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Chapter 1

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Nevaeh McCoy went to school with him, but when he knew her she was extremely geeky. What will happen now that she is in a band and rising to fame? Will he remember her, or will they have to start a...

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Okay, I dont own MCR or any other famous person who I decide to throw in. I DO own Vengence Is Over-Rated, seeing as how it's my band and my lyrics. Oh yeah, everyone not famous is owned by me :) ON WITH THE STORY!!!

There she was, walking down the hall of her new school. She had just moved to New Jersey with her mother from Louisiana. Nice weather change huh? Extremely hot to extremely cold. Althought she didnt mind the weather, she was just happy to have a new start.
She had long black hair that came down to her mid shoulders, ivory skin and bright blue eyes. She hated her height, 5'4 was nothing to be proud of. Black glasses hung on her face. Without those she would have no idea where anything was, blind as a bat is what her mother always told her.
On her body was the private school regulated uniform: white button up shirt, blue and green plaid skirt with a light grey tie that hung around her neck, her old pair of convers covering her feet. Being use to school uniforms she didnt have a problem with it.
She wasnt sure if she was going to make any friends, seeing as how she was so shy and reserved. But promising herself that this year would be different, she pushed that thought aside. She had more important things to be thinking about, like where the office was.
Seeing a bunch of kids by their lockers, she walked over to them, thinking maybe they could possibly assist her in finding the office.When she walked up to them, she knew this wasnt a good idea.

" Excuse me, could you possibly help me?"

One of the girls turned and faced her.

" Ew..sorry, I don't think anyone could help you."
" I was just wondering if you could possibly point me in the direction of the office. It's my first day and I have no idea where it would be."

They began to laugh at her.

" Office..Sara do we have an office here?"
" No Amber, I dont think we do."
" Sorry, you heard it yourself, no office."

She wasnt dumb, she knew they just didnt want to help her. Standing there she just..stared at them, not understanding why they were so cruel to her.
Sighing she just turned and walked off.

" Bye! Hope to see you around! Hey, maybe if we have any classes together you could let me cheat off of you loser!"

A single tear fell down her cheek, yeah sure, this year is going to be different.

Okay guys, how was it?
Should I go on or no?
Its my first one to publish so im not sure if its any good.
I know its kinda short, I just dont want to post more if you guys dont like it.
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