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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Nevaeh and Tara screamed their heads off as the guys walked across the stage. Of course there last names were different so they all went at seperate times. Gerard did his cars and calories dance across the stage and grabbed his diploma, throwing the rock on sign. The girls giggled at him and screamed. It was touching to watch the guys get their diplomas and was so excited for them.
The girls waited with cameras with the guys parents, wanting them to hurry their asses up so they could take pictures before the 'rents took them away. About 10 minutes later they all came out singing Queen's We Are The Champions. Nevaeh and Tara almost fell over laughing as the guys came running over to them finishing their song. Nevahe jumped on Franks back, and he gave her a quick piggy back.

" How are you feeling today Frank?"

He set her down and gave her a hug.

" Better I guess. She doesnt deserve me and I damn well dont need her."
" Yeah. So is this the last time I will get to see you? Will you be back?"

Nevaeh began to play with his tie. She didnt really know what they were after that kiss lastnight. She wanted to be more, but Frank just got out of a really fucked relationship and she didnt want to push him or rush things.

" I dont know. You know we are doing the shows now. That Im not even sure when I will be back home."
" Just..just dont forget me okay? Dont forget all the good times that we had, you, me, Tara and the guys. Dont forget who you are either. I just hope this wont be the last time I will ever see you again Frank."
" Nevahe, doll I wont and it wont be. You helped me be who I am. You helped me so much in my life and without you I dont know where I would be. Lastnight I felt as if I had no one to turn too, not even Gerard and he is my best friend. The guys I have known my entire life..kinda like what Tara is to you, he is for me. But he wasnt the first person I thought about to go to, it was you. You are something special Nevaeh, and whatever guy you end up with, he will be the happiest and luckiest bastard in the world. I will always be jealous of him"

Nevaeh smiled, but inside she felt as if she wanted to cry. Was he saying that he had feelings for her but didnt want to be anything but friends? Why do boys have to be so damn confusing?!

" Alright, just thought I would clear things up ya know?"
" I know Nevaeh, I know."
" Just promise to keep in touch yeah?"
" I will try."

She gave Frank one last long hug and walked over to Tara. Tara and Gerard were hugging telling each other that they would miss each other and that it wasnt goodbye, it was just a see you later.
Finally they broke apart and the girls got some pictures with the boys before they left. Tara leaned on Nevaeh as they watched the cars leave with their boys.

" Think they will forget us?"
" I dont know Tara..I really just...dont know."

That was the last time they saw the boys before they became who they are today.

My Chemical Romance.

Yes I know it was a short chapter, but that is only because I was going to wait till a NEW chapter to throw in the present day shit.
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