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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

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Alright, this is the one that I dont think people will like.
I added this character back because I am already thinking about a sequal.
Sorry if it upsets people..but im just the writer!

Chapter 13

" Frank! I cant believe thats you! You look so good! Wow, its been along time."
" B-Betty?"
" Yeah! How have you been?"
" Damn good obviously. What are you doing here?"
" Came to see the show. Hey guys"

Nevaeh stood there, shocked. Betty The Blonde Bitch was at Waped. Everything was going so well. She got signed, they were on Warped, they got to see the guys again. Then she has to show up. She even looked the same. Big boobs, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, long legs, everything she wasnt.

" Oh my god! Is that little Nevaeh McCoy? Wow, you have grown up so much. Came to see the guys play?"
" Uh, no Bi-Betty. Im actually in it."
" Really? How did you manage that one?"
" Hmm, well, I wrote some songs with the girls, then we added some music notes, later ya know we kinda thought about preforming theose and alot of people liked them, even a producer. He signed us and got us here..need a picture of it?"
" No, but I will take an autograph."
" Damn, I broke my hand. I'll spit on it though."
" Thats okay. Um Frank, can I talk to you for a minute?"
" S-Sure. Guys go ahead I will catch up with you in a minute."

Nevaeh just stood there, looking back and forth between Frank and Betty. She knew what was happeneing. Betty had come back to try and get with Frank again.
Pete grabbed Nevaehs hand and gently began to tug on it. She turned her head to look at him. He looked kind of worried about her. It was just Pete, Nevaeh, Frank and Betty left standing outside. Pete pulled her over to him and put his arm around her shoulders. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

" Hey, you okay?"
" Yeah, its just a very, very VERY long story. I will tell you later."
" You sure?"
" Mhm, lets go kay?"
" Kay."

They finally caught up to the guys, they were in the Fall Out bus. They had alittle time before they had to get ready to preform, so she thought now, she would tell Pete. Nevaeh got up and walked to the back of the bus, crawling up on a top bunk. She had to think about everything and how to tell Pete.
As she was laying there, thinking about Frank, someone climed up and laid down beside her. Nevaeh turned her head to see Pete's smiling face. He probably came to see if she was okay, and to talk about earlier.

" Come on Nae, talk to me. I mean, I know you really havent known me long and when we first met I had to restrain myself from almost killing you. But I do care, im here for you to talk to and I wont judge you, just help you. Please talk to me."
" Its really nothing Pete."
" It has to be something if it isnt bringing a beautiful smile to that face of yours."

She smiled lightly and rolled over on her stomach, turning her head so she faced Pete. A peice of hair fell into her face and he brushed it away. A moment of silence passed between them.

" Betty."
" What?"
" It has to do with Betty."
" What about her?"
" About 6 years ago, her and Frank dated. The whole time they were dating, she was cheating on him. Then when they broke up, he came literally crying to me. I didnt care that he talked to me about it, it made me feel good. I loved that. It just broke my heart into two to see him that hurt and upset."
" Yeah, I understand."
" Then, she shows up and I bet you anything that she is telling him how much she missed him and realizes how big of a mistake she made. I dont want him to fall for it. She is just using him because he is famous."

Pete sighed and rolled over onto his side. Proping his head on his hand, he didnt know what to tell her to make her feel better. He could say she was wrong, but what if she wasnt? Then he would feel like a total ass.
She didnt know what to do. Should Nevaeh tell Frank about it, or just let it go? She didnt want to jump to conclusions so she would just wait. Yes, she loved him, infact she was in love with him, but she couldnt tell him. Not now, especially since Betty was back.
She fell asleep as she was laying there. If she had to think about it, about everything that happened she would just sit there and cry. She couldnt do that, not now. She had a preformance today.
She was woken up by Patrick shaking Pete awake. Nevaeh noticed she was laying ontop of his chest and they were tangled up in each other. They kinda looked at each other and chuckled lightly.

" Pete, you have 30 minutes. Hurry and get ready."
" Alright, thanks man."

They sat up and stretched. It was kind of a weird moment for a minute. They got down, Pete helping Nevaeh.

" Thanks again Pete."
" For what?"
" For listening to me."
" Ah its okay. Im here for you alright? No matter what time."
" Alright, well I will let you go and get ready. See you at the show, good luck."
" Thanks girly, you too."

She got a quick hug from him and the guys. Nevaeh then went back to her bus to see Frank waiting for her.

" Hey, where have you been? I was about to get worried."
" I fell asleep in the Fall Out's bus."
" Oh, I forgot to look there."

She sat down beside him on the steps.

" So what did Betty want?"
" To tell me she was sorry for how things ended before."
" Pft, yeah. Im so sure she is now."
" So what you saying is that she couldnt possibly of missed me?"
" No, Frank thats not even it."
" Then what is it? Are you jealous of her, is that it?!"

She looked at him like he had just slapped her in the face. How could he even think she was jealous? She wasnt even close to it. If anything, Nevaeh was worried for Frank. Worried and afraid that he was going to be hurt again.

" Frank, I have no one fucking thing to be jealous of. Not of you, of Betty or anyone else. I just dont want you to be hurt again is all damnit."
" Im not going to be Nevaeh, just trust me."

Nevaeh shook her head.

" Alright."
" Shes coming on tour."

She felt herself throw up in her mouth. This shit was NOT couldnt be happeneing. She just knew something bad was going to happen. She just knew it.

" Well, I need to go get ready. I promised Pete I would watch him and the guys play."
" Alright, good luck."
" Thanks. Your going to watch us right?"
" Of course, I wouldnt miss it for the world."
" Promise?"
" Triple pinky promise. Now go get ready."
" Alright."

She ran inside and grabbed her preformance bag. Nevaeh unzipped it and pulled out her outfit. It consisted of a black ballerina skirt with a red corset, red stockings and black knee high boots. Most people didnt understand how she preformed in the boots, seeing as how she jumped off things. She just told people you get use to them.
Nevaeh grabbed a quick shower and got dressed. Grabbing her pass she ran out of the bus to the stage area. She got there right at they were anouncing FOB.
They put on one hell of a show. Pete and Joe doing their high flying tricks, Andy beating the hell out of his drums and Patrick singing Perfectly.

" Alright everyone. Fall Out boy is a big fan of these next people, so show them some love. Plus the lead singer is hot as hell. Give it up for Vengence Is Over - Rated!"

Nevaeh blushed at the last comment that Pete made. The girls ran out giving the boys hugs and kisses.

" Alright you guys! You ready to fucking ROCK?!"

The crowd screamed.

" You know what? I told think I can fucking hear you!"

They got louder. Maggie began to count them down and they began their set. During the show, Nevaeh looked to see the guys, all but Frank. At the very eng she saw him come running up with Betty.
Nevaeh was royally PISSED. Frank yet again broke another promise to her.

" Thank you guys so much, you have been the best audience ever! They saved the best fucking band for last. Put your hands together for My Chemical Romance!"

The crowd got louder, pushing their way to the stage.

" Everyone, that was Vengence is Over - Rated. They rocked huh?!"

The crowd cheered for them as they went into their set, putting on a hell of a show as well. After the show, they all walked back to the bus.

" Frank, can I talk to Betty alone out here for a second?"
" Sure."

Frank went inside and left them alone.

" What is it?"

Nevaeh pushed Betty against the bus, making a thud sound as her back hit against it.

" If you ever...ever hurt him again...I will rip out your fucking ovaries and hang them on my bus mirror after I rip out every finger nail and toe nail you have with rusted pliars do you understand me?"


Alright you guys!
Like the twist?
Hate me?
I hope not.
I will write more soon dont worry!
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