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The Unicron Contract chapter 1

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what if humans had a choice to have immortality? but only if you signed over your body to Unicron via contract. Well, some people have.

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Chapter 1
Her clawed hands rested on my chest, almost scratching the skin, she brought her face close to mine, her lips almost touching mine.
"If you could be immortal, would you?" she asked.
"I would."
"Then all you have to do is sign a contract. My master will put you to great use, you can do things you couldn't possibly imagine." she whispered in my ear. It was creepily attractive. Unnatural...
"So....are you in?" she asked.
"Yes." she pushed me against the rock wall, and scratched my chest with her claws. I cringed in pain.
"With the life blood of thy victim, let thy mighty master and lord of darkness claim this beings soul and body, with this blood the contract is signed. For eternity you shall follow his every return for ever lasting life." her eyes glowed. She pulled out a purple crystal and it absorbed my blood. My blood seemed to mingle with purple liquid inside until it was no more. My whole body began to hurt, as if it was on fire. She held the crystal to the moon, walked up to me, and forced it into my chest, piercing my heart. I fell into blackness. i was suddenly floating in nothingness.
"An unusual specimen.... indeed he is suitable for the task." i saw purple eyes appear, looking down on me. a giant clawed finger came out of the darkness and slashed my entire body. purple fire consumed me, and i felt a strength that was supernatural.
"Your entire being is now mine to control for eternity. You shall live until your purpose is fulfilled. Now rise, your star rises.
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