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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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Thanks to everyone who is reviewing. Yes two stories in a day!!!! You guys have been blessed, not really but oh well. Also, if you dont like my stories then please dont read them. Have the courage to tell me what you think about them, if they are bad or not. I see 3 people have read chapter 3 and I only got one comment on it, that hurts really does. Also I have a girlfriend for Gerard, so now Bob, Ray, and Mikey are still open.

Chapter 4

She couldnt take it anymore, the silence was killing her. They had been driving for the past twenty minutes and no words were uttered. Nevaeh was right, Betty and Frank had to of had an arguement. She finally figured it was time to break the cold silence.

" What was it about?"
" What was what about?"
" The arguement between you and Betty. What was it about?"

He sighed and adjusted himself in the seat.

" You."

She was taken back. Why her? It was her first day there and already she was causing drama.

" What do you mean 'me', what did I do?"
" You are a girl who decided to be my friend."
" Then we should end this friendship before it even begins. I didnt come here to start drama with you guys, or cause strife with you."
" I understand, she just doesnt like the idea of me havcing girls who are my friends is all, nothing to do with you."
" Oh, so shes one of those kinda girls huh?"
" Yeah, like those."
" Hmm, well I guess me raping you is out of the question then."

He gave alittle chuckle, and she was damn glad too. If he didnt cheer up soon, she would feel even worse about the whole situation. They made small talk as the drive home came to an end.

" Well, this is me. Would you like the grand tour?"
" Sure, why not?"

They got out of the car and walked up the steps to her door.

" Sorry, but it is still a mess. We havent finished unpacking yet."
" Oh its cool, I understand."

They walked in and sat their stuff by the door. She walked into the kitchen to see a note from her mom on the fridge door.

I have to work late tonight, I hope your having an awesome frist day. I forgot to tell you that Tara called from back home. She said she had a surpise and something very important to tell you. Tell her it was my fault, it slipped my mind. Money is on the counter for pizza, have friends over, be a teenage, throw a party. Dont sit and sulk and feel sorry for everything thats happened. I love you always.

She threw the note in the trash and grabbed some sodas for Frank and herself.

" Thanks. So where is your mom?"
" Work, like always. She works alot. Infact if you ever actually see here here, it will be a miricle."
" Haha, yeah, I understand. My dad works all the time too. What does your dad do?"

She was silent for a moment.

" Well, lets begin yeah? I'll leave my room for last. Its the only one that is actually done."

Frank noticed how she just slipped by his question, so he brushed it off and reminded himself to ask later. If she didnt want to talk about it, he wasnt going to force her.
They went through the entire house almost, top to bottom, leaving her room as she said, for last. Standing infront of her closed door, she began to explain things.

" The weapons you see on the wall are very real and will hurt you if you are not careful. I dont mind if you touch them, just be very gentle, I dont want you getting hurt. The place that you will see on the ground is NOT for touching, so please dont. You will understand why I am telling you these things in a minute."

Frank just nodded his head. Nevahe sighed lightly and opened the door to reveal an asian style room.

The walls were painted in a deep red and had asian symbols and important things like dragons and other creatures painted on the wall. Her ceiling was covered with band posters and a ceiling fan. Also wind chimes, scenic panints, lanters, and ninja stars hung on the ceiling as well.
Asian masks as well as weapons such as sais, samari swords, and nun chucks were on the walls in different locations.
Candles littered the room as well as incense. To Frank, this was serinity, a place to escape too. But what was she trying to escape from? He noticed the meditation spot infront of her balconey doors.
A black canapy bed sat in almost the center of the room and had red silk curtains to match the comfoter.

" So.."
" So what?"
" So do you like it or no?"
" No I dont like it.."
" Oh.."
" I love it, I could live here."

She smiled proudly, this was her home, her sanctuary. The place she felt at ease.

" Do you want to stay for dinner?"
" Sure, what are we having?"
" Cheese ala pizza."
" Mmmm my favorite."

They both began to laugh and walk downstairs. Frank noticed something black leaning against the living room wall. He finally made it out to be a guitar.

" Nevaeh,"
" Hmm?"
" Is that a guitar I see?"
" Yeah, there are loads of them around the house. My dad use to play."
" He doesnt anymore?"
" No, we just cant seem to get rid of them."
" May I?"
" Sure, go ahead."

Frank got up and walked over to the guitar case. He ran his hands down the touch black case, picking it up.
Moving carefully to the couch he sat down. Placing the case on the coffee table and snapped it open. He marveled at the site of the acoustic 67' Les Paul in great condition. Nevaeh smiled at the guitar. Before here daddy began to drink, he taught her how to play, but since his death she couldnt bring herself to play or sing.
Frank began to lightly strum the cords. They both winced as they were out of tone, but was soon fixed by Frank.

" Do you know Tears in Heaven?"
" Of course."

He began to play, the smooth rich sound coming out. She smiled again, that was the first song she was ever taught to play.

" Sing."
" What?!"
" Sing for me Nevaeh."
" N-no."
" Why not?"
" Uh, because I suck maybe?"

He sat the guitar down and picked up her small hands in his. The action alone gave Nevaeh chill bumps and she cursed at herself. Frank was taken, off limits.

" No one sucks if it comes from the heart."

She smiled lightly, those were the sweetest words anyone outside of her family has ever said to her. She breathed in and let it out slowly. Looking down she noticed Frank still had her hands.

" Well, how are you going to play so I can sing if you are holding my hands?"

Frank smiled a bright smiled and put down her hands.

" You just have to promise me you wont laugh."
" Yes, I promise you that I will not laugh."
" Alright, your suppose to start first."

He picked up the guitar and began to play. Nevaeh was nerbous, she hadnt played in a while as well as sing. But she did it, she began to sing and smooth sound came out.
Frank shot his head up and looked at her, suprised written all over his face. She could sing, MAN could she sing. While litening to her he almost stopped a couple of times so he could hear her better. But he figured if he stopped she would too and he didnt want that. Her voice was beautiful to him, like angels singing.
After the song ended he put down the guitar and began to clap for her. She blushed lightly and looked down.

" Wow Nevaeh..thats all I can bring myself to say"
" Thanks."
" No problem. Can I ask you something?"
" Sure go ahead."
" Where did you learn all this."
" What do you mean?"
" I mean, what you sang, you have to know the pitches of the"
" My dad."
" Where is he?"

She stiffened up. He had asked her again..she told Mikey, why not tell Frank? So she breathed in and began to same story she told Mikey earlier. By the time she was over it really hit her, the song, the guitar, the truth. The truth that her dad had died. He wasnt going to be at her graduation, he wasnt going to get to walk her down the aisle when she got married, he wasnt going to get to hold his grandson. At that point, she broke down crying, and Frank did the only thing he though of, he held her.

They stayed like that for the next 20 minutes, until her cries came to a halt. Next thing she knows he pulls her back and they are looking at each other. They both start to lean in when the door bell rang.

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