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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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Hey you guys, thank you once again for all the great reviews you guys gave me.
It was nice to know what you all thought was going to happen in the next chaper.
Laura's was the best though!
Anyways, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about this chapter.
It has self mutilation in it.
It really happens to people, not because they want attention, but because they have something really wrong with them.
Dont review me with those stupid ass comments of how gay it is, thats an easy way for me to get pissed off.
Anyways, on with the story.

Chapter 14

Betty looked at Betty as her face went to a shocked look. Shocked that little Nevaeh McCoy would even do something like that. Her face then turned into and evil little smile.

" Aw, you love him."
" Your right, I do. He is like my big brother. I dont want to see a nasty girl like you fuck him over again just because he is in a famous rock band got it?"
" Thats so cute. But you dont have to worry about our relationship. In fact, mind your own fucking business loser."
" Look here you big bimbo blonde bitch, you dont know who your fucking with. Im not that Geeky little girl that I use to be in highschool. I will NOT hesitate to kick your ass. As for that little loser comment, grow up. I am way more ambitious then you are, I work for what I want, not just lay on my back and spread my legs for it."

Betty looked Nevaeh in her eyes. The war was about to begin. Frank came outside to check on them.

" Babe, you ready?"
" Coming, just telling Nevaeh how good she was today."
" That's nice. Sorry I didnt get to see it, theres always next time."
" Betty, do you mind leaving us alone to talk?"
" Well, whatever you say to him, you can say infront of me. Right Frankie?"
" Betty, give us 10 minutes please."
" Alright baby. I will be laying in your bunk, waiting for you."

With that Betty walked up to Frank and slinked her arms around his neck, showing off to Nevaeh. She just rolled her eyes and turned her head away. When they got done with their little make out fest, Betty gave Nevaeh alittle wave and walked into the bus. Frank sat down on the bust steps, waving Nevaeh over. She sat down beside him and sighed.

" Where the hell where you today?"
" I had to finish getting ready."
" You broke a promise to me Frank. You broke ANOTHER one to me! Why? Because Betty wanted a qucik fuck? Or because she knew how important it was for me to have you there?"
" Dont bring Betty into this. I told you, I had to finish getting ready."
" Yeah, sure. Funny thing how the guys managed to get there on time huh?"
" Im not going to sit here and argue with you about this. Im going inside."

She watched as Frank stood up.

" Did that night mean nothing to you?"

He stopped dead in his tracks.

" Did you not feel anything with that kiss?"

He sighed and turned around. Frank could not believe that she brought that up.

" Nevaeh..."
" No Frank, its okay. It ment nothing to me too."

With that she got up and ran off. The first place she wanted to go was to her bus, but she knew the girls would wanna talk about what happened and just bug her. She she went to the next place she could think of, Pete's bus. When she got to the door, she knocked, not sure if they were even in or if Pete was.
Andy came to the door and opened it to see a tear streaked face. Noticing it was Nevaeh, he let her in quicky.

" Nevaeh, whats wrong?"
" Um, is Pete here? Im sorry for just barging in here but-"
" No its alright. Yeah, hes laying back in his bunk. You know where it is, just go on back. I dont think he is sleeping."
" Thanks Andy."
" Its alright Nevaeh. But, we are about to pull out. You can ride with us if you want."
" Thanks again Andy."
" No problem. I will call the girls and tell them."

Nevaeh walked to the back of the bus to where the bunks were. She saw Pete on his top bunk with his earbuds in, scrolling through his Ipod. She slowly reached out a hand and gently touched his arm. Pete jumped alitte, being startled by the sudden human contact. He looked towards the figure and turned on the light behind his head. He saw Nevaeh, her black eyeliner smeared and running along her face with her mascara. He ripped out the earbuds and jumped down.

" Nevaeh, whats wrong?"
" I hate him so much! He isnt even a friend! Not when he has a girlfriend."
" Babe why are you crying?"
" Because he doesnt want me for a friend. Or atleast he acts like it. He thinks im jealous of Betty! I mean yeah, shes way more beautiful then me, her boobs are bigger then mine, and shes taller."
" I like you just the way you are. Here, let me get you some clothes to sleep in."
" No, its okay."
" Shut up, I will be right back."

He walked off finding her something to sleep in. He shortly returned with some duckie boxers and a shirt that said 'Who the fuck is Pete Wentz?' Nevaeh took them, telling him thank you before walking off to the bathroom to change.
Once she got in there she slid down to the floor crying. She hadnt hurt this much in a very long time. Last time she had, her father had died. Nevaeh just felt so numb. She knew only one way to get rid of this feeling. She quietly looked through the cabnets until she found what she was looking for. Sitting on the toilet she broke the disposable razor. Nevaeh pulled out the two very shiney sharp blades that were stuck in there. Throwing the other useless items in the trash, she breathed in. Nothing else would help her besides this. She removed the sweat band that accompanied her wrist and placed one of the razors in its place. All of a sudden a knock came to the door and her head shot up.

" Nevaeh, you okay in there?"

It was Pete, most likely coming to check on her. She breahed in a shakey breath. What would she say? 'Yeah im okay, just about to cut myself if you dont mine. Please leave me alone.'

" Uh, yeah im fine. Just washing my face."
" Alright."

Then it all happened. She dragged the razor down her wrist, a tear falling down her cheek. Her heart was breaking and no one even knew it. A couple of minutes later there was another knock at the door.

" Nevaeh, are you sure you okay?"
" Yeah, im changing now."
" Alright, just come out when your done/"
" Mkay."

She quickly threw the itesm in the trash and got dressed. Nevaeh cleaned off her face and covered her wrist again. She walked out and jumped up on the bunk. They just sat there for a moment.

" Talk."
" About what?"
" What happened tonight."
" I got into it with Betty. Ugh, she is going on tour and I hate it."
" Are her and Frank dating?"
" I have no idea."

Pete sighed and gave her a quick hug. He felt bad for her.

" I'll be right back, I have to pee."
" Mkay."

Nevaeh picked up his Ipod and scrolled through his recent videos. She noticed one called Her. She wondered what it was and decided to play it. Puttin in the earbuds she pressed play.
It was her, he had recorded her on his phone today and rensferred it onto his ipod. Nevaeh smiled and decided to listen to some songs.
Pete came out of his bathroom and stormed over to his bunk where Nevaeh was. She took out the earbuds and placed the ipod down.

" What is it Pete?"

He didnt say anything, just simply threw the broked dispoable razor at her.

" What the fuck is this shit HUH?"

She just sat there, she didnt even know what to say. Instead of anything being said from her, she just cried. Pete jumped on the nunk with her. He began to look for the wounds that she had given herself, finally removing the wrist band to see the damage. He looked it over, seeing many cuts and scratches there. Pete didnt want her to do this, it wasnt healthy, just like him taking Ativan. Not good for his body. Nevaeh sat there ashamed of herself. She didnt want Pete or anyone else to see it. She jumped when Pete ran his fingers over the wounds as he looked at her. He wanted to cry for her, to take away her pain and kill Betty. He did the only thing he thought of, he brought her wrist to his face and gently kissed the wounds.
Nevaehs crying beame heavier as he did this. No one had ever done that, ever before and it touched her deep into her aching soul. Nevaehs crying slowly came to a halt. Pete rubbed over the wounds gently as he looked her in the face. At that moment she looked so fragile.

" Nevaeh talk to me doll."
" Im sorry Pete."
" Just dont, please Nevaeh dont."
" I- I cant help it."
" Just dont okay. Dont do this to yourself."
" Its an old habit is all. I thought about when the last time it was that I felt this way and what I did to make it go away."
" Let me do something."
" What?"
" Let me take you out."

She looked at him and snorted.

" What do you mean ' take me out?'"
" I mean take your mind off of this."

She just looked at him for a minute. Like a date? Did he want to take her on a date, or was it just to make her feel better?

" I dont know Pete, I mean-"
" Please, it will be fun, I promise you. Trust me."

Nevaeh looked at him once again and he gave her those puppy dog eyes. How could you say no to that?

" Alright Pete, just dont tell anyone about this okay?"

He replaced the band on her wrist.

" I wont if you promise not to do it again."
" I promise. Thank you so much Pete."
" Dont mention it girl. Now, lets get some sleep okay?"
" Alright."

Pete began to get off the bunk when Nevaeh stopped him, grabbing his shoulder.

" Please, just dont..dont leave me alone."

He jumped back on the top bunk laying beside her. She snuggled her face against his chest as he put his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. What happened between her and Frank for her to have such a serious and scary breakdown.

" You know, by the time this tour is over I will have great calf muscles."
" Why do you say that?"
" Because of all this damn jumping im doing from the floor to my bunk. And I thought soccor was bad."

Nevaeh laughed and put her head back against his chest and fell asleep.


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