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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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Once again, thank you guys for the reviews! Okay, let me explain something to you guys.
If you havent noticed, I am very impaitent. I love it too lol. These next chapters,well infact the rest of the story is going to be present day stuff. There will be flashbacks!

Chapter 7

The crowds packed into the little venue to see Vengence Is Over-Rated. They were a local band that had made a great name for themselves. Over the past 2 years they had moved from place to place, playing different venues and local events. They were good, seeing as how it was an all girl band, the first one in New Jersey.
People came to hear their songs, to see their high flying tricks and of course to look at them. The band consisted of 5 very beautiful girls. One lead singer, one lead guitarist, one back up guitarist, one bass, and one drummer. All girls.

"Alright everyone!! You guys ready for this hot girl band?!"

The crowed cheered loudly pushing up to the front of the stage.

" Okay okay! Calm down damn!! Alright, here they are, Vengence Is Over- Rated!!!"

Once again, they cheered as the 5 beautiful ladies ran on the stage. They all got into their positions and started up with their first song, Cupid Fucked Up, Now He Has A Wish'. The crowed loved it, they even had people jump on the stage and try to crowd surf.
Once the song was over the lead singer grabbed a bottle of water and took a swig. She then threw some of it on the crowd.

" Thank you all for showing up tonight! You guys are awesome!! Never has any state supported up like New Jersey does! No wonder its our home town! I would like to introduce my band. On the drums we have Maggie, on the bass we have Audrey, on the back up guitar we have Alexandra, on lead guitar we have Tara, and on vocals we have me, Nevaeh. We hope you guys enjoy your night and enjoy our songs. We write them for you guys. You guys keep us pumped up and ready to do more. So are you guys ready for more?!"

The crowd screamed.

" Alright. Here we go."

After about an hour they finished their set and went back stage. Nevaeh was so proud of herself as well as her band.
After they guys left, they hadnt heard anything from them. Their parents all moved to different parts of New Jersey to get away from the fans, the guys even changed their cell phone numbers. Frank had broken his promise to her..not just him..all of them had.

Randall, their manager walked backstage to them. Randall had been with them since the beginning, 5 years ago. He had went to school with them and had been what Nevaeh was all those years ago..the loser. So she did what Frank did to her, become his friend. He was pretty cool, funny as hell.

" Hey you guys, great show. I have someone who is here to talk to you."
" Really? Who?"

They all sat on the couch, wondering who it would be that would want to see them. Secretly Tara and Nevaeh wished it was the guys, but they knew that it was too good to be true, so they pushed that thought aside as quickly as it had come to them.
In walked a guy who was in a well tailored suit. Nevaeh thought he looked really weird, like a monkey in a suit.

" Ladies this is Mack Anderson, he is a agent at a record company."
" Hello Mr. Anderson."

As soon as it came out of Nevaehs mouth she silently laughed. It reminded her of The Matrix.
He handed over a card.

" Hello ladies, I think you have what it takes to make it big."
" What do you mean make it big?"
" I mean, be the next big thing."
" Oh, and let me guess, your going to be the one who is going to help us right?"
" Thats right Miss McCoy. I have here a contract for our record company, a 6 cd contract deal. What do you say?"
" When will all this go down?"
" As soon as possible. The label wants you to go on Warped as well." in Warped Tour? The one that My Chemical Romance was on..the one Frank was on? They would be the first all girl band to ever play on They could be legends if they do it right.

" Well of course we have to think about it first Mr. Anderson."
" Well then please, take your time."

He turned and left. The girls sat there in awe, they were actually going to be signed. This is what they all wanted from the very beginning, and it had nothing to do with the guys. Maggie was the first to speak.

" Well, are we going to do it or not? Becasue I sure as hell do."
" I do too Maggie. What about you Tara?"
" Man, Nevaeh you know I do. If I didnt want this band to go somewhere."
" Okay, so we all agree that we are going to do this right? This means we will have to leave imediatly.."
" Hell yeah lets do it."
" Alright girls. Randall call him back in here."

Randall left to go get him again. About 5 minutes later he returned with him.

" Well ladies, what do you say? Going to do it or not?"
" Yes we are. Where is that contract?"
" Right here Miss McCoy.'

He pulled it out, it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Randall looked it over before giving them a nod. They all signed it and was given scheduals.
They looked them over, tomorrow they had a photoshoot and then onto the warped tour. In between states they would record some songs to be sold at warped.
Yeah, they had some things, like shirts, and such as well as singles. Those could be sold they thought.

After everything that had happened Nevaeh just was worn out, she wanted to go home and snuggle with a pillow and go to sleep. When she walked into her apartment she threw down her keys and took off her shoes.

" Honey, im home. Oh wait, no one there to reply."

She walked into her bedroom and flopped on her bed. Mmm softness she thought. Nevaeh didnt want to get into bed all nasty and sweaty so she walked into her bathroom and stripped down. She stood in the mirror looking at herself. She had changed alot since high school, alot. Her hair was alot shorter now, more like an emo boys, but she liked it. Her eyes were still the same, although the glasses were gone, thank you for contacts. Her skin was still the same ivory as it was in high school, except it had alot more tattoos on it now.
She had huge angel wings on her back, black and bloody. On her lower back was her bands symbol, a gun with a knife stuck in it. Her arms had tattoos on them, but not much. On her wrists were two tattoos each. On her left wrist was a chinese symbol that stood for love, with the words love in cursive above it in red ink. On her right was hate in the same symbol with hate above it in cursive in black ink. She had come to realize you cant have hate without love, and you cant have love without hate.
Her legs had sally sitches on them, her very first tattoo, and her most painful. All the girls had the stiches somewhere on their bodies, kinda like a group thing.
Hey body had definitatly defined itself, she didnt look like alittle girl anymore, she looked like the women she was. A 21 year old women who was on her way to fame, this ride was going to be good.
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