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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

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Okay you guys, since I havent really been able to update as much as I want, im going to post two chapters. Thanks again for all the reviews. Does anyone like Gerards new hair?...I dont..but he still is HOT! Just looks alot..different..sighs Alright well on with the story.
I have some suprise's coming up in the chapters :)
Yes, some of you might even hate me for it.
But all love me :)

Chapter 11

When Frank and Nevaeh got to the other bus they opened the door to hear Misfits being blared out of the new system that was put it. They walked in and saw everyone scrunched up at the little table, playing poker. Not just the regular kind of poker, oh no, not with the MCR boys. It was strip poker.
Nevaeh and Frank laughed at them, Gerard was kicking some major ass. Rveryone was losing everything that they could, shoes socks, belts, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, peircings, just trying to get rid of everything but their main clothes. Poor Mikey and Tara were down to their underware, the others not too far behind. Gerard on the other had was still fully dressed except for his jacket. They had agreed that those with the lowest card would take off an article of clothing. Nevaeh was glad that the girls had decided to wear underware today, usually they didnt.
She then noticed a girl she had never seen before, she figured that must be Kayden, so she walked over to talk to her, maybe get to know her. Frank walked over to the poker game and decided to watch. Nevaeh sat down on the mini couch next to the girl as she looked up and smilied warmly at her. Nevaeh smiled back and stuck out her hand to the girl.

" Hi, my names Nevaeh. Its nice to meet you.."
" Kayden, its nice to finally get to see and meet you Nevaeh. I have heard so much about you."
" Really, from who?"
" The guys, Frank especially. Im Mikeys girlfriend."
" Oh! Well then its really nice to meet you. I hope it was all good things that you heard."
" Oh of course. I like to keep good company. If it wasnt good, I wouldnt be here to meet you."
" Oh yeah, take it off Gerard."

Nevaeh and Kayden both turned their heads to look at the tabble. Tara and Mikey had given up because they were now, fully dressed. Everyone else had agreed that Frank could play, only if he took off cloths before he got in the game. Obviously he had agreed because his shoes, socks and shirt were on the ground beside him, showing off many more tattoos, and his little pudge of a belly. Nevaeh noticed Gerard take off his shoes.

" Man, you cheated."
" Did not you big pansey."
" Well then how come I was kicking ass before you started to play HUH?!"
" Because im better then you. Geeze Gerard just take it like a fucking man and stop bitching!"
" I am! Okay, you know what? It's on. Im going to be all over you like a fat kid on a dessert table!"
" Yeah, mhm...sureeeeee."
" Yeah well its on like Donkey Kong."

Everyone laughed, including Nevaeh and Kayden. The guys began their card game again as Nevaeh stood up, followed by Kayden. They had finished their conversation and Nevaeh needed fresh air. She was so glad to find out from Kayden that the guys didnt really forget about them. Infact the dedicated different songs to the girls at concerts. Never mentioning names, just saying that the song was to the special girls in their life.

" Well, im going for a walk, look around and explore. Kayden wanna come with me and get away from these boys?"
" Sure, why not? Its nice to get out."
" Tara, wanna come?"
" No, I wanna watch Gerard get naked."
" Ew, thats nasty and WAY too much information."
" Hey! I have a nice body thank you!"
" Sure ya do Gee, sure ya do."
" WHAT?! I DO!"
" I like Franks better."
" Thanks baby-doll."
" Okay, Keyden lets go before im tempted to stay and watch Frank stip."
" Alright girl."
" Nevaeh wait, did you get your pass?"
" Oh pass?"
" Yeah, well we all have them. Well all the bands preforming at Warped have them. You didnt get one?"
" No Frank, I didnt."
" They should be in a big ass brown envelope."
" Okay, well I will give it a quick look."
" Alright, becareful."
" Always sweetheart."

Kayden helped Nevaeh look around and they finally found what they were looking for. The envelope was on her bed with a note from Randall:
Please wear these badges at all times. They tell the security guards that you are bands members playing at Warped. Dont Loose Them!!!!!!! Im not sure if I can get you anymore. I will be back later, im out promoting you guys.
- Randall

Nevaeh put the badge around her neck and passed the others out to the girls. Giving everyone a hug, her and Kayden walked off arm and arm to explore.
An hour and a half later they had seen everything there was to see. Nevaeh even gave out some autographs and photos. Of course not everyone knew who they were, but they did see people she knew from Jersey. It was nice to have some kind of fan base at Warped.
Next thing she knew, she turns and bumps into someone. She then looked at the guy. She couldnt really tell who he was because he was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap. But she did notice tattoos on his olive colored skin. He was shorted then Frank, maybe 5'6.

" Excuse me, please watch where your going."
" What? Dude, you bumped into me."
" Uh, no, you bumped into me."
" Uh, no, I didnt. I just simply turned around around and BAM there you go bumping into me!"
" Yeah okay."
" What?"
" Just say your sorry and be done."
" No, im not saying sorry."
" Fine."
" FINE!I swear, guys are pig headed."

Nevaeh and Kayden walked off back to their bus. When they got in they noiced no one was there, but found a note instead. All these damn notes!!

Take time to cool off and grab a shower, I know from all that walked you have to be very tired and stink. When you get done come over to our bus, we wanna introduce you to some friends of ours. See you when you get here. Oh yeah, just wanted to let you know, I love you Kayden.
- Mikey

They colapsed on the couch.

" Mna, that was an interesting walk around, dont you think Kay?"
" Oh yeah, but I swear, I have seen that guy around somewhere before."
" I dont know. Kay can I ask you something?"
" Sure."
" What happened with Julie and Frank?"
" Alright, well let me just say, I have been with the guys for about 3 and a half years alright? Well, when me and Mikey started dating we went to this club with the guys after a concert. Frankie met this girl there named Julie. Well he thought they hit it off, so he got her number. They began to talk and started dating soon after. Well, she came on tour with us. I never liked her from the very beginning, she just gave me these bad vides. Well, I had seen her around like backstage and stuff fluring with guys ya know? Letting them touch her and WAY more graphic things that I didnt need to know, or see. So I told Mikey, who told Frank who I think didnt want to believe it. So he asked her and of course she denied it. So then when Warped started about two days ago she had been spending alot of time with the other bands. So Frank walked in on her fucking some really gay band. I mean they sucked so bad, I dont even see how they got on Warped period. Anyways, so he payed for her a ticket home and she left today."

Nevaeh say there in silence, she couldnt belive what had happened to Frank. It was like the blonde bitch Betty that he use to date. Frank deserved so much better then all these girls cheating and using him. He just had bad taste you could say.

" Wow, that sucks big time."
" Yeah, I mean they have been or escuse me HAD been dating for about 3 and half years, give or take some months."
" What about before her, I mean I know you werent with them but I figure they might of talked about some of them before ya know?"
" No, as far as I know there was no one before Julie. I heard he was still hung up on someone from highschool."
" Hmm, probably Betty."
" No, not her. He told me about her. It was someone else, he just never told me a name or even mentioned a name."

Nevaeh thought about it. 'Who the hell could he of liked that I didnt know about? He told me everything or atleast I tohught everything.' She was confused.

" Well, we better get fresh and go to the guys bus. You can wear some of my clothes, you look about my size."
" Thanks."
" Eh, its no problem. Just go in the back and find something. I really dont care what you pick."
" Alright thanks."

They both took showers and got dressed, Nevaeh in low, very low rising blue jeans and a tight black wife beater. Kayden decided to go with a old Misfits shirt and a jean skirt. Nevaeh put on her black converse and walked to the other bus with Kay.
Once they walked in the noticed 4 more bodies then normal.

" Nevaeh, I want to introduce you to Fall Out Boy. Thats Patrick Stump, Andy Hurly, Joe Trohman, and Pete-"
" YOU!!"

Nevaeh pointed her finger at him. He was taller then her, about 5'6, brown hair that hung in his face, black baseball hat, sunglasses, olive colored skin with tattoos.

" Me?! Dont you mean you?!"
" Wentz."

Frank finished.

" Yeah, im leaving."

Nevaeh turned to leave, this was the guy who bumped into her, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy.


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