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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

They all came out of class laughing.

" Finger cookies? Really now, she didnt say that right, your just making it up?"
" No Frank, she really did. I mean a really smart person could see that with a swollen finger and a big bowl of ice, I wasnt in the mood for jokes."
" Well how did your fingers get caught in the mixer? Frank did something like that once. Although it had to do with a toilet and his-"
"Sorry, just thought I would let her know that she wasnt the only one around here."

As that was being said, a girl with long blonde hair walked over to them and kissed Frank. Nevaeh figured that was Betty, and yet she couldnt help but to feel alittle bit jealous. From what she could see, Frank was a great guy, so he was sure to be a great catch.

" Betty, this is Nevaeh, shes new here. Nevaeh this is my girlfriend Betty, she is a senior here too."
" Hi Betty nice to meet you."
" Uh..yeah like wise. Frank walk me to second?"
" Okay, see you guys at lunch."

With that being said they walked off, leaving Nevaeh and Gerard together.

" So what do you have second?"
" Uh, English II, Mrs. Dobson."
" Alright, just go up the stairs to the second floor, you will see a purple door on your right and thats her."
" Thanks. I have first lunch do you?"
" Yeah, you have it with all of us?"
" All of us?"
" Yeah. Me, Frank, Bob, Mikey, and Ray. All of us."
" Really? Are they nice?"
" Oh yeah, dont worry okay?"
" Okay well I guess I will see you at lunch then."
" Alright, and good luck to you."
" Thanks, im going to need it."

She ran off to second period. This time she found it with no problem. The class flew by fast, she kept quite most of the time. She walked out of the room and headed towards the cafeteria in search of Gerard and Frank. She found Gerard quickly, seeing as how he was ontop of the table finishing his 'cars and calroes' dance from art. A teacher soon finished it for him, screaming for him to get off the table before he broke his neck or serve detention with her. Gerard shuttered lightly and jumped off the table.
Nevaeh came to the school at the beginning of the second semester, so she wasn't going to have long with the guys before they left her. She wasnt too sure about their friends because she hadnt met them yet. That was all about to change when Gerard waved her over.

" Nevaeh, over here! Did you see my dance? Wasnt it awesome? Are you jealous?"
" Yes, I did see your dance, yes it was awesome, and yes I am jealous because I cant do that."
" Oh dont worry, I will teach you. Nevaeh, this is Mikey, my younger brother."

He pointed to a guy who had light brown hair and glasses like hers.

" Hey."
" Hello."
" And that is Ray."

He then pointed to a kid who had the biggest afro she had ever seen in her life. It made her just want to reach out and touch it, or atleast poke it.

" And finally Bob."

Bob had blonde short hair and blonde facial hair. He was also very quiet because he just gave her alittle nod.

" So Nevahe, where did you move too?"
" Uh, Kings Street."
" Really, thats Franks street, what house?"
" 1601."
" Cool, you and Frank arent too far from each other."
" Who am I not far from?"

It was Frank, he came and sat down besides Nevaeh. She noticed that Betty wasnt with him, she must have 2nd lunch.

" Nevaeh, your not far from her. She is 1601 and your 1630."
" Cool. I can give you a ride home if you need one, and pick you up too."
" Sure, you dont mind."
" Na, im heading that way either way, atleast I can have someone to talk to on the way home.

They sat finishing their lunches and asking Nevaeh all about herself. Once the bell rang her and Mikey were off to study hall, which was held as the last two classes off the day.

" So they really boosted you up grades?"
" Yeah, I passed every test I need too. I guess they just figured I could work with the challege. I'm Gerard younger brother remember?"
" Yeah, I remember, thats cool."
" So why move here? Of all the places in the world, why New Jersey?"

She sighed and put down her books, sitting in the back of the room.

" Because it was the farthest."
" But why?"
" My dad died."
" Damn, im sorry. How if you dont mind me asking, if you dont want to talk about it, its cool with me."
" No, its okay. My dad was an alcholoic and he liked to drive drunk alot. He use to beat me and my mom all the damn time. It seemed like everytime we ran away from him he would always find us, so in the end we just stopped running and stayed. One day he got so shit face drunk, he threw my mom through our coffee table. I grabbed a butchers knife and put it to his throat and told him that it was the last time he ever fucking touched us, and it was. One night it had been storming out pretty bad and he decided to go for a drive once he finished his 2nd bottle of whisky. He turned a sharp corner too fast and rolled over, his car wraped around a tree. They end."

They were silent for a moment, all that could be heard was their gentle breathing and the ac.

" Wow, thats..fucked up."
" Yeah, I was sad, but I havent really cried yet..I dont know why."
" Its understandable, your still in shock over it. It happens, you just havent realized hes gone."
" Yeah, so we moved away from everything."

Mikey reached over and gave her a quick squeeze. She smiled lightly and began to work on her homework. By the time she was done the bell to dismiss school was about to ring. Her and Mikey played tic-tac-toe until then. She kicked his butt everytime and finally he gave up.

They both gathered their things and headed towards the front doors to the school.

" Well, lookie here, if it isnt the weirdo and the loser. Did you find the office okay?"

They turned to look, it was Amber and her friends. Mikey looked down while he played with an imaginary rock on the ground.

" Yeah, you know what, I did. Thanks for your help."
" Sure, no problem...What the hell is the weirdo doing?"
" Probably wondering if he needs to help you find your brian, or if he should just leave you dumb. I personally say leave you dumb, but thats just me."
" You better watch yourself there girl."
" Oh, or what? You are going to threaten to dye my hair blonde and do my make up? Please, let me run away scared."
" You dont know who your messing with."
" Yes I do. Im messing with a girl who has her own imperfections and doesnt want to admit it. The one who thinks she is better then everyone else. The one whos brain cells die the higher her skirt gets..have I missed something, if so, please tell me."

With that, she grabbed Mikeys arm and walked out. Everyone was in shock, including Mikey.

" Wow, that was.."
" That was what?"
" Awesome, no one has ever stood up to Amber like that."
" Well then its about time."

They walked over to the other guys standing by their cars. Nevaeh noticed that Frank and Betty were off to the side in what looked like a heated arguement.

" You guys fucking missed it! Nevaeh just told Amber and the bots off."
" Really? What happened?"

Gerard gave Ray a light smack.

" Ray, dont be so damn nosey. But really what happened?"

Ray rolled his eyes and listened in as Mikey told them the story. Nevaeh watched Frank and Berry. Next thing she knows Betty storms off and Frank puts his head down. He walked over to them and leaned on his car.

" Alright Nevaeh!! High five from the Gee man."

She chuckled lightly and gave him his high five.

" Nevaeh, are you ready?"
" Yeah Frank, whenever you are I am."

They got in the car and began the silent ride home.
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