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Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

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Okay you guys, I finally had a chance to put up chater 19.
I love all the reviews that I am getting.
To hear that my story makes you cry or touches you makes me feel so good.
Well here it is.

Chapter 19

Nevaeh woke up the next morning craddled against something hard. She openened her eyes to see a scorpion tattooed neck infront of her face. Thinking back to lastnight she remembered it was Frank. Nevaeh got up and walked into the bathroom to see cleaner and gaus. Noticing her hands she sat down on the toilet and began to weap silently.

" Its okay Nevaeh, were all here for here for you. You have to be strong for your whole family. While we are going to be strong for you. You dont have to go through this alone babe, just...let us help you."

She looked up and saw Frank leaning on the door frame. Nevaeh never even noticed he was shirtless when she got up. His black hair mesed up over the bleach blonde. He looked....beautiful.

" I know Frank, I know. It's just no one understands and its just so hard. I haev no one in my life."
" You do, you have the guys and me, the girls and you have...Pete."

Nevaeh got up and walked infront of Frank and patted his chest.

" I understand Frank."
" Then please, dont hurt yourself. Don't do anything stupid or crazy. Please, you cant leave me. Your my bestest friend."

Frank then pulled Nevaeh into a tight embrace. She slowly put her arms around him, enjoyin the feel of his skin on hers.

" I promise Frank, I promise."
" Thanks Nevaeh. I love you."

Nevaehs eyes shot open,' did he just say he lovs me? What do I say?'

" Yeah, I love you too Frankie."

With that he leaned down and kissed her cheek. When Frank pulled his face away, their cheeks caressed and they looking into each others eyes. Before she knew it, Franks lips came crashing down on hers. Frank tasted good, like cigarettes and orange juice. His phone went off, making them pull apart breathless. They just looked at each other.

" Are you going to awnser that?"
" Yes."

He flipped it open and put it on speaker phone.

" Hello?"
" Frank, please tell me you found her."
" I did Tara."
" Is she okay?"
" Yeah, besides some cut up hands."
" OH MY GOD! What happened?!"
" She just punched some picture frames, but shes fine."
" Let me talk to her."
" Tara?"
" Oh my god, Nevaeh sweetie are you okay? I was so worried about you. Everyone was. Pete hasnt slept since you left, he refuses."
" Tell him to sleep okay, I will be back soon alright?"
" I will, but how are you sweetie?"
" Im fine."
" Are you sure?"
" Yeah, im alright."
" Alright, well we will see you when ya get here."
" Mkay."
" Love you."
" Love you too."

With that Frankie hung up the phone. They just kinda looked at each other for a minute before she walked back into the bedroom, picking up her stuff and shoving it into a bag.

" Well, we better be leavin. Gont want everyone to wait now do we?"
" No, I guess not."

Frank helped her with her bags and took a taxi to the airport. While they were there, girls and guys recognized them both, stopping them for autographs and pictures.

" Nevaeh, are you not with Pete anymore?"
" No, I still am. Franks my best friend is all."
" Oh, thats cool. Well, best luck to you guys."
" Thanks doll."

With that being said the group of people left, leaving Frank and Nevaeh alone to wait for their plane. Nothing much was said between them, seeing as how it was so weird and akward for them. He kissed her and it felt great. But she was with Pete and he was with Betty. Pete was a great guy, and treated her great. That was the thing that she loved about him. They were finally able to get on the plane and fly back Delewaire for the rest of the show. They both fell asleep on the plan, waking up just in time to land. They walked off the plane and Nevaeh decided to call Pete and tell him she was back and alright. She fished around in her messenger bag and pulled out her sidekick. She wasnt really sure to either text him, or call him. Which would be better? Nevaeh figured he would want to hear her voice. Finding his number she fialed it and waited for him to pick up.

" Hello, Peter Pan speaking."
" Pete, its me, Nevaeh."
" Oh my god, where are you?! Are you okay?! I waited for you, im so sorry."
" Im okay Pete, and we just flew in form New Jersey. Thanks for waiting for me, you really didnt have too."
" Yes I did. Do you want us to come pick you up?"
" Yeah, that would be nice."
" How are you feeling? Any better?"
" Yeah, im feeling alittle better I guess."
" You didnt hurt yourself right?"
" I accidently cut my hands on some picture frames."
" How did that happen?"
" I hit some pictures."
" Baby.."
" Yeah I know Pete, im sorry alright."

Frank stopped her with his hand, giving her this look.

" Is he bitching at you?"

Nevaeh patted his hand away and shook her head no.

" Are you guys at the airport?"
" Yeah, you guys coming?"
" Yeah, we are going to get the van and head out there alright?"
" Alright we will be outside waiting alright?"
" Kay, on our way."

She hung up with him and sat down, putting her phone back in her back.Frank sat down beside her and put an arm over her shoulder.

" Im sorry about what happened earlier."
" Its okay."
" No its not. I took advantage of you I feel...."
" Dont say it. Dont say you feel bad about what happened because im not.Frank, there are so many feelings that I feel for you and it scares me. I know you fee me as your little sister, but I love you. I dont love you like a brother, but like a women love a man. I could see us getting married and having kids. Kids who look like you and have my eyes or kids that look like me and have your eyes. Everything thats happened, has to of happened for a reason dont you think? Me and the girls getting signed, us getting on warped, me finally getting to see you again. Dont you think that it could be fate?"

Frank honestly didnt know what to say, he was in shock. She..she loved him? Did Nevaeh just confess her ever dying love for him? He was in a tight bind...he loved Betty..and Nevaeh. He didnt know who to choose. He sighed and stood up, moving away from her.

" I..I cant do this Nevaeh, I just cant."
" Frank..where are you going?"
" I have to have time to really think about everything...about what you just told me and how I should act."
" But Frank.."
" No Nevaeh, just leave me alone."

With that being said Frank walked off with his head down. Nevaeh just sat there and cried her eyes out, she was in pain. Her mother dying, confessing her loev for Frank, and now Frank abandoning her came rushing in on her. Her eyes began to burn from the massive tears she poured out. Nevaeh didnt know how long she had been crying, but figured awhile when she felt two strong arms wrap around her tightly. Nevaeh looked back and saw Pete. He looked like utter shit, huge circles under his eyes from what looks like the lack of sleep and maybe crying, his 5 oclock shadow very visible and his hair a mess. He smiled lightly at her and gave her a small kiss on her neck. She just wrapped her arms around him and let it all out.

" Shhh, shh baby, its okay, I promise. Everything, is going to be okay. Come on, you need a hot bath and a good nights sleep."

She didnt even say anything, but let Pete pull her up and lead her towards the van. Nevaeh saw Tara in the driver seat and she jumped out and almost tackled her.

" Oh my god, I love you so much. Dont ever leave me like that again sis! How are you? Wheres Frank, wasnt he with you?"
" Yeah, I dont want to talk about it alright?"
" You okay?"
" No, I will tell you later."
" Come on girls, lets go."
" Okay."

They got in the van, Tara in the front driving and Pete and Nevaeh in the back. Pete layed down the best he could and layed Nevaeh down on him. She snuggled into his chest and shut her eyes, falling into a light sleep. She was soon awoken by Pete gently shaking her.

" Babe, come on. Get up alright?"
" 5 More minutes."
" Alright, get up and come inside the bus, we will lay down okay and sleep."
" Mmm."

Pete got out and picked Nevaeh up bridal style, taking her into the bus. He walked back into her area, not noticing all the stares that they got from everyone else. Laying Nevaeh down on her bed he layed beside her, brushing the hair lightly out of her face and kissing her nose before falling down to sleep for himself.
When she woke up, she woke up alone and cold. Nevaeh kicked off the light blanket that she guessed Pete had thrown over her. Pete. She smiled lightly to herself and closed her eyes once again. She was about to drift off to sleep until she heard everyone in the living area. She figured she would make some kind of appereance and stepped to the door. Turning the knob she walked out right as Frank was walking in, with Betty behind him. Nevaeh felt like gagging, after EVERYTHING that had happened, the bitch was still there. Nevaeh found Pete and smiled. He looked alot better now that he finally got some sleep. He had finally shaved and fixed his hair, the circles under his eyes gone. He got up and kissed her lightly on her lips, pulling her to sit in his lap.

" I have some great news you guys."
" What is it Frank?"
" Me and Betty are getting married."

I did it again, left ya hanging.
Sorry it took me so long to write, but I have had so many essays to do I just have been completely swamped.
Sorry it was a kind of short chapter.
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