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A Silent Sunrise

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More quiet moments with Alex and Patrick.

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After that everything went back to normal. Patrick took this slow for me and let me have my space.
One day I came downstairs and saw Pete sitting beside the cool brick wall. I plopped down next to him.
"Hi!" I said cheerfully
"You seem happy." He laughed
I nodded and looked around "Why exactly are we hiding in the corner, hmm."
"I do my best thinking here," He said leaning back against the cool wall "Like how to make you a better fighter."
"Good God Pete!" I snapped "I've been training my ass off and all you can say is 'Good but not great'?"
"No, I'm not saying that," He said very stoically "I'm just saying Beckett is very powerful, and even though you're becoming powerful he'll probably be ten times better."
"But how can I get better?"
He was quiet for a few seconds almost listening to nothing. "Patrick's looking for you."
"How do you know?"
"I have very sharp ears, I can hear almost anything."
"Joe is wanking off in his room, Andy is practicing sword fighting, and Patrick is walking around aimlessly looking for you."
"Well I'd better go find him," I said getting up "You'll have to teach me that sometime."
"That was the idea,"

I walked out into the kitchen and looked at Patrick from behind the island. He didn't notice me for a few seconds and when he did his face was so calm ands relaxed.
"Want to go for a walk?" He asked quietly
"But the sun is gonna come up soon."
"Even better, we can watch the sunrise."
I nodded and quickly got dressed in a pair of loose jeans and a plain black t-shirt.
We walked for a while just enjoying each others presence, no physical touching at all. Just walking a yard apart. There were still stars hanging lazily above in the twilight. We kept walking until we got to a secluded beach. A gust of wind wrapped around both of us making me shiver.
"Are you cold?" He asked taking off his denim jacket.
I took it gratefully slipping the worn, heavy jacket on. It was till warm and had his smell. I breathed deeply, trying to capture the aroma in my memory bank. Soap and cologne, that's what is smelled like.
"Isn't it funny how only a few weeks can change your entire prospective on life." I sigh looking up into the stars.
"Yeah." He agrees kicking a rock by his foot.
"Did you ever think this was gonna happen?" I hummed stuffing my hands deep into the pockets.
"What?" He questioned naively.
"All this, did you think when we were playing together that we would be in the awkward position?"
"No, to tell you the truth I didn't," He said stopping at an old dilapidated bench "In fact, I didn't even think I'd see you again."
"Why?" I prodded flopping down on the bench.
"I thought you would have been killed or found another purpose in life that you would have forgotten about us." He justified sitting down next to me.
"Oh, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we never met." I admitted as he shifted closer to me.
"Why do you think that?" He voiced.
"I just think that way, always trying to find another way of doing things." I stated getting up and pacing.
Noticing that he got up continued walking, but this time he grabbed my hand. He laced his long fingers with mine. I felt so close to him, even though we were still walking an arms length apart.
"So where do you want to watch the sunrise?" Patrick said in a whisper.
I hesitated, thinking. "How about up there?" I suggested pointing to the top of a hill.
"Sounds good," He nodded letting go of my hand "Race ya?"
I nodded and started running, he finally caught up with me. He dove at me waist and pulled me down so he was on top of me. At this I was giggling so hard I didn't notice the position we were in.
Patrick was the first to notice, his face turned red and he slowly crawled off of me. I just blushed slightly and sat up.
Another gust of wind came but now Patrick was the one shivering. I pulled out one of my arms from the sleeve an opened the jacket for him.
"You can't be serious." He scoffed
I nodded and he rolled his eye and put his arm through the sleeve. Surprisingly, it fit perfectly. I rested on his shoulder even though we were about the same height.
The sun steadily rose, slowly warming my face for the first time in so long. I sighed breathing in slowly, almost the smell of rain.
"It's so pretty." I cooed staring awestruck at the pinks and purple in the sky.
"Yeah." He agreed putting his arm around my waist.
We continued watching the sun in silence until I felt him kiss my neck. I giggled at how it tickled slightly.
"What?" He asked as I pulled back "It's not Jason again is it?"
"No, someone's watching us." I said pointing in the distance.
"Come on." He said pulling his arm out of the jacket and getting up. He helped me up and grabbed my hand and started running.
We ran for quite a while until I had to stop. "Wait!" I called out breathlessly "Why are we running?"
"That's one of Beckett's men." He explained wiping his forehead.
"They can't do anything to me, remember." I smiled continuing to walk.
"Oh." He smiled and run to catch up with me. "You really have the upper hand don't you?"
"That I do," I laughed "Got a problem with that?"
He laughed and kissed me cheek, and grabbing my hand at the same time.
We got back but still weren't tired so we stayed up the whole day talking. About our pasts, old friendships, and lost hopes.
But soon I dosed and fell into a deep sleep, my head buried in his chest. "Sleep my sugar." He whispered stoking my head comforting me further.
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