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Chapter 2

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After about 10 minutes she walked into the office. Sighing lightly she sat down, waiting for her turn. An elderly lady walked behind the receptions desk taking a seat.

" McCoy, Nevaeh McCoy, are you here yet?
" Right here miss."
" Well hello and welcome to our school. Age please?"
" 16."
" Grade?"
" Sophmore"
" Alright, well here is your schedual. Remember, if you have any problems just come to me alright? My name is Mrs. Smith, now off to your first class."

Nevaeh walked out. She had art first hour and yet again, had no idea where it was. She saw a boy who had short black hair, his bangs hanging in his face. She was afraid to go ask him if he knew where the art room was. Last time she did that, it didnt turn out too well.
Gathering up enough courage, she walked over to him. He was alittle taller then her, possibly 5'3 or 5'4. Nevaeh lightly tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and she was met with the most beautiful honey brown eyes. She looked at him for a moment for two, well okay, she stared at him. He had to be the most beautiful guy she had ever seen in her life.

" Can I help you?"

She finally snapped out of it once she realized he had spoken to her.

" Uhh..yeah you could you probably, possibly know where the art room is?"
" First day huh?"
" Yeah, but if your going to be like the last person I asked and reply with ' Im sorry, we dont have an art room here' then please, point me in atleast the right direction and I will find it myself."
" Ouch, who did you ask?"
" I dont know her, but all I know is that her name is Amber and shes making me have animosity towards everyone."

He chuckled lightly and shut his locker.

" Yeah, Amber and her bots tend to do that to alot of people. My names Frank and yeah, I know where the art room is."
" Im Nevaeh, well can you show me?"
" Sure, follow me, I have it first hour as well."

They began to walk down the crowded first floor hall. She wanted to speak to him, but didnt really know what to say.

" Nevaeh huh? Thats an interesting and unique name."
" Thank you, its heaven spelled backwards."
" Is your middle name Lleh?"

She smiled, her first REAL smile since she had gotten there.

" No my middle name is not hell. What grade are you in?"
" Thankfully im a senior, last year here at this damn school. Yourself?"
" Sophmore, unlike you I have to put up with this alittle hile longer."
" You can do it, especially with that little snap you gave me back there."
" Yeah about that, Im-"
" Dont apologize, I would of done the same damn thng."
" It's just that where I come from, we arent rude like that is all."
" Where are you from exactly?"
" Louisiana, you know the state that looks like a boot."
" Ahh, why would you come here?"
" Fresh start."
" You're going to die here."
" Excuse me?"
" Just wait till winter, your going to freeze your southern ass off"
" Oh."
" Well, here we are, Mrs. Jacob Art II. Im guessing you took Art I back home?"
" Yeah, that and English were my favorite subjects. Well that and choir, but I dont see that as a subject."
" You sing?"
" Mhm."
" Wow, well your going to have to sing for me sometimes."

She blushed lightly and walked into the art room. Frank sat down in the middle of the room at a single canvis. Nevaeh followed suit, taking the empty one to his life.


Nevaeh looked at the person who was singing as they walked into the room. He had somewhat tan skin and shoulder length straight black hair. He wasnt bad looking either. She was beginning to really like this school.

" Mr. Way, please count your cars and calories on your own time and take a seat."

She heard him mumble a sorry and wawlked to Franks right side.

" Hey Frankies whos the girl?"
" Gerard meet Nevaeh, shes new."
" OOO fresh meat..rawr."
" Well then its a good thing your a vegitarian then huh Gee?"
" Ouch Frank..just..ouch. I was trying to get my 'mack' on but you had to just RUIN my moment. Oh well, you know your the only one for me Frankie boy."
" Hello Gerard."
" OH MY! She speaks. Hello dear. Frank, are you and Betty going to see that new movie?"
" What is it?"
" Queen of the Damned."
" No, you know damn well she doesnt do scary movies."
" Still wet the bed at night?"
" No."
" Still scared of the dark?"
" No."
" Then why?"
" I dont know."
" Well if you guys need someone to go with you, I will. I love scary movies."

At that time, Mrs. Jacob walked in, explaining the rules and expectation of her class. Nevaeh looked over at her two new friends. Maybe there was still hope for a better year.
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