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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

" Nevaeh, if you dont hurry the fuck up with your damn make-up I am going to come in there and rip out every eyelash you own."

Tara was standing outside Nevaeh's bathroom door beating the living shit out of it, trying to get Nevaeh out. They had a photoshoot that the band had to be at in about an hour. Okay, that may seem like plenty enough time to get somewhere, but seeing as how they had NO idea where it was they were going to have to drive around and try and find it. They couldnt do that if Nevaeh took any longer.

" Okay, to the count of"
" Wow damn im done, just chill okay damn. I have to get ready."
" No you dont, they are going to do that FOR you."
" No, they cant do it how I want it so I have to do it my damn self."
" So FUCKING complicated."
" Yeah..but you love me. We are sisters, DUR!"

Tara just rolled her eyes and walked off. Nevaeh laughed to herself, she loved getting Tara all wired up, it was fun. She gave herself one more quick look, making sure the hot pink eye shadow and black eyeliner was perfect. It was, like always. She had an OCD about it, and always had. Nevaeh ran out of the bathroom and snatched up her bag on the way out the door. Tara was sitting in her car with the rest of the girls as she climed in the front seat.

" Alright, well lets get going yeah? Dont want to be late."
" Yeah, well you should of thought about that BEFORE your took forever in the bathroom..chicks I swear."
" Maggie, what the hell are you?"
" Yeah im a chick, BUT im not doing me make up now am I? No, im not."
" Thats because you just let anyone fuck up you face. If it happens to mine, I atleast want to know that it was my own damn fault. Not someone elses."
" Mhm suree."

They pulled out of the driveway of Nevaehs apartment and began the quest to find the studio. About 55 minutes later they went running into the studio, out of breath and sweating like a fat kid in a gym. The man who was taking the pictures, Jean Wolf, walked over to the girls and threw his hands up in the air.

" Where the hell have you been?! We have been waiting for you for abit! Eh, you people are all sweaty. I dont even know how I will be able to work with this!"
" Im sorry sir, we got lost and it was my fault we were so late to begin with."
" And you are.."
" Im Nevaeh..the lead singer."
" Ah the vocals..well you need to manage your damn time better, I dont want to spend my whole day with you people."

Tara looked at him and mumbled a ' well damn your no so damn great yourself, and sure as hell arent that special.',recieveing a look from Jean Wolf. They all went in the back to change into their very...provacative clothes. Lets just say they felt more comfortable in a bathing suit and probably had more on. They walked out and heard Jean Wolf clap.

" Very nice ladies, very nice."
" Im cold."
" Who might you be?"
" Maggie..who might you be?"
" I am Jean Wolf."
" Alright, well Jean cold."
" Beauty is pain ladies, beauty is pain. Deal with it."

After everything was said and done, and after a food fight that was started by..TARA finished they headed back home to get packed. Mack had said that they were going to send a beautiful bus to come and get them. YAY their own tour bus, how effin awesome is that? They had already drew straws and Nevaeh got the biggest room, of course hearing groans from the others, including Randall.
Neavaeh stood in her room and looked around. She wanst even sure what to bring, it seemed like she would need everything that was in there. Kinda the point of having it around huh? So, she figured she would pack it all, she had enough bags to most likely put all her clothes in and everything, but then gave that a second though. She would only bring the clothes that she really liked, she could buy more on the road at different locations on the tour. The biggest thing that she was excited about was getting to see the guys again, espcially Frank.
She had kept up with them, buying the cds, shirts, dvd, and pretty much anything else that had to do with MCR. She was a fan, not just because she knew them, but because they were a damn good band. You had to be deaf not to hear the emotions that were put in the songs and the awesome chords and beats. She had posters on the wall of them and looked at them everynight. She missed them very much, missed all the times that they spent together. She glanced at the photo beside her bed. Light tears came to her eyes as she picked up the picture. It was her and Frank on graduation, the last time that she got to really see him and spend time with him. It was the day that he made the promise to her.
She put the picture in her personal bag, along with the other pictures of the guys, her family, and the girls. She began to bring her bags by the door when Tara came in.

" Holy shit girl, are you fucking crazy? Do you even know how many bags this is?!"
" Yeah, 5."
" Are you afraid that your going to leave something here that you might need?"
" Yeah, I think I will. If I have everything then it will seem like I wont ever need anything."
" Yeah..okay."

Tara gave her another good look, and noticed that her eyes were alittle puffy.

" Honey are you alright?"
" Yeah, im fine."
" Are you sure?"
" Mhm, just really excited."
" That makes you cry?"
" No.."
" Then what did?"
" Nothing."
" Nevaeh...were best friends, dont push me out like this."
" Im not pushing you away."
" Then what is it?"
" I dont really want to talk about it."
" Well I do."
" What if Frank doesnt remember me.."

Tara pulled Nevaeh to the couch and cuddled up.

" Girl, he will remember you I promise."
" Just..what if he doesnt?"
" Then we will have to refresh his memory."
" I dont know.."
" Shut up and finish packing alright? Frank will remember you because you are a fucking awesome person and his best friend. Yeah he went away for awhile and didnt call or write, but Gerard didnt either. I know in my heart that he hasnt forgotten me, just might of put me on hold for abit to they can tour ya know?"
" Yeah true.. alright, im going to go pack."
" Alright, well Randall called and said that they are on the way. Thats why I came over. So hurry your skinny ass up so we can put all your shit plus mine in the bus."
" Okay."

Nevaeh walked into her bedroom and finished up. Randall got thereabout 30 minutes later and began to put their stuff in the bus. Maggie, Audrey, and Alex stuck their heads out the window and screamed.
" Warped Tour here we come!!!!!"

Nevaeh laughed and threw the rock on sign. Maybe this trip wasnt going to be so bad.
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