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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17.

When she walked in the bus, she was suprised to see some of the girls already up. Alexandra looked at her and smiled.

" Are you just now getting home?"
" No..I went out for a walk."
" Liar!"

It was Tara, she came running from the back and tackled Nevaeh on the couch.

" Spill, you were out all night with Pete. Was there kissing, hugging, HOT SEX?!"
" Tara! Your being ridiculous!"
" No, no! Im not being ridiculous, its the truth. You left yesterday and havent been back since. Now, what happened?"
" Well, we wnet to dinner last night and then he took us to a love story marathan. He rented out the whole theatre. We watched 5 of the best love stories. Then he took up to breakfast. It was nice."
" Thats sweet. Did you guys kiss?"
" If you must know...yes we did."
" Aw and how was it?!"
" It was..great. He has extremely soft lips."

Tara got off of her and gave her a hug.

" Im so proud of you! You let him go to first base! Thats my girl."
" Tara, shut up. It wasnt even like that. It was just one of those ' I had a very nice evening' kisses"

All of a sudden her back pocket began to vibrate. She leaned over and pulled out her sidekick. She recieved a text message from someone, she didnt recognize the number. Nevaeh flipped open her sidekick and recieved the message. It read:

I really had fun lasntight, we should do it again sometime. Have a kick ass shoe doll.
Love Pete
P.S. I got your number from Audrey

Nevaeh smiled and showed the message to Tara.

" Damn girl, hes a keeper."
" Hows Frank?"

Tara groaned and hit her with a pillow.

" Why do you always have to bring up Frank!? I personally think he is miserable! Betty is playing him good. Everytime he asks someone about you, she just screams at him. Then he puts his head down like a little boy who just got into trouble. Its ridiculous! She has him so whipped. Alot of times I feel like he is moping around."

Nevaeh sighed, this wasnt good. Frank was just going to get himself hurt yet again and it was going to be all her fault. She should just tell him how she felt, but she couldnt. Nevaeh couldnt compete with Betty, there was no way. Nevaeh got up and walked to her room and layed on the bed.

" Tara, what time is the show?"
" You got about 8 hours if you wanna lay down I will get you up an hour before the FOB show."
" Alright, thanks girl."
" No problem."

Nevaeh shut the door and took off her shoes, flopping on the bed. She put her head on her pillow, thinking about everything that happened in the past couple of days. She fell asleep to the thoughts of Pete...and Frank. Nevaeh woke up suddenly to Tara's knockin and voice from the other side of the door.

" Nevaeh are you up yet damnit!? You tell me to get you up and you sleep! PSH what kinda friend are you?!"
" Yeah yeah yeah, im up."
" This is what happens when your punk ass stays up all night with a boy!"
" Pft, is that all?! What happens when I have sex mommy?! BYE NOW!"

Tara walked away rolling her eyes and saying something about little kids and herpies. Nevaeh sat up and rubbed her eyes. She just had the weirdest dream ever. It started out with her and Pete on their date lastnight. Everything was okay until Frank showed up. Frank stook there, speechless almost as if he was hurt. All she could do was just sit there. Then Pete and Frank were standing next to each other, almost as if she had to choose. She really liked them both, Frank was sweet and funny, and who she really loved but yet couldnt have. Pete on the other had liked her and was single. Of course he was funny and sweet as well, but he didnt see her as his little sister. Pete was going to have to be her Frank because she was beginning to fall for him. Fall hard and fast. She got up had a quick shower. Nevaeh got dressed in a black and red pleaded skirt with skull buttons. She pulled out a red corset with curled ribbons the side that hung down to her knees. Pulling on some red fishnets she put on her knee high boots and walked out into the living space. Nevaeh noticed the girls, plus Pete. He had his bands streaked red and had on thin black eyeliner. He wore a red Clandestine hoodies with a white muslce shirt underneath it. He also wore tight blue jeans that had holes in them...they kinda looked like hers..wait a minute...

" Pete, are those my pants?"

He gave her his million dollar smile.

" Why of course not Nevaeh! I just happen to have the exact same pair of pants as you!"
" You dork brain give them back to me!"
" No, they look better on me! They push up my butt!"
" Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III give me back my pants or im going to.."
" Your going to what?! Say my name like that again? If so, then let me keep them on. It sounds so good rolling off your lips."

Nevaeh then began to run after him as he ran out of the bus. Next thing she knows they are on the MCR bus. Pete jumping on Mikeys lap.

" Mikey, help me! Shes going to kill me!"
" And why would she want to do that?"
" Because he is wearing my pants! My FAVORITE pants!"
" They look so good on me though!!!! Let me wear them pleaseeee?"

He gave her those damn trademark puppt dog eyes, pleading for her to let him wear her damn pants. She huffed and stomped her foot.

" Fine Wentz, but you owe me big time."
" Thanks doll. Shit son, look at the time, I gotta go. Walk with me?"

Pete got up and held out his hand for her. At that moment Frank came walking out in tight black pants and no shirt, smoking a cigarette. There eyes met and she gave him a small smile. His lips tweaked up and he lowered his head. Nevaeh grabbed Petes hand and she led him out of the MCR bus.Once they got out onto the pavement he put his arm around her shoulders, her hand still in his. She smiled at him and he kissed her neck gently. All of a sudden, they heard a crowed begin to call their names and ask them questions.

" Pete, is this your new girlfriend?"
" How long have you guys been dating?"
" Nevaeh do you want to marry Pete now?"
" Pete, Nevaeh, its me, Melanie!"

Nevaeh and Pete both looked over to the girl. It was Melanie, althought she was still in her work clothes, she lost the IHOP apron. Pete told the security guards to let her through. Melanie came running over.

" Oh my god thank you so much Pete."
" Hey, its not a problem. You can stay backstage while we preform. Would you like that?"
" Oh hell yes!"

They all walked to the stage and just in time for Pete to run on stage, doing a cart wheel. If you asked anyone, they would say that Fall Out Boy puts on a better show everytime you see them. At the end of their set, Patrick stepped up to the mic.

" This next band will rock your world. They are the first ever all female band on Warped. Give a huge welcome to Vengece is Over-Rated."

The girls ran out on stage as Pete gave his guitar to Any. Pete grabbed his mic and waved his free hand.

" Wait wait wait. See this girl right here? Her names Nevaeh McCoy and she is the lead singer of Vengece is Over-Rated. Is she not the hottest female you have ever seen?"
" Pete!"

Nevaeh playfully hit Pete as the crowd screamed, making her blush.

" Well, Nevaeh, Im asking you infront of everyone. Will you be my TinkerBell? The one who makes my fragile heart beat like thumpers foot?"

Nevaeh stood there speechless. Was Pete asking her to be with him infront of THOUSANDS of people? She heard everyone scream 'do it do it do it!' She smiled and nodded, jumping on him and kssing his lips hard. What was she getting herself into? How could she do this to Pete when she loved Frank? Maybe she could learn to love Pete...just maybe.
Hmm...alright I will :)

Pete gave her one last kiss and ran off the stage. The girls put on one hell of a show causing major mosh pits and crowd surfing. They ran off the stage, giving MCR hugs on the way out. Frank lightly grabbed Nevaeh and kissed her cheek. She stood there backstage, shocked. Did Frank just kiss her cheek? She looked around and saw Betty, flirting with some soundguy. Nevaeh just shook her head and walked back to her bus, deciding to lay down because a light pounding was starting to begin in her head.
Later she woke up to feel something heavy against her waist. She looked at what it was and saw a tattooed arm. Nevaeh smiled to herself and rolled over, looking at Petes sleeping form. He was cute, his mouth hung slightly open and drool coming out of his mouth. Okay, take out the drool and then you would have cute. She watched him sleep for awhile before he began to stir, waking up and smiling at her.

" What are you smiling at hmm?"
" I could get use to this."
" Use to what?"
" Use to waking up to you everyday in my arms."
" Your silly you know that?"
" Yeah, but thats why you want me. Oh Gerard wants up to go to their bus for a get together."
" Alright, well lets go!"
" No, comfy."
" Pete, get up or im going to leave you."
" Dont leave me..I will take your pants."
" No you wont!."
" Fine, GOD!"

Nevaeh laughed and dragged Pete out of bed and over to the MCR bus. Once they got in everyone from all three bands where there. Some playing xbox, some playing cards, and some playing drinking games. Pete and Nevaeh split up, him going to the xbox and her playing cards. They had just gotten done with their game of canasta when Nevaeh joined in. They played for about 30 mintes when her sidekick went off. She flipped it up to reveal a number she did not recognize.

" Hello?"
" Is this Miss Nevaeh Marie McCoy?"
" Yes it is. May I ask whos calling please?"
" Yes ma'am. This is the State Police here in New Jersey. Im sorry to say but their has been an accident."

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