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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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Hey guys, thanks for the reviews.
Okay, well I have been sooo busy!!!!
Im going to try and update as much as I can.
Its just hard with school and everything.
On with the story!

Chapter 9

They couldnt believe it, they were at Warped! The driver Charles parked the bus in their spot as the girls piled to the door to get out. They wanted to explore and see if they could find and famous people. Nevaeh and Tara just wanted to see the guys.

" Whoa, where do you guys think your going? You have your first interview in 20 minutes. You have to stay here and get ready and then head over to it."
" Is it televised?"
" Yeah it is, so you guys have to stay here and look BEAUTIFUL"
" Randall...are you saying we are ugly!??"
" Yeah, I am so stay and look pretty."

Nevaeh looked at him like he had just lost his ever loving mind and threw a pillow at him. This resulted in a 10 minute pillow fight which only left the girls 10 minutes to get 'beautiful'.
Finally they got done and began to walk over to their interview. The girls were talking about how cool everything was when Nevaeh turned her head around and saw him. He was still beautiful, and look alot different then the last time her eyes layed upon him. Frank Iero was still as good look at he was 5 years ago. Although now, he had alot more tattooes that covered his body then before. Infact, Nevaeh didnt even remember any tattoos. Now, a silver hoop hung from his nose and lip, his ears gaged. It suited him. His hair was different as well. Now is was bleach blonde on the sides and had a black down the middle of his head. The hair hung down, so she figured it was part of his mohawk. She saw the other guys too, Gerard still looked the same, except he was alot thinner. Mikey was still well..Mikey. Ray's afro seemed to of gotten bigger. Bob well..he still seemed like Bob, not that social and still very quiet.
Nevaeh tapped Tara's shoulder and pointed to the guys. Tara stopped in her tracks and began to head over there.

" We cant, not yet. We have to do this interview first and then we will go and find them, I promise."
" They all look the same."
" I know."
" You promise, we will go find them after alright?"
" Alright, fine."

They walked over to the women, Sara Johnson, she had a tv show on Fuse. They all shook hands and sat down, Nevaeh pulling out a cigarette to smoke.

" Alright girlies, lets start this thing. Ready Damian?"
" Ready when you are."
" Hey everybody this is your girl Sara Johnson here with the newest band on the scene, Vengence is Over Rated. Hey guys how are you doing today?"

Tara grabbed the mic.

" Oh were just great, actually just got into town and loving is so far."
" Thats great. Now im going to ask you all some question. First individual ones and then as a group. Start with you Nevaeh."
" Haha, aw its okay I will go easy."
" Okay."
" Alright, now I heard that you were once engaged, is that true and if so what happened?"
" Uhh..shit hehe, yeah I was ONCE engaged, but not anymore."
" Well, there still is a ring on your finger."

Nevaeh held up her left hand and showed a guitar ring that spiraled around her finger.

" It's not really a wedding ring. Well yeah it is. I figured since I couldnt get my love life right, I would atleast get to be married to my music."
" Thats a cool way of lookin at it. What happened in the relationship."
" Yeah. Uh what happened...well it was Valentines day of this year and he was ' depressed ' because we couldnt spend it together. With his and my work schedule we just couldnt do it. So I decided to suprise him. He had given me a key to his apartment awhile before so I was going to set up his house. Well I got everything ready, cooked dinner, played soft music, lit some candles, even went out and bought some sexy night clothes. When he got home..he wasnt alone. He was with another girl. I couldnt believe it. I was soo hurt and in so much pain. I just got up and walked out and that was it."
" Damn."
" Yeah, so now I just write songs about it."

The single questions went on for awhile and then the group ones came.

" How was it for you guys growing up?"

Tara grabbed the mic again.

" Well it was pretty good for me. I had Nevaeh for a best friend, so my life was filled with love. I had a great family to be there for me."
" Same for me. I met Maggie in high school and since then it just seemed as if everyone came together."
" Nevaeh what about you?"
" Well I mean, I had a normal childhood I guess. I mean ya know I had parents and stuff. But my dad use to beat me and my mom so that sucked. In junior high I got beat up for looking weird and being a nerd. I had Tara there to keep me comapny and ya know, help me through all that stuff in my life. she was my family."
" Wow that touching. If you could tell the girls of the inspiring musicians today what to do what would you tell them?
" Well I think I speak for the enitre group when I say just because your a female doesnt mean you cant rock. Just because you may look differently and like music that you can rock hard too doesnt mean your weird. Keep your head up. I mean look at us, we all have different lifes but yet here we are, at Warped giving a interview, making something of ourselves. Just because what you dream is a dream, doesnt mean it cant come true
" That is what I am saying. Well that's all for Sara Johnson, I will see you later. Rock on america, rock on."
" And that a cut, great job ladies."
" Thanks Damien. Girls thank you so much for the interview and you guys will be seeing more of me."
" Thanks so much."
" No problem."

The girls walked off back to their bus. They sat down and grabbed something to eat, resting for abit. Nevaeh just now remembered her promise to Tara.

" Okay, so whats going on?"
" You guys wanna split up and then we can all meet back here later?"
" Sounds great to me."
" Tara and me are going to go find some old friends of ours."
" My Chemical Romance?"
" Yeah, so we will see you back here later."
" Alright girls good luck."

Tara and Nevaeh walked off, arms linked together ready for their search. They were really glad to see the guys here, that ment that they were most likely out and about, looking for things to do. They walked back to where they saw them at and looked around. No sight of them.They groaned to themselves and walked around some more. Finally, they spotted someone..tall, skinny, brown hair, glasses. MIKEY!
They both ran up behind him and tackled him, going down with him and hearing him scream like alittle girl.

" Please dont hurt me! Im just the bass player!"
" Mikey chill its us!"
" Us who?"
" You dont remember us?"
" guys look very familiar.."
" Hold on."

Nevaeh reached into her backpack and grabbed the graduation picture.

" Now, when I show you this, please dont scare us."
" Uh..okay."

Nevaeh handed the picture to Mikey. She watched him carefully as he turned it around to look at it. He dropped the soda that was in his hands, looking from the picture to them, from the picture to them..from the them. His mouth fell open in shock and nothing came out.
Finally, he grabbed them both and gave them a hug.

" Oh my god, girls. How have you been Nevaeh, Tara?"
" Good Mikey, are the guys anywhere?"
" Well yeah, back on the bus actually. Frank is going to be so excited to see you Nevaeh."
" How has he been?"
" Good, missed you all like crazy. He just broke up with his gf. She was cheating on him, that bitch."
" Hows Gerard?"
" Oh hes good Tara, sleeps with that damn monkey you gave him everynight."
" Why havent you guys kept in touch? You all promised."
" Everything was just soo busy and hectic inthe beginning. Then we lost the numbers. It sucked so bad."
" We thought you guys forgot about us Mikey."
" Never Nevaeh, never. You were our best and only friends in high school."
" What about you, you single?"
" No, I am not. "
" Whos the lucky girl?"
" Her name is Kayden"
" Will we get to meet his Kayden?"
" You will yes."
" Okay, so where are the guys? We wanna go see them."
" They wont remember you Nevaeh, you look so different."
" Thanks Mikey."
" Alot better then what you use too."

They walked off to the tour bus of My Chemical Romance. In all truth, the bus was only parked about 4 or 5 down from theirs. Great to know. As they walked on the bus, she saw them all. They were sitting down playing xbox. What losers she thought. She saw Frank sitting on the floor in the small living room type space. He was so beautiful. Upclose and from far away, she could tell it was him. She smiled to herself.

" Mikey where the hell have you been? We were worried shitless about you."
" I found someone you guys know."
" Hello Gerard."

Gerard turned away from the tv and looked at Tara. The controler dropped from his hands and he rose to his feet to grab her and spin her around in the air.

" Where the hell have you been and what the hell are you doing here? I missed you sooo much Tara you have no idea."
" I missed you too Gerard."

Fank stood up, looking at Tara and Gerard. Nevaeh was behind Mikey so Frank couldnt see her.

" Tara, how is Nevaeh? Is she here"
" Hello Frankie."

She walked out from behind Mikey and looked into his honey brown eyes.

" Long time no see."

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