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And A Bottle Of Rum

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The group gets smashed.

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I woke in Patrick's arms and for the first time ever, I felt whole. I sighed and yawned trying to stretch without waking him only to realize he was awake. He smiled and kissed my forehead. I frowned realizing that fact.
"Why won't you kiss me?"
"I have," He said kissing my cheek then neck, then my collar bone. "See?"
"No I mean really kiss me."
"Cause I'm waiting for the right moment," He tossed his head back laughing at my shocked expression "Call me old fashion."
"Well you better throw this dog a bone sometime." I whined in the crook of his neck.
"Oh I'll give you a bone." He teased playing with my hair.
I giggled and forced myself closer to him.

"Wake up lovebirds." Pete called, peaking his head in Patrick's bedroom door.
"Five more minutes," We both answered, as Patrick threw a pillow at Pete's head. It hit him squarely in the face and fell effortlessly to the floor. We both laughed like two-year-olds laughing at Barney.
"No now!" Pete barked getting both of us up instantly. "Ha, that always works."
"Very funny." I scoffed sarcastically noticing Pete staring at me. I looked down and realized I was standing there in my underwear and t-shirt. I blushed and strutted past him.
"Tease." He said mockingly under his breath. I smiled and nodded.
"Sorry, Pete the locket says it all." I laughed the whole way down the hall to my room.
I got a shower and got dressed. Looking at myself in the mirror I really did look good. My hair had grown an inch or so and with the bright red it flattered my complexion. I smiled, so this is what Patrick sees.

"Alex you need to learn this." Pete said as I sat in front of him.
"I'm ready.' I said flatly.
"Okay." He said pulling a blindfold out of his pocket. He put it on me and sat beck down. "Tell me what do you hear?"
I sat there listening for a few minutes. "Someone's coming."
"Who?" He asked
"A man." I leaned toward the quiet noise. "About 22, maybe 140 to 180 pounds, short."
"Good, now use those descriptions to figure it out."
I nodded and thought, while I thought someone put their hands over my eyes. They smelled like soap and cologne. Patrick.
"Who am I?" He whispered in my ear and kissing my neck.
"Patrick Pancakes." I smiled when I heard Pete crack up and fall off his chair.
"Oh. My. God. That was the funniest thing I ever heard!" Pete gasped getting up.
"Thank you." I smirked pulling off the blindfold.
"I think I have a new nickname." Patrick announced to no one in particular.
"You're my Patrick Pancakes." I smiled kissing his cheek.
"Okay, your hearing is good but I want to you to practice listening, not seeing okay?" Pete said taking back the blindfold.
"Yes sir!" I saluted.
"Go have fun!" He said stupidly walking off.
"I wonder about him sometimes." Patrick sighed shaking his head.
"Hey you're his friend remember." I laughed.
"I wonder how much it would cost to replace him." He asked.
"HEY! I heard that!" Pete called from the other room.
We both giggled and noticed a few unopened bottles of liquor on the table. I shrugged and reached for a bottle of strawberry wine. Patrick got a bottle of rum.
"Cheers." I said raising the bottle to my lips.
"Cheers." He did the same.
This was followed by a few more drinks and Joe. He went for some hard liquor and soon was as drunk under the table as we were.
"Hey who wants to see me dance?" Joe called
"Ooh, ooh me!" I squealed as the drinks converged in my system.
He got up on the table and started to shake his money maker. Me and Patrick laughed and cheered. Pete walked in and jumped when he saw all of us there.
"What the hell?" He laughed walking over to me
"Oh heyyyy Petey, we were just havin a little drink." I slurred smiling.
"Mm hm." He nodded smiling.
"Wanna join?" Joe asked from behind me on a barstool.
"Oh I don't know." He sighed as Patrick lolled backward and fell off his chair.
"Comeon pweaze?" I pouted holding up a bottle of Captain Morgan rum.
He took it and smiled "Yo ho, Yo ho."
"And a bottle of rum!" We all chorused happily.
That was how most of the evening went. We even got Andy to join in on the fun. It consisted most of table dancing, the blasting of music, and the very odd felling of togetherness. Who knew a bottle of alcohol could solve problems instead of start them?
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