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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

When Nevaeh woke up, she felt as if someone had taken a meat grinder to her wrist. After a while she opened her eyes and remembered what had happened lastnight. She also noticed the bus had stopped at its next location. Rolling over, Nevaeh saw Pete sleeping. His eyes shut, his hair ruffled and his mouth slightly open. He looked so adorable and peaceful. She smiled to herself as she got a idea. Nevaeh reached out and gently tickled his nose. A hand reached up and scratched his nose. Nevaeh giggles quietly and did it again. This time, Petes hand smacked him in the face and she couldnt help it, she laughed so loud she woke up Pete.
He looked at her with his sleepy eyes.

" Whats so funny?"
" Nothing."
" Then why are you laughing?"
" I dont know?"
" Liar. Is there something on my face? Did I far in my sleep?"

She laughed again as he jumped down, running to the bathroom, causing Joe to open the curtains of his bunk.

" Whats going on?"
" I caused Pete to smack his face. Not once, but TWICE!"

Pete came walking out and ruffled Joes hair.

" Good morning star shine, the earth says hello."

Joe rolled his eyes and smacked Petes leg.

" Go hit yourself in the face some more."
" What? I havent hit myself."
" Yes you have, Nevaeh told me so."
" Is that what you were laughin at?"

Nevaeh just looked at him and smiled, jumping down from the bunk and giving Pete a hug. Patrick came walking to the back with a pancake.

" You cooked and didnt wake us?! Patty, our relationship is over!"
" Darling no!"
" Then bring me a pancake."
" Nevaeh would you like some?"
" No, I will just eat off of Pete's."
" Oh you will?"
" Mhm, I am Pete."
" Pft, sure ya will."
" No actually I need to get to my bus and talk to the girls."

Nevaeh gave the guys a hug, leaving Pete for last. Joe and Patrick left the two alone. Pete gave her a hug picking her up.

" Dont forget our date tonight."
" I wont, what time are you coming to pick me up?"
" About 8?"
" Souunds good to mee. How should I dress?"
" Nice, but not too dressy."
" Alright, then 8 it is. Thanks again Pete."
" Its not a problem. Now go and talk to the girls, I will definiatly see you later."

She walked out and began the search for her bus. She looked around and couldnt seem to find it. Finally she saw Tara and Gerard at a merch stand, making out. Nevaeh ran up to them and screamed, causing them to move apart and look at her.

" Tara, your cheating on me damnit!"
" Nae, where have you been? Frank has been lookin everywhere for you."
" Tara, we got into a fight lastnight."
" About what?"
" Betty and her bitch ass."
" Im sorry girl."
" Betty is shit Navaeh, I told Frank that. You know him though, he has to have a girlfriend to feel good about himself."
" I know Gerard, so I stayed with Pete lastnight. He asked me on a date tonight."
" What did you say?"
" Yes of course. Its tonight at 8. I need to look nice, but not too nice."
" We will work it out."
" Wheres the bus?'
" Um okay, its got a sign that talks about booties. Randall thought it was funny."
" Where is he? I havent seen him in forever."
" Promoting, always promoting. They want him to go out to LA and promot out there. Hes leaving tonight."
" Ah, that sucks. Well, im going to go take a shower and relax for alittle bit. I will see you guys later."
" Bye girl, I love you."
" Love you too. Oh yeah, its not nice to make out in public, OTHERS GET JEALOUS!"
"Pft, bite me girl."

Nevaeh laughed and walked off, leaving Gerard and Tara there to make out, once again. She finally found the bus, noticing it was right by MCR's. Nevaeh looked at the bus, longing to go and talk to Frank, to tell him she was sorry, to hug and kiss him and tell him how much she really loved her. But on the inside, she knew she couldnt, no she wouldnt, she wouldnt do all that to have Frank laugh at her and finally realize that she really was jealous of Betty. After awhile she realized she was staring at the bus and that her face was wet from her tears. All of a sudden, Frank came walking out of the bus, his neck full of hickys. Nevaeh felt like she wanted to gag and throw up, but there was also that little twing of jealously in the pit of her stomach. Frank noticed her and she turned around to walk off into the bus.

" Nevaeh wait."
" What Frank, im busy."
" Where were you lastnight? I was worried sick about you. I kept calling you phone and it just rang and rang. Why didnt you pick up?"
" Because it was on silent and I didnt have the vibration on. What do you want?"

Frank put his head down.

" Look, im sorry alright. Were best friends and we dont need to be acting like this. Its wrong alright. I love you like a sister and I dont want to see you hurt and I dont want to fight with you."

So thats all he saw her as, a sister. Something to follow him around and bug the piss out of him. Hmm, how nice.

" Well, alright whatever. This still doesnt mean that I forgive you. Im going to go lay down and then take a shower. I have a date tonight."

His head shot up quickly and looked her in the eye. She saw something then, some type of emotion that she couldnt put her finger on. Something she had never seen before. Could that be a hint of jealously? Was Frank jealous that she had a date tonight?

" Oh..with who?"
" Pete."
" With Pete? Pete Wentz? Really?"
" Yes, tonight at 8. Why?"
" N-no reason just wondering was all."
" Ah, well Im going to go lay down, I want a nap before I start getting ready."
" Is that where you were lastnight?"
" If you must know yes, I stayed with Pete lasntight because I was so upset. He didnt want me leaving."
" Where did you sleep?"
" In his bunk."
" Where did he sleep?"
" In his bunk."
" You guys slept together?"
" No, we were seperated the whole time in his little ass bunk. Of course Frank, we slept in the same bunk."
" Oh..Well uhh, im going to go okay? I will see you later."
" Yeah, alright Frank. But dont think that things arent going to be said. I still wanna talk about this."
" Bye."

With that, she saw him walk off with his head down. She felt kinda bad about everything that just happened. Nevaeh didnt want to hurt Frank and she knew that Frank didnt want to hurt her. She walked inside the bus to see no one. She realzied that no on e was there. She figured everyone was out having fun, which was alright with her, it gave her peace and quiet to rest and get caught up on her sleep. She say down on her bed and thought about lastnight. She realized that lastnight, when she stayed with Pete that that was the best night sleep that she had ever had. She smiled lightly and layed on her bed getting ready to take her a nap. Nevaeh wanted to be refreshed for her date tongith. Right as her was going to sleep she felt her phone vibrate. She could of sworn she had turned it off to silent. She pulled out her sidekick and flipped it up, typing in her password to log into it. Ever since she heard about what happened to Pete awhile back, she didnt want anything like that to happen to her, so she decided to put a password on it. She looked at what made the phone vibrate and her jaw dropped. Dialing in the number she pressed speaker phone and layed down on her bed.

" You have 20 unheard messages. First unheard message: Hey Nevaeh its mommy, I was just calling to see how everything was going. Well call me back when you get this, I love you, bye."

She smiled lightly, her mother was always calling to check up on her. Nevaeh pressed the 7 to delete the message.

" Second unheard message: Nevaeh, its Frank, where are you? Im looking everywhere for you, please call me back im worried."

She rolled over and pressed 7.

" Third unheard message: Its Frank, why arent you awnsering you phone? Pick up and talk to me."

Nevaeh closed her sidekick, knowing that all the rest were Frank. She didnt want to hear it, hear him just constantly go im sorry, im sorry im sorry when she knew he wasnt. It wasnt her thing to listen to him bow and scrape. She set her alarm for 6:30, giving her plenty of time to get ready and look cute for Pete. Nevaeh liked Pete, infact Pete seemed like everything she wanted in a guy, but she just felt so strongly for Frank and didnt know what to do about it. Should she just let it go and give up or fight for her man? Feeling a light headach coming on , she layed down on her red silk pillow slowly falling asleep.


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