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(New Series) One of the worst moments in Laura's life.

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Timeline: mini-series
A/N: Many thanks to LonaJ from the BSG Writers' Squadron list for beta-reading this.
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By Iolana Khenemet

Both windows in the physician's room offered a spectacular view. Through the one directly in her line of sight, Laura gazed at the sky, the bustling air traffic and the architectonic wonders of the Capital. If she turned, the vast ocean greeted her sight. The ever-present sound of the waves crashing against the seashore of Caprica City and the salty scent of the ocean filled the room.

But Laura found no relief in the beauties of nature, neither from the endless water nor the azure sky above. The smell of the ocean created an odd mixture with the aseptic miasma that clung to the room, and even though warm sunlight filtered through the windows, goose bumps formed on her arms.

Life felt like an intruder in this sterile office.

Laura shrank together when the metal door closed with a loud clang, which interrupted the circles in which her thoughts kept moving. She resisted the urge to clutch the armrests although her hands tightened their hold on them slightly when her physician sat down across her.

The doctor spoke about positive results and a doubtful prognosis. He spoke about cancer and treatments. He spoke about death.

Laura did not want to listen. Every now and then, a shuttle flew by. She wished the roaring of the engines would drown out the words and make them undone even as they were spoken. She wished her sharp mind could find a solution. She wished to fly away without a single care in the world.

Every shuttle served as a reminder of the advances of human technology. Bitterness filled her. Those advances would not help her. Humanity had created killer machines and traveled amongst the stars. Yet they had not found a cure for cancer and could not prevent her own body from turning against her.

The yearning cries of seagulls carried into the room. They were enjoying themselves and laughing at her.

Life mocked her.

But weeks later, when the doctor was dead, the seagulls probably extinct and Caprica, her home, lost, Laura Roslin was still alive.

- fin -
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