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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Frank grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving.

" Whats going on? Do you two already know each other?"
" Yeah, this was the chick I was just telling you about. The one who bumped into me and cant see where she is goin."
" Oh wait. The hot schick in the tight clothes that bumped into you?"

Pete gave Frank the evil eye. He wasnt suppose to say THAT. Frank pulled Nevaeh to the couch and sat her down.

" Now apologize kiddies. Before I take you both over my knee and spank you."
" He started it!"
" Look, how about we put it as a we both did it sorta accident."

Nevaeh looked at him. He WAS Pete Wentz. He looked even better in person then he did on T.V. and magazines.
Pete stuck out his hand and she just looked at it. She could forget about it. She walked over to him and just looked at his hand.

" I promise, it wont bite you unless you ask me too."

Nevaeh laughed at him and stuck her hand in his. He stood up and shook it.

" Hello Pete Wentz, my names Nevaeh McCoy. Nice to meet you."
" Well hello Nevaeh McCoy, its a pleasure to meet you."

They both sat down and Frank clapped.

" Aw yay! Lets all be friends and cuddle!!"

Frank jumped on Pete's lap and everyone laughed. They all ordered dinner and talked about the girls.

" So Nevaeh, how long have you and Tara known the guys?"
" Well Patirck for about 6 years, but it feels like my whole life."
" Wow, thats along time."
" Eh, yeah. I guess so."

Nevaeh swung a noddle at Frank.

" See! There you go again Nevaeh! Your the one who started the food fight at the photoshoot."
" Um no, that was you."
" Who spit water at who again?"
" Um..uh..."
" Yeah, now is a good time to have short term memory loss."
" Thank, I try ya know."
" Well, let me help you."

Nevaeh picked up a roll and chunked it at Taras head. Before Tara had a chance to move, the roll hit her in her forehead. Everyone busted out laughing as Tara just sat there, shocked.

" Well, that just shows me how immature you are Nevaeh. Here, I dont want this you dork."

Tara picked up the roll and tossed it back, hitting Pete who was sitting beside Nevaeh. Pete just sat there, not moving, no facial expression, just blinking. Picking up a napkin he wiped off the butter stain from his forehead.

" Pete, are you okay?"

He looked over to Gerard, picking up a spoonfull of rice and launched it at Gerard, hitting him in his face. Everyone watched, laughing as little peices of rice fell.

" Okay. That, was not nice."
" Tara started it!"
" No! Nevaeh did!"
" Okay look, asian food is hard to get out of an afro, so please, leave me and the fro out of it."

Audrey dumped a box of shrimp fried rice on Ray, rubbing it in his fro. Ray sat there shocked.

" Well, that is not very lady like Miss Audrey."
" Oh, punish me then big daddy."

Everyone screamed ew and then, the good fight began. Pete shoved a peice of chocolate cake in Nevaehs face as she shoved ice cream in his.

" Okay! That is EFFING COLD! Devil woman I say, devil women!"
" Oh bite me Wentz, this is payback for the cake!"
" I slipped!"
" Pft yeah sure ya did."
" Alright guys, lets get this place cleaned up. Its getting late and we all have to get up early in the morning and preform."

Everyone helped clean up as best as they could. Theythemselves were still covered in food. Frank walked over with a towel in his hand, trying to get the food out of his hair.

" Pete man do me a favor. Walk the girls back to their bus, its not far down. I dont want them to walk back by themselves."
" We are not little girls Frank. We CAN walk back by ourselves."
" I know Tara, I just want you guys to be safe."
" Yeah man, I will walk them."
" Thanks, well girls it was so fun. Audrey, Maggie, Alexandra, it was so nice to meet you. Nevaeh, Tara it was so great to catch up again. Please dont stay gone as long. Come over anytime and remember, I love you."

He walked over and gave the gilrs a hug, giving Nevaeh a kiss on her forehead. Pete opened the bus door and urshered the girls out, walking last with Nevaeh.

" So Pete, how long have you known the guys?"
" Since Warped last year."
" Wow, thats awhile."
" Yeah, but not as long as you have known them."
" Thats only cause we went to school together."
" True. How did you meet them in school?"
" Well, it was my first day and I was lost. You could say the guys took me under their wings."
" Ah, kinda like a little sister huh?"
" Yeah, you could say that. You know what. I really am sorry about earlier."
" I know, I am too. Well, heres your stop."
" Yeah, thanks for walking us back. You didnt have to though."
" Yeah I did. Frank would kick my poor Peter Pan ass if I didnt."
" Aw yes, poor tooshie."
" You know what?"
" What?"
" You look good in chocolate cake."

He stuck his finger out and took some off her cheek, putting his finger in his mouth. She smiled and did the same.

" Yeah you too Wentz. Night."
" Night."

With that, he began to walk off and she walked on the bus. Grabbing a quick shower she got cleaned off, her brain going 90 to nothing, thinking about everything that happened over the last few days.
She slowly drifted off to sleep, excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow was going to be their first ever preformance at Warped.

She was awakened by what felt like an earthquake in her bed. She opened one eye and pulled the blanket off her head. Nevaeh was greeted with four pairs of eyes. One set belonged to Frank and the other pair belonged to Pete. They were jumping and pouncing on her bed. Groaning loudly Nevaeh pulled the blankey over her head.

" Stop! Its too fucking early!"
" No it isnt! Get up girl!"
" Frank, I love you to death, but if you dont stop jumping on my bed im going to kill you. Okay? Okay."
" It was Pete's idea."
" Liar! Was not!"
" Was too!"
" He bribed me with cupcakes!"
" I dont care who bribed who with cupcakes but just leave me alone."
" Gotta get up."
" Why?"
" Because, you have to go to sound check, then you have to come watch up and MCR play. We already did our sound checks."
" Ugh, fine, sure im up. Go away."
" Good girl. Okay, me and Pete are going to be in the living room waiting for you."
" Alright."

Giving the bed one more bounce, Frank and Pete walked out of her room and into the living space, argueing about who was going to get to play xbox first. Nevaeh sat up and stretched. She didnt want to get up but she knew she had too. She grabbed a Clandestine hoodie, some blue jean hip huggers and a towel.
After her shower she go dressed, spiking up the back of her hair and applying eyeliner. She walked out and say in between Pete and Frank. Nevaeh put on her socks and black converses.

" Nevaeh, are you wearing anything under that hoodie."
" Well of course Frank. I do have to wear a bra."
" Alright, just checking."
" Alright well then lets go!"
" Im winning."
" Pete, just press pause!"
" But, but, but...fine alright."
They all walked out and over to the Warped stage. It was HUGE! Everything was already set up and the girls were already there. Both fall out boy and MCR were there watching. Nevaeh walked on the stage and looked out. In a matter of hours it would be filled with people.
After a good two hours, their show was ready and their songs in order. It would be Fall Out Boy then Vengence Is Over-Rated, and then My Chemical Romance at the end.
Everyone was walking back to the girls bus to eat when Nevaeh jumped on Frankies back. He grabbed onto her legs and stumbled forward abit.

" What the hell!"
" Piggy back ride!"
" Fine, but then I want one later!"
" Pft, please your too damn big!"

As they got to the gate where the tour buses were kept, they were stopped by a girls voice.

" Oh my GOD! Frank, is that you!?"

They all turned around and Frank dropped Nevaeh who stood there in shock.


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