of the gods, and wrapped this land in evil, and the once beautiful land fell into ruin. It was at that time when it happened.

A being clad in green appeared out of nowhere, and, granted with the power of the gods, defeated the evil power at the end of a furious struggle. Peace had been returned to the land.

It is said, having appeared by crossing time this person was called the Hero of Time, and became a legend in the kingdom. A time later, the kingdom that had been thought to have had its peace returned, again, had dark clouds standing over it. The one who held the evil power, who had been thought to have been sealed forever by the efforts of the hero, revived with no reason.

Though the people waited eagerly for the hero of the Legend to once again appear, the hero had put the country behind him, and journeyed into the flows of time, and never appeared. With no one to protect them, evil began to draw near even the royal palace. The people, finally entrusted the fates of the entire land into the hands of the gods.

Many years have passed since then, and the people who heard the words of this tale began to imitate the hero of legend, and are said to make a boy green clothes to wear as a celebration of his growth.
"You who wear the green clothes: Take up the sword that emits light, and erase the malice in this world." They are entrusted with the hopes that they will someday be raised into becoming fine people that even the legendary hero would be proud of.

Finally that hope was granted as a boy baring the name of the Legendary Hero rose and with the aid of an enchanted boat and the pirate raised Heir to the Throne of Hyrule. The boy became known as the Hero of the Winds, wielding the mystical power of the Wind Waker, he reawakened the Sages' power and with it the mighty Sword of the Evil's Bane.

With the Master Sword and Arrows of Light, the Hero of the Winds and the Pirate Princess challenged the Evil One, freeing the survivors of the once majestic kingdom of his dark shadow.

With the darkness behind them, the two young champions led their people on a great Exodus to find a new land to settle and call home ...

AVATAR: The Last Airbender
/ /

"WHOO HOO!" A fifteen year old boy cried out in excitement as his small Viking-like sailboat with a carved lion head on the bow. The boy had long shaggy blond hair and rather long pointed ears. He was dressed in white tights under a large green tunic and matching floppy cap. Around his waist was a pocketed belt and upon his back was a sword in its scarab and a large silvery reflective shield. A smirk and strong, dancing green eyes showed on his fearless face.

"Hoy, Link!" a feminine voice called from a flashing stone on his neck. The boy slowed his ship, lowering the sail, before gripping the stone.

"Link here, what's up, Tetra?" Link asked, glancing around the open waters.

"See anything up there, Kid?" Tetra asked through the communication stone.

Link pulled a telescope from his belt, and extended it before taking a view around his surroundings. "Sorry, Tetra, I don't see anything but water."

"Goddesses, Link," Tetra complained, "You've been looking for over two hours out there,"

"I know, Tetra."

"We're running low on supplies."

"I know, Tetra."

"And it was silly of you to go running off on your own like that ... AGAIN."

"I know, Tetra."

"Are you even LISTENING to me?"

"Open quote: I've been looking for over two hours out here ... we're running low on supplies ... and it's silly of me to run off on my own like this again, close quote."

"You don't have to be a smartass about it."

"I know, hang around you long enough you can't help it," Link grinned, before something caught his eye in the telescope. "Hold on, I got something."

"What is it? Land?" Tetra asked excitedly.

"No, looks like a boy." Link said zooming in on his scope to a limp figure floating in the waves.

"Is he cute?"

"Not funny, Princess." Link drawled, giving a glare to the stone. "I'm checking it out, I'll get back to you on it once I know more. Link out."

Link tucked the stone back into his tunic before maneuvering the boat toward where the boy floated. He pulled his boat, the King of the Red Lions right next to the unconscious or worse teenager before reaching down and gripping his soaked red robe. With a strong heave he pulled him on board the small boat and checked him over.

He was just a kid, probably a thirteen, fourteen years old. He was dressed in brown robes with blue tattoos on his shoulders, arms going on up his bald scalp making an arrow point on his forehead. "Hey, kid, are you ok?" Link asked squatting down beside the boy. "You're hurt kid, but you're alive at least..."

"Hey, Tetra?" Link spoke into the stone.


"Make an extra bed," Link said glancing down at the unconscious lad, "We've got company coming."


We have to run NOW!" Sokka screamed as he his fifteen sister Katara and the thirteen year old Avatar Aang dashed toward the flying bison Appa.

"How did they find us so quickly!" Katara asked, her ocean blue eyes glancing back to the Fire Nation troops approaching.

"You two get out of here, I'll lead them away," Aang spoke up causing his two companions to stop in their tracks and stare at him.

"Oh no you won't."/ Katara said firmly, "We get away together." /

"I'll be ok, I'll just play around with one of their transports, draw them away from you guys and then I'll catch up," Aang said, his bright eyes glimmering with a hint of playfulness.

"Aang, this isn't some game," Katara said to the younger teen, "They'll kill you if they catch you."

"Then I just won't let them catch me then," Aang said confidently turning to run around the oncoming troopers toward their transport ship.

"AANG!/ BE CAREFUL!" Katara called out before her brother pulled her toward the bison. /

Aang climbed up the side of the large ship and smiled when he spotted its coal-powered engine. Aang worked his hands for a moment, "Wonder how this would work if someone pumped a whole bunch of air through it ..." He grinned concentrating his Airbender powers.

"Hey, are you waking up?" a soft voice asked as Aang slowly opened his blurry eyes.

"W-Wha?" Aang croaked seeing a blond headed girl around his age in a skull and flower patterned dress staring down at him. "Katara?"

"HOY! Big Brother, Tetra, he's woken up!" she screamed looking behind her.

Aang lifted his head felling a bit wobbly only to realize him being on a ship might have something to with it. "Well, Sleeping Baldy has finally came back around." Another blond, more around Katara's age said leaning against the doorway of Aang's room.

"Welcome back, Kid," Link said walking into the room beside the girls.

Aang eyed the three carefully, "You're not Fire Nation are you?" he asked, his voice hoarse from lack of use.

"Fire Nation?" the older blond asked, tilting her head to the side.

"No, we're just pirates," the younger one chimed innocently.

"Oh, that's good ..." Aang said relaxing, before sitting up with a start, "PIRATES!"

Aang yelped as pain shot through his body before the only other guy in the room shoved him back down. "We're not bad pirates, we only attack bad people. My name's Link, the girl who was with you when you woke up is my sister Aryll, and Ms. Sunshine back there is Tetra the captain of this ship. Here, drink this. It'll make you feel better." Link said holding a small jar of a strange smelling, bright red liquid. "Down it all, it may not taste like ale, but it does what it's supposed to."

Aryll crunched up her nose, "When did you drink ale, Big Brother?"

"Um, so what's your name kid?" Link asked, Aang as he polished off the potion.

"Um ... I'm Aang, nice to meet ya ..." Aang said brightly, before his eyes widened, "Wow, what was that stuff? I feel great!"

"Aang? Your mama didn't like you or something?" Tetra snorted, earning a glare from Link.

"Nice to meet you, Aang, and that's Health Potion," Link smiled, "Some good stuff, huh?"

"Thank you," Aang bowed as best he could in the bed. "But I really have to find my friends ... umm where are we anyway?"

"Middle of no where, few days journey from who knows where," Tetra sighed sarcastically.

"I'm not sure how long I was out there," Aang stated, and proceed to tell the three present his story from his being frozen, to being discovered by Katara and Sokka, their adventures against the Fire Nation, him being the Avatar, on to his underestimation of the power of the coal engine.

"Let me get this straight," Tetra spoke up eyeing the boy. "You're this so called 'Avatar'." Aang nodded. "You have power of the air, and gaining power over the earth, fire, and water but still training yourself on it. And you were STUPID enough to try to blow up a engine with air while standing on it?" She asked, laughing loudly, before she noticed Link's expression. "Oh no, oh no you don't, I know that look."

What look?" Link smirked.

"The 'People need help so I have to jump in sword and shield swinging to save the day' look," Tetra narrowed her eyes, "Link, we are explorers and pirates, not a toll free help service!"

"Aang said it himself, they're in the ropes. His people need help." Link argued, motioning toward the curious boy.

"You can't save everyone!" Tetra yelled.

"I can't by myself but if me and you and ... a fleet of Hylian ships were to back up Aang and the remaining free tribes ..." Link mused.

"You're insane ..." Tetra breathed.

"What's sanity got to do with it," Link said before turning to the totally lost Avatar. "So any idea which way your friends were headed?"

"Um yeah, the North Pole, the last Waterbender Tribe's up there." Aang said tilting his head to the side, eyeing the elf curiously.

"Ok," Link nodded, placing a hand on his new friend's shoulder. "So would you accept a hand in dealing with this Fire Nation?"

"Sure, I'll take all the help I can get," Aang said cheerfully, a broad smile crossing his lips.

"Alright, we'll have to take a small side trip to pick up some more help and supplies for battle," Link said standing to his feet, "Hey, Tetra, get us back to the islands."

"Whatever ..." Tetra mumbled dejectedly, though her ocean blue eyes danced as much as the green clad hero.

"Ok, Aang, on our way how about we spare and see if we can teach each other a few things?" Link asked, earning a grin from his young friend.

To Be Continued ...

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