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Things Come Crasking Down

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Patrick gets sick.

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I woke up the next morning feeling like shit, go figure. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. Then looked around. I was in my bed. How I got there I'll never know. I was still dressed thank god so I tried to get up. Only to be hit in the face with a major headache.
"Goddamn hangover." I mumbled bitterly to myself as I went into my bathroom and looked for a bottle of ibuprofen.
I looked at the clock on the stereo, 7:30 am. I sighed, damn my irregular sleeping habits.
"I wonder if anyone else is awake?" I asked myself quietly.
I went out into the cool hallway. I shivered at the edge it barely ever had.
I found Patrick's room and knocked lightly on the door, then pushed it open. There he was sleeping quietly on the bed in the far corner. His was replaced with a beanie, but it was falling off. I walked quietly along the wall until I got to his bed.
"Patrick?" I whispered. He groaned and rolled over.
"Patrick!?" I whispered a little louder. He still wouldn't answer
"PATRICK?" I whispered even louder, this time he jumped.
"What?" He asked rubbing his eyes like a little kid.
"I'm cold and can't sleep."
"Oh, come on." He said getting up and giving me a blanket.
I wrapped it around me and followed him out the door. We walked in silence, both wrapped in blankets. We probably looked like two little kids looking for their mommies.
"Do you want something to drink?" He asked looking for tea.
"Please?" I asked politely.
He made me and himself some tea, and then sat down next to me. He looked worse than I probably did. His eyes were bloodshot and his face looked slightly green. But he still looked beautiful. Why couldn't I look like that when I was hung-over?
"So, you sick too?" He asked quietly.
"No, just got a hangover." I took a sip of the soothing tea.
"Lucky you." He coughed.
"Oh, Patrick you're really sick." I dropped my cup of tea and felt his forehead "You're burning up."
"No really." He said looked even sicker than the moment before.
"Well that's it you going back to bed." I ordered grabbing his shoulders and forcing him back to his room.
I made him lie down and sat beside him. He coughed and looked up at me with sad eyes.
"Don't be sad." I said looking back at him with sympathetic eyes.
"I'm not I just don't feel right with you taking care of me."
"Oh." I said getting up and turning away "If you want me to leave I will."
"No, I just don't like felling vulnerable." He said rolling over.
"Well you're gonna be until you get better." I said sitting back down. "Do you need anything?"
"Soup would be nice." He offered smiling.
"Soup it is." I laughed getting up. "Stay here and don't do anything stupid."
I made some soup and returned to Patrick's side. Giving it to him he smiled great fully and slowly ate it.
He finished it and gave me back the bowl. It was completely empty.
"You feeling better now?" I asked soothingly. Upon that he lurched over the edge of the bed and threw up in the conveniently placed trashcan.
"I guess not." I answered myself, grimacing.
"Sorry." He choked lying back down.
I placed a warm washcloth on his forehead and grabbed his hand. I then started humming, nothing real just something to sooth my sick little Patrick. He closed his eyes and started to hum too. I smiled and continued to hum. Then he started to sing but stopped and coughed. There was blood.
"Oh fuck, Patrick." I gasped getting up. "I'm getting Pete."

I ran to Pete's room and beat on the door. There was shuffling and a few groans, then he threw open the door.
"Yes?" He asked annoyed.
"It's Patrick, he's really sick." I said desperately.
"What?" He asked shocked "Patrick's sick?"
I nodded and Pete forced his way past me. I stalked after him down the hall to his room. He laid there not moving, not even breathing. Pete knelt next to the bed and felt for a pulse. He shook his head and I started to sob.
"Stay here." He forced me into a chair and walked out. I just stared at him. His face was flushed and his hands were getting cold, like the life was leaving him.
"Don't leave me, Patrick." I choked grabbing his hand even though I knew he wouldn't respond. "I need you."

Sorry it took so long for me to update. things have been kind of a mess here. Thank you for baing patient.
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