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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Hey guys, thanks alot for all the reviews. More reviews equals more story. I also found a girlfriend for Mikey as well. So now Gerard and Mikey are taken ladies. Bob and Ray are still open, so if you want them, then tell me. If not, then I am just going to make up a some characters on my own. I dont want to leave anyone out :)

She mentally kicked herself as she got up and grabbed the money for the pizza. Before she got to the door, they rand the bell again.

" Just a damn minute please..gosh.."

She opened the door to only get tackled to the floor. She was in shock for a moment until she saw who it was. The persons shoulder length brown hair with blond and red highlights fell in Nevaeh's face. The only person that she knew who had that color hair was..


Her and Tara had been best friends for about 6 years. They were both the same age, infact born a month apart. They started their friendship by stealing each others crayons. Nice way to begin huh? Ever since then they had been inseperable, attached at the hip. They always seemed to get into trouble together, never blaming it on each other, but saying that they did equal work. But everything changed when Nevaeh had to move. After the death of her dad, Tara had been there non-stop, staying the night whenever she could just to comfort her. She was the best friend that anyone could have, and Nevaeh was lucky to have her.

" I told her damnit to call me back, but NO you cant call anyone can you?!"
" Im sorry, but is this what you wanted to tell me?! That you were making a suprise visit?"
" Suprise visit? Hell no girl, im staying. Mom's letting me stay for the rest of the semester."

Nevaeh stood there shocked..could she be serious!? Would she ACTUALLY have someone here besides the boys that she knew?! Everything seemed to have been going right. She had tons of new friends, almost kissed Frank..oh shit..Frank was left in the living room by himself. When she ran back in there to check on him she saw him, his head hanging in his hands. She knew he was thinking about what had almost just happened..they almost kissed.

" Who is that?"

Tara came up behind her and scared the shit out of her, causing her to jump and almost fall. What would she say? Hello, this is Frank, we almost kissed. He has a girlfriend. It wasnt something that she really even knew how to explain. I mean, come on, things would be different now that she and Frank almost kissed.

" Sorry, Tara this is Frank, he live up the street and goes to school with me. He's a senior and is dating a girl named Betty."
" Well hello there Frank, do you have any hot and crazy single friends?"

Nevaeh laughed, she couldnt believe it. The first thing out of her mouth was askings about hot guys. That was who she was, and thats why she loved her. That made her think of Gerard. Oh yeah, she would hook Tara up with the Gee man.

" Hey Tara, Nevaeh, its getting late, I think maybe I should go. If you want I will pick you up tomorrow morning before school, you and Tara both."

Nevaeh sighed, she wanted to atleast talk to Frank about what happened. That she didnt mean to..or did she?
" Yeah thats fine, just come pick us up on the way if you dont mind, a bout what time do you think you are going to be here?"
" When do you want me to pick you guys up?"
" About 7:30?"
" Sure no problem, it was nice to meet you Tara."
" Likewise. See you tomorrow."

With that, Frank left, leaving a very confused Nevaeh and an even more confused Tara.

" Damn, do I stink? Did I miss something? Or did I just come in at a bad time?"
" You just came in at a bad time, but it's okay. Here, lets get all your stuff inside and then I will tell you the whole thing over pizza."
" Alright, its all outside."

They walked out of the living room and outside to grab everything. They set her up in the guest bedroom and then got into their Pjs. They talked about everything over pizza and a movie, as well as Nevaeh explaining everything to Tara about Frank.

The next day they woke up at about 6:00, giving theirselves plenty of time to get ready. Two girls in a bathroom isnt that great of a thing, like world war 3 in there. Nevaeh noticed that Tara hadnt changed at all. She still had her shoulder length brown hair with blonde and red highlights. She was still an inch taller then her, making her 5'5, and believe me, she made sure Nevaeh knew all the time who was taller. She was 16 and was a sophmore with Nevaeh, which was good, they would atleast have some classes together hopefully.
They waited by the door for Frank to roll up. By about 7:25 he came pulling into her driveway. They both got in the back seat, seeing as how Gerard was in the front.

" Hey girl, whos this?"
" Gerard, this is Tara. Tara meet the ever crazy Gerard Way."

Tara stuck her head between the seats and took Gerards hand and shook it.

" Hello there Gerard Way, so nice to meet you. Are you single?"
" Yes I am, are you?"
" Why yes, as of this moment I am. How about me and you hang out yeah?"
" Sure sounds cool to me."

She sat back in the seat and mouthered to Nevaeh.
'He is beautiful!'
' I know!'
' I love this school so far.'
' Yeah, I did too.'

When they pulled up to the school she noticed that Betty was at the double doors leading into the school, waiting for Frank. They all got out of the car and walked up the stairs to Betty.

" Hey baby, whats up?"
" Nothing, walk me to first."
" Alright, see you guys later."

They all went their seperate ways, planning to meet up at lunch. Nevaeh had her mind on everything else today but her studies. The thing with Frank still on her mind. What was she suppose to say? 'Sorry I almost kissed you but I really wanted too, but it wont ever happen again because you have a girlfriend and I dont think you see me like that?'
Yeah, that sounded really good. Psh, she only wished.

By the time the bell rung she had gotten a plan for everything. She was going to go to Frank and explain that she just needed some human contact. At that time in her life, she just needed some human contact, someone to reach out and touch. He was the only one there.
She walked into the cafeteria and sat at the table with Bob and Ray, waiting for Tara to get out of class and make her way over to them. She didnt really feel like eating today, she was too nervous.
At that point, Tara walked in and sat beside Nevaeh, leaning her head on her shoulder.

" I am so sleepy, how come we have to get up so early, I hate it. Me sleepy Nevaeh."
" I am too, we shouldnt of stayed up so late lastnight watching movies like we did."
" So true, so true."

Once Frank and Gerard sat down, they all began their little chit chat, talking about everything. The guys were in a band, they never said anything about a band. That was cool to Nevaeh.
Frank asked them if they needed a ride home, and they both said that they would walk home, get alittle bit of fresh air. They decided they would just catch up on alittle bit of stuff, how everyone was back home, how Louisiana is and everything else. If people were still talking about her dads death, or if hey had just forgotten him.

5 months later

It was the night before graduation and everyone was at Nevaeh's house for a pre-graduation party. Okay, not everyone but Nevaeh, Tara, Gerard, Frank, Bob, Ray and Mikey. Betty couldnt make it because she decided to go to another party, saying that she would stop by later and check in on everyone. Over the past 5 months everything was going good. They all became extremely close friends, staying the night at each others house and spending all their free time together. Nevaeh and Frank had became very close friends, both understanding that what happened that night was understandable. Things happen as friend decribed it. Gerard and Tara werent dating..yet. But hell, they sure did act like it alot of times. Nevaeh had hope for them, yet.
" Alright people, shut up and listen to me. This is my house soo shhh."

Nevaeh stood on her coffee table with a coke in her hand. She had something to say to th boys before they left for their houses that night, something that she felt was important.

" You guys are like my brothers that I never had. I just..I wish you guys luck tomorrow. No, im not going to cry now, I am just going to wait until tomorrow to cry my pretty eyes out. There is so much that I want to say to you guys, but I dont seem to have enough time to say it, so im not going to say it. Just wanted to wish you guys good luck and know that I love you all so much."

They all cheered and she stepped down, sitting on the arm of the couch. By 12, everyone had gone home and her and Tara were cleaning up the mess that was left behind.

" Man, tonight was fun huh?"
" Yeah, the guys are great."
" Whats going on with you and Frankie?"
" Nothing, just friends. He is dating Betty and I am here for him as a friend."
" Sureee ya are. You know you want to be more."
" I would LOVE for it, but I cant. If I have to be his friend, then I will. I dont want to fuck things over with him. If I can only be his friend, this it's fine for me. I dont care."

We both got settled in our rooms and right as I was laying my head down, I heard a knock on the balcony doors. I was wearing just panties and a muscle shirt, so I grabbed a robe and covered up, walking to the doors to see who it was. I peaked out and came face to face with a teary eyed Frank. Quickly, I unlocked the doors and let him in. He walked inside, hands in pocket and his head down. He reminded me of a kid who just got punished and is sulking about it. Nevaeh walked to her bed and say down, patting a spot beside her, telling Frank to sit down.

" Frankie, whats wrong doll?"
" She...."
" She what? Does it have to do with Betty?"
" Betty..she...she.."
" Betty what? Is she oky Frank?"
" Betty cheated.."
" What?!"
" Betty cheated on me..and has been...for awhile.."
" Oh my god, I am so sorry Frank.."

I did the only thing I felt I could, I hugged him. I layed so my back was propped up on some pillows and his head was laying against my chest, listening to my heart beat. I stroked his head lovingly. This was all just soo messed up, I couldnt believe it. She had actually cheated on him, HAD been cheating on him. What a bitch.

" I am so sorry Frank..please, say something..please?"
" I dont know Nevaeh..I feel as if my heart is dying and im beaking into two."

He then looked up at her and moved a peice of hair out of her face. Nevaeh looked down at Frank, she couldnt stand to see him like this, to see all the tear stains on his face and the still tears in his eyes threatening to fall at any moment.

" I have to do this..I just..I have to Nevaeh, I have to."

That last part he said in a gentle whisper as he leaned up and pulled her face towards his, their lips connecting.
They were so smooth she thought, so smooth and soft. They made out for about 10 minutes and finally had to pull apart or die.

" Im sorry, I had to."
" No, please, dont apologize for it, really."
" I better go, its getting really late. I even have to get up early tomorrow."
" Thats fine, see you tomorrow."
" Goodnight Nevaeh."
" Night Frank."

He came out the way he came, leaving Nevaeh to gently touch her lips with her fingers.

Wow, has to be the longest chapter ever.
The next chapter is going to have it where it really starts the good stuff.
Yeah, im impaitent, what can I say?
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