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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

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Hey you guys! Thanks for all the reviews and the fans of mine that have been with me from the very beginning: Kayden, Tara, Laura, and rosesfallatmyfeet. You guys have been with the story from the very beginning and I just wanna say thank you so very much. You guys are the main ones keeping me writting. Well, on with the story.

Chapter 10
His honey brown ones to her ice blue onces, they just stood there, just looking at each other, both in awe and shock. Her schock that she finally gets to see him and his was at how different she looked. But different in a good way. The only thing that stayed the same was her beautiful smile.
Frank had heard that there was going to be a hot all girl band on Warped this year, but never thought it would be Nevaeh and Tara. He had always thought about her, ever since graduation. He never called or even tried to contact her. Only because he thought she had forgotten all about him.
In his mind, he played the night of the graduation party over and over. Remembering how it felt to have her lips on his. So soft and delicate. Then he would think about the day of graduation. How sad her eyes looked but a smile came to her face. That day killed him, he didnt want to leave her like that, he didnt want to leave to her at all. But the band really wanted to try and be something, and right after they left, everything happened for them. They got a record deal, made a cd, made a video, and got a fan base. They then grew from there, becoming one of the biggest bands ever.

" Frankie?"

Nevaeh walked over to him and waved her hand infront of his face. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. He was still in shock from getting to see her.

" N-Nevaeh, is that really you?"
" Yeah Frankie, me in the flesh. But if you dont want to see me I can just g-"

All of a sudden she was grabbed by Frank and pulled into a tight embrace. He even smelled the same, like cigarettes and axe. Everyone just stared at them, everyone was happy for once, really happy, they were al reunited and that was the best thing. The band and Tara left, saying to the couple hugging that they were going to the other bus to meet the rest of the girls. The couple didnt even hear them, let alone care at that moment in time, they just cared about each other, the feel of each other in their arms. After standing there in each others arms for about 20 minutes they pulled apart and looked at each other.

" Wow Nevaeh."
"You look..."
" I look what? Bad?"
" No! Far from it, not even close! You just changed so much. No more long hair."
" Got tired of keeping it."
" No more glasses."
" Contacts."
" Peircings."
" Four."
" Tattoos."
" Yeah, a couple."
" You look so..beautiful."

She blushed and turned her head away. Frank put his fingers on her chin and turned her face back to his and looking into her eyes and smiled. He then guided her to the mini couch in the living space. They sat down facing each other, him pulling her legs over his lap.

" This is just...such a great suprise. What are you guys doing here?"
" Well, we were playing at a venue in Jersey when this guy wanted to sigh us. Of course we said yes. So yesterday we had this photoshoot then left for Warped. Then bam, here we are."
" Im so glad you decided to play in a band."
" Well, after you guys left me and Tara were lonely. So we decided to start a band."

Frank figited abit. He knew that at any minute why they didnt keep in touch would be brought up.

" So, how have you guys been?"
" Good, just so damn busy. We literally never stop touring."
" Mikey tol me about your recent girlfriend and that she cheated on you. Im so sorry Frank."
" Ah its okay."
" What happened?"
" Well, me and Julie, thats her name Julie had been dating for awhile ya know."
" Is she the one that you brought to the MTV movie awards?"
" Yeah, her. Well, when we got to Warped she had been sneaking around behind my back to fuck other bands."
" Damn, thats fucked up. Im so sorry Frankie."
" Ah its okay, im staring to think im ment to be alone ya know?"
" No, thats nott rue. We are ment to walk two by two in this world. Someone is for you, I promise."
" What about you? How many guys hearts have you broken and how mant guys are lined up around the corner for you?"

She almost fell over laughing. Yeah, sure, someone waiting for her? In a million years maybe. The one she wanted only saw her as a friend and since her last break up she wasnt sure if she was ready for another relationship just yet.

" Whats so funny?" " You think...ahh man I needed a damn good laugh today."
" I dont understand."
" You seem to think all of these guys want me and they just plain dont."
" Oh thats just bullshit."
" No really. I mean yes, I was engaged once but-."
" WHOA! Wait a damn minute there. You were engaged?! When?! With who!?"
" Yes Frank, I was engaged, back in Febuary. To a guy named Marshall Reeve."
" Babe..what were you thinking?!"
" HEY! He looks alot better now thank you very much."
" Uh huh sure. So what happened?"
" He cheated."
" What?"
" Yeah."
" No, your not suppose to be cheated on, I am damnit. Not someone as great as you are."
" Eh, its okay Frank I promise. It gives me alot more time to focus on my music then worrying about if im necleting someone."

Frank sighed. She had been hurt and he wasnt even there to help make it better. What kind of friend was her anyways?

" Frank, why havent you guys kept in touch, you especially?"
" Nevaeh, please forgive me. I thought maybe you had forgotten all about me. Then I figured maybe it would of been alot better if I had kept you away."
" Why, away from what?"
" Because I didnt want to have people following you around, bugging around in your personal life."
" Frank, I wouldnt of cared. Here look."

She got up and grabbed her messenger bag from the floor.

" Everywhere that I have bever, EVER went that was away from my apartment I carried this stuff with me."
" What stuff?"
" Just be pairtent."

She opened the black and red backpack and pulled out what looked like a jewelry box and two frames. She handed him the frames and put the box on her lap, setting the bag on the floor again. Frank smiled, they were the graduation pictures. The first was of the group whith Nevaeh and Tara being picked up bridal style by Frank and Gerard. The second was the picture that Frank had duct taped to his bunk roof. The picture of him and Nevaeh, both hugging and smiling at the camera. She actually carried these around with her, everywhere?

" Whats in the box?"
" Just stuff that I have collected over the years and kept."
" Like what?"
" Guitar picks. paper clippings, graduation booklet, pictures, patches, button and just all around shit."
" Wow."
" Yeah, but I never ever forgot about your Frank, never. I tried so hard to keep in touch. So I figured that if I couldnt talk to you then I would just be a fan."
" Can I see that box?"
" Sure."

She handed thebox over to him and leaned back on the couch. Frank opened it and shuffled through the items. She really had kept up with them. He noticed a bunch of concert tickets and held them up.

" You went to concerts?"
" Yeah pretty much all the ones that were close to Jersey."
" Why didnt you come backstage?"
" Because everyime I tried to purchase a pass, they were already sold out. Or even the floor seats. I never seemed to get any good ones. I never cared though, I was just happy to get to see you guys preform. You guys put on one hella good show. It's so much better to see you guys live then it is on tv."
" Thanks, we prefer for people to see us live anyways. You get so much energy from us, and we get the same feeling from the crowd."
" Oh yeah, I know! It's like once you start playing you are the master and the crowd is the puppets. You get this high from being onstage."
" Yeah exactly."

A small silcent passed between them.

" I really did miss you Nevaeh. There wasnt a day that went by that I didnt think about you."
" I know Frank, I know."

He grabbed her hand and began to hold and play with her fingers. Ocasionally running his callased fingers over the Sally Stiches on her hands and fingers.

" I like these."
" Thanks, I have some on my legs too. Infact everyone in the band has them. Kinda like a group tattoo, one of my first."
" Speaking of them, lets go find the guys. I wanna meet the band too."

They got up and headed off towards the girls bus.
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