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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

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Here is chapter 16.

Chapter 16.

At 6:30 Nevaehs sidekick went off, meaning it was time for her date with Pete. In all honest, she was scared shitless. She walked out into the main part of the bus to see everyone there, except for Pete. Kayden was sitting in Mikeys lap, Betty in Franks, and Tara in Gerards. Betty looked up and gave Nevaeh a small smile and began to suck and nibble on Franks ear.

" Hey guys, whats up?"
" Watching Joe beat Bob."
" He isnt beating me Ray."
" Liar, I so am. Eat my dust baby!"
" You guys are crazy. Tara, do me a favor. Fix me a cup of tea."
" Alright. Hey dont you think you should start getting ready?"
" Ready for what?"
" Nevaeh has a date with Pete."
" No way!"
" What are you guys going to do?"
" I dont know, he wont tell me. But im going to grab a quick shower alright?"

She walked off hearing Betty ask everyone how she managed that. Nevaeh walked into the bathroom and turned on the cd player, pressing the play button. 30 Seconds To Mars came blaring through the speakers and she sang along to the kill. When she got out of the shower, she walked back into the living space.

" Anyone know how cold its going to be?"
" I heard alittle chilly."
" Thanks Bob. Tara, where is the iron?"
" Should be in the closet. If not, check my bunk."
" Alright, when my tea gets done will you please bring it to me?"
" No problem girlie."

Nevaeh looked at Frank, he still wouldnt even look at her and she noticed Betty wasnow gone. She looked around at the rest of the band and smiled. This was what she missed the most, the fun times, the times they were just together and laughed at everything.
Walking to the closet, Nevaeh look for the iron and found it. She walked back into her room and found her tightest pants. They were blue jeans that were faded and had holes everywhere in them. She ironed them and laided them on her bed. Walking to her closet she pulled out a black corset and a long sleeved button up top. Ironing the shirt, she put it on, pulling the blue jean pants on next. Finally she put on the corset as Tara walked in with her tea. Nevaeh turned around and smiled at Tara who just stood there with her mouth opened.

" What's wrong?! Is it ugly?! I knew it, im going to change."
" NO! Dont! Its not that, its look hot girl. Want me to tie it for you?"
" Please?"

Tara walked over to her and placed the tea down on the night stand. She tied up the sides of the corset tight. Nevaeh grabbed the tea and walked into the bathroom. She straighned her bands and spiked up the back of her hair. She did her make up next, doing it lightly. She did the shadow effect and added heavy eyeliner, causing the blue in her eyes to stick out. Nevaeh stepped back and looked at herself.

" I look horrible thats it, im not going."

Tara and Kayden stood in her way.

" Are you crazy?! You look hot!"
" Yeah Nae, come on! Listen to Tara!"
" Shes only saying that because she has too."
" Says who?!"
" Its a best friend rule."

Nevaeh looked at them, maybe they were right. She walked back into her room, sitting down on the bed. It was time for the shoe choice. Converse or ankle heels? She finally decided on the converse, not wanting to be taller then Pete. Slipping on the shoes, she looked at her sidekick, 8:05 p.m. Maybe Pete wasnt coming. She began to play with her lip ring nervously when there was a knock on the bus door. Nevaeh jumped up and shoved the sidekick in her back pocket quickly.

" Nevaeh, Petes here."

It was Tara. She couldnt do it, she couldnt walk out there. So instead, she stayed glued to her spot.

" Nevaeh McCoy, get your ass out here or I will drag you out here my damn self!"
" Coming!"

Nevaeh put her hand on the doorknob and turned slowly. Taking a deep breath in, she stepped out and walked into the living space. She noticed Betty was back and sitting in Franks lap once again. When the guys noticed her they all stood up, including Frank causing Betty to fall off his lap. Betty cursed under her breath and sat down on the couch. She looked at Frank whos jaw hit the floor. The rest of the guys were nodding their head with approval. Nevaeh met eyes with Pete and smiled lightly. He looked nice in his black button up shirt and tight blue jeans. His shit was unbuttoned a couple of button revealing the tattoo across his collar bone.

" So uh..Pete are you ready to go?"
" What? Oh yeah. Whenever you are."
" Im ready, bye guys dont wait up."
" Remember kids, there is no sex without safe sex."
" Oh yeah and no glove no love."
" Thanks Ray and Gerard, I will remember that."

With that, Pete opened the door and urshard Nevaeh out and towards the rental car. He opened the door and helped her inside, closing it once she was settled in. Pete walked to his side and sat down, starting the machine up.

" So, what are you taking me to do?"
" Well, I hope your hungry because first we are going to dinner."
" Oh awesome. Then what?"
" Then, I will have to show you when its time. I dont want to ruin everything!"
" Alright fine."

There was alittle silence before Pete spoke up.

" Hows the wrist?"
" Alittle tender, but other then that good. Im sorry to put you in that situation Pete, it wasnt fair of me."
" Dont say your sorry for something that I decided to help you with. Look Nevaeh, I understand about the things your going throguh, I did feel those things at one time or another in my life. I just want to know what it was about. You can trust me."

He reached out and grabbed her hand, entwining their fingers together. Nevaeh took a shakey breath in and exhaled it slowly.

" The night before graduation, Betty had confessed to Frank that she cheated the whole time. He was crushed and all around heartbroken. He came to my house crying and upset. Next think I know, we kissed. The next day at graduation, he promised to keep in touch, but that didnt happen. 5 years later and here we are, reunited. I figured we would pick up where we left off, but then Betty shows up. Shes a supermodel and im the girl who goes and gets the coffee."

Pete was silent for a moment. That was alot of shit that she just confessed to him and he was glad, itmade him understand her better. As they pulled up to the italian resturaunt he ran over and opened her door. Nevaeh took his hand and got out of the car. She was suprised when he never let go, but held onto it ightly. Walking into the restuarunt they sat down and ate having a nice conversation about everything in their lfes. When they got done they walked back to the car. Once again, Pete opened the door and helped her in. He got in and she ased him what next.

" Like movies?"
" Love them."
" Well, I have a suprise for you."

They drove to the local theatre and was suprised to see no one there. Once they pakred and got out of the car, they walked to the ticket booth.

" Two please?"
" Sure thing Mr. Wentz."
" Mr. Wentz? Whats going on?"
" Well, I figured I would buy out the theatre for the night. They have a love story movie marathan all night tonight."

She smiled, he did all this for her? Why couldnt Frank be like this? Frank. The name echoed in her head. He probably was like this, just would never be with her. Pete gently took her hand and lead her into the theatre. They got their concessions and took their seats. To her, the best love stories were being played: An Affair to Remember, Casablanca, Love Story, The Philidalphia Story and Roman Holiday. Of course, all older movies, but classics.
About 10 hours later and 5 tubs of popcorn, they walked out to see the sun rising. Nevaeh pulled out her sidekick and looked at the time, 7 a.m. Her and Pete walked back to the car, hand in hand and got in. He started the car and pulled out of he parking lot. He was the first to speak.

" Well, did you enjoy yourself?"
" I really did Pete. Thank you so much."
" Well, im hungry for real food. Want to stop for breakfast?"
" I would like that alot Pete."

She reached out and grabbed his hand, holding it lightly. They pulled into IHOP and walked in. Once they got a table they were greeted by a waitress.

" Welcome to IHOP what can I OH MY GOD YOUR PETE WENTZ AND NEVAEH MCCOY! I love you guys! Im getting off work today to see you guys at Warped."
" Thanks so much. Whats your name?"
" Melanie Miss McCoy."
" Call me Nevaeh."
" Alright, so what can I get you guys?"
" Just get me some waffles and a black coffee."
" Alright, you Mr. Wentz?"
" Call me Pete and I will have the same."
" Alright, so are you guys like dating?"

Nevaeh looked at Pete and gave a small chuckle. What the hell were they going to say?Nevaeh decided to say nothing, instead she left it to Pete.

" Well, this is out first date and I really dont know if she wants me. But were not dating yet."

'Yet.' Nevaeh caught onto that little part, they werent dating yet. Melanie smiled and walked off leaving Pete and Nevaeh to discuss the movies. When Melanie came back, she brought their orders and asked for their autographs. Happily obliging, Pete and Nevaeh signed a napkin and gave it to her. Once they finished their food, they paid and left, heading back to the buses. Once they got back, Pete walked Nevaehto her bus, not really saying anyting. When they got there Nevaeh gave Pete a long hug. When they pulled apart he brushed a peice of her hair out of her face.

" I had fun."
" Me too."
" Well, this is your stop."
" Yeah."
" Get some rest, you have to put on a kick ass show."

She smiledand gave him another hug, only this time when they pulled apart, they looked at each other in the eyes. Pete slowly lowered his head and Nevaeh closed her eyes as she felt his soft lips on hers. After awhile they pulled apart and smiled.

" I better go."
" Yeah, tell the girls I said hey."
" I will, night Pete."
" Night Nevaeh."

With that he walked off and she walked inside the bus, not knowing they had been watched the whole time.

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