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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Nevaeh dropped the phone, closing her eyes and shaking her head. No, not again, no accident. Her mom is okay, alive, well, going to come to her next show infact. Frank looked at her and put a hand on her shoulders.

" Nevaeh, whats wrong?"
" Theres been an accident Frank."
" What? With who?"
" The only person that I have left."
" Your mom?"
" Shes the only one I have."

Frank picked up the phone and looked at her recieved calls. Finding the number he called them back.

" Hello? I need to find out if a person has had an accident. Yes ma' ma'am her daughter is right here..Nevaeh McCoy...Lisa she alright?..Alright...yes.. thank you I will."

Frank hung up the phone and sat beside Nevaeh. He gripped her hand and lowered his head.

" Nevaeh, im so sorry."
" Your mom was driving home from work when she was hit by a drunk driver."
" No Frank, your lieing."
" She died instantly they said. Im so sorry Nevaeh, I wish I was lieing but im not."

Nevaeh collapsed on the floor in tears. How could this happen? Everything was going so well in her life and now this. Pete looked over and saw Nevaeh on the floo. Rushing over to her, he pulled her into his lap, causing Frank to back away.

" Baby, whats wrong?"

She couldnt even say anything, the only thing she could do was cry. Pete began to rock them back and forth, whispering sweet and tendor words into her ear trying his hardest to calm her down. Frank got up and told Tara what had happened when Betty came stumbling into the bus. She looked at Neavaeh and Pete and she began to laugh.

" Aw, poor little Nevaeh. Whats wrong dear? Someone break your poor little heart?"

Frank stepped infront of Betty and held onto her as she almost fell over.

" Betty your drunk. Just go back to my bunk and go to bed. I'll be there in a minute okay?"
" Im fine baby, just fine. Whats wrong with poor little Nevaeh?"
" Her mother just passed."
" Oh how?"
" A drunk driver, now go lay down."
" Isnt that how your father died? Oh no, wait, he was the drunk."

Tara stepped up to Betty and pushed her back.

" You know what? Betty, im getting tired of you and your mouth."
" Oh what are you going to do huh? Fight her battles for her?"
" Yeah, I am. Thats what best friends, sisters, family are for."
" Go choke on Gerards dick Tara alright and get out of my face."

Next thing everyone knows, Tara punches Betty square in her face causing her to fall to the ground, cluching her nose and screaming.


It was Nevaeh, she pushed Pete and everyone out of her way and ran. She just ran. Pete began to go after her when Bob held him back.

" She has to deal with this herself."
" I just wanna be there for her Bob."
" I know, but right now she hates the world. She feels as if the world has left her for death and abandonded her."

Pete sighed and collapsed on the couch.

" What do I do?"
" Wait."
" For what?"
" For her to come to you. She will when she is ready, I promise."
" I need air. Frank come with me pleease?"
" Alright. Betty, go lay the fuck down now."
" Mkay baby, I love you."
" Yeah."

With that, Frank and Tara walked outside, Frank litting up a cigarette and breathing the smoke in.

" Frank, you have to go after her please."
" You heard Bob, lets just wait."
" No Frank, no. If you thought she took it bad when her dad died, how the hell do you think shes going to take it with her moms death?"

Frank sighed and blew out the smoke, rubbing his head. She was right, he needed to find Nevaeh and he needed to find her fast.

" Alright. Tell them that I went for a walk nd I will be back later."
" Thanks Frank."
" What are friends, family for right?"

Tara gave him a quick hug and walked back inside. Frank had no idea where to start, where to even begin. He decided to go to the girls bus first. Frank took off towards the bus, running as fast as his smoker lungs would let him. Once he got inside he looked around for her.

" Nevaeh! Nevaeh are you here?!"

Silence. He ran back to her room and searched again. Nothing. He noticed some bags gone and a note on her bed.

Im sorry, but I have to deal with this on my own. There are some things in my life that I can only take so much of, and this is one of those things. I have no one, no family left to be by side in my times of need and termoil. What am I to do? I will be alright, just need time to myself. Tell Pete I feel a close relationship with him, and that I will be back. Im not asking him to wait for me,because hes such a great person, he doesnt need to wait. Frank, you touched me deeply, more then you can ever possibly know. I helped you through so much in your life, but now, you cant help me. Tara, I love you like a sister and you know that, but this has to be done..I cant live like this.
Forgive me.
Nevaeh Marie McCoy

Frank sat on the bed and cried. For once in his life, he cried for someone else, he cried for her. He cried for her pain and that was enough to break him. Frank knew where she was, or atleast where she was on her way too. He shoved the letter into his pocket and ran back out the door, catching the closest taxi he could. He arrived at the airport an hr later, running in and to the reception desk.

" I need a ticked to New Jersey please."
" Alright sir, the last plane just left 30 minutes ago, but theres another one in 45 minutes. Will this be cash or charge?"
" Charge."
" Alright, I need your card and a picture id please."

Frank hurridly gave over the items waiting for his ticket. Once he got it he ran to the terminal and sat down, waiting inpaitently for his plane. While he waited he called Nevaeh, only getting her voicemail.

" All boarding for the flight to New Jersey, all boarding."

Frank ran over and gave her the ticket, running on the plane. He realized he had the most excersize tonight, then in awhile. He was going to have to thank Nevaeh for it too. Once on the flight he layed back and slept, praying she was alright.
Frank was awoken suddenly by a stewardess.

" Excuse me sir, but were here in New Jersey."
" Oh um, thank you."
" No problem sir, thank you for using American Airlines, please fly again."

Frank walked out and cought a cab to the only place he thougt Nevaeh would go, her mothers house. Once he got there he noticed no lights were on in the house, well as he could see there was none. Placing his hand on the door, he tried the knob, locked. He only knew one more thing to try, the extra key that was placed above the door. Grabbing a milk crate, he stepped up, reaching for the extra key, praying it to be there. Finally he found what he was looking for, a little black box about the six of matches. Frank pulled out the extra key and gently slid it into the door. He walked in, noticing a bag thrown down on the floor by the couch. As Frank walked in the back, he noticed picture frames where broken, busted as if someone had punched them. Not only where the busted but there was little specks of blood on them.

" Nevaeh...Nevaeh are you here?"

He opened the door to Mrs. Lisa's room and stepped in. There was Nevaeh, huddled in the corner of a candle lit room, crying. Her hands dripping blood. Frank ran over to her quickly, grabbing her and pulling her up. She looked as if she was lost in a daze of hurt and pain. Tear stains were visible on her cheek and her blue eyes were now a very dark blue. He cupped her face and pushed it to him, making her look at him.

" Frank? Frank did you get here?"
" I figured this is where you would go.."
" I cant do it Frank..I need her.."
" I know baby, I know. Here, lets get your hands cleaned up."

Frank began to lead her to the bathroom when he noticed there was no electricity. He sat her on the toilet and grabbed a couple of candles, taking them into the bathroom and setting them on the sink. Searching around for the first aid kit, he grabbed some gawz and cleaner.

"This is going to sting doll."
" I wont feel it."

He sighed and poured the cleaner on her hand, watching her just sit there, lifeless. He then wrapped her hands up in the gaws. Sitting on the edge of the toilet he watched her. Nevaeh was something that he never ever thought he would see. Dead. She was dead to the world, to the emotions, to the fears, and to the cares. She got up and walked to her mothers bed, laying down on it. Frank followed and sat on the end of the bed.

"Hold me Frank..please?"
" Alright."

He got up behind her and pulled her close, laying his head on the same pillow as her, letting his hand rest on her hip. The next thing he heard was her soft sobs. He began to gently rub her stomach and sing lightly to her. She soon fell asleep, and him shortly after.

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