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Chapter 20

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Nevaeh McCoy went to school with him, but when he knew her she was extremely geeky. What will happen now that she is in a band and rising to fame? Will he remember her, or will they have to start a...

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Chapter 20

Nevaeh felt as if she wanted to faint, or atleast vomit. She was slowly dying on the inside, she felt numb, extremely numb. Everyone cheered and laughed for them, screaming their congragulations and such. Nevaeh put on a fake smile and walked to Frank, giving him a hug.

" Congrats man, im really happy for you. I wish you guys only the best of the best"
" Thanks Nae. Now, how about we all go out tonight and"

Everyone cheered again. Nevaeh didnt really feel like going out, but instead felt like writting a new song. She had so many emotions that just needed to be released, and they were going to be released in a safe way, through her words and vocals. Pete gently grabbed her waist and kissed her neck.

" Are you going to go tonight?"
" Eh, I dunno. I kinda wanna just stay in ya know, relax."
" I know doll, but come on its nice! I mean, Franks getting married and its a time to celebrate. Please come out with me?"

He did it, he gave her those damn puppy dog eyes. She smiled and gave him a hug.

" Alright, I will. Only because you did it!"
" Did what?!"
" Did those damn puppy dog eyes on me, dont play stupid."
" Im not a puppy!"
" How did I get mixed up with your cccrrraaazzzyyyy self Pete?!"
" You wanted to be my tinkerbell."
" Eh, I suppose so. Only because I thought I was going to get one of those cute little outfits but once again I get screwed out of something."

Pete laughed and shook his head.

" How did I get mixed up with YOUR frazy self!?"
" Frazy?"
" Yeah, fucking crazy."
" Oh, well thats easy. Because you wanted to see my naked."
" WHAT?!"
" Kidding, because I wanted you to be my Peter pan who wears green tights..but you dont have those either."
" Damn, our relationship sucks ass."
" Pft, your telling me."

Pete kissed Nevaeh quickly and stood ontop of the sofa.

" Alright you crazy kiddies! Where are we going?!"
" The Wildfire."
" Ooooo sounds sexy, I like it. Lets go."

Everyone piled into their own cars, some pairing and then some deciding to take cabs incase everyone was too drunk to take them home. Nevaeh sat in the back of Taras car. She felt so fake at that moment, at that one horrific time in her life she was a faker. Fake in the way of the smile that was on her face when all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry crimson tears. To get all the love that she had for Frank out of her body, her soul, and mostly her heart. She was like a rose, slowly dieing from the inside out, soon her petals would be gone and she could hide herself from no one, not even Pete. Pete...his poor fragile heart. What was she going to do? If she told Pete her true feelings for Frank, he would flip out and not want to be with her. Then, she would be alone in her dark twisted world that she was slowly inhabiting. Nevaeh leaned her head on Pete and smiled at him. He looked down at her and genlty kissed her forehead, wrapping a protective arm around her waist. When they arrived to the club, they just walked in. Awesome part about being a rock star or atleast knowing them, VIP baby!!! As they walked in the girls began to swarm, like a lion to his prey, reading them and just waiting until the pounce.Tara squeezed onto Gerard and he gave her a light kiss on the lips. Pete just held onto Nevaeh as girls were looking at them and rolling their eyes. 'Oh yeah, just fucking great. I get to compete with BARBIE! Oh well, shes a slut and Ken was gay.' She laughed outloud at her own comment and Pete gave her a weird look with a grin plasterd on her face.

" Nothing, dont even ask."
" I wasnt going to."
" Good, now lets have some fun."
" Alright first let me make a phone call."
" Kay babe, I will be up there with everyone."

Pete walked off taking out his cellphone and putting it to his ear. Everyone else went to the VIP section and ordered double shots of tequilla. All of a sudden, Hinders Lips Of An Angel began to blare through the speakers and into everyons ears. Next thing Nevaeh knows is someone is tapping her on her shoulder ever so lightly. She turned, expecting it to be Pete, asking her to dance, but she didnt come face to face with his eyes, but instead to Franks amazing ones. Their eyes met for only a second andhe looked down, obviously he couldnt bare the thought of them looking at each other.

" I was wondering if you would dance with me on this one."
" Wont your girlfriend mind? Oh wait, Fiance'?"
" Its just a dance Nevaeh."
" Sure why not, our last dance you could say."
" Nevaeh.."
" No Frank, lets just get this over with alright?"
" Okay."

Nevaeh walked over to Pete and kissed his lips.

" Baby, ima dance with Frank real fast okay?"
" Kay baby I will be here."
" Alright."

Frank and Nevaeh walked out to the disco ball lite dance floor. Frank slid his firm hands around her waist and her arms went to his shoulders. His scnet waffed its was into her nose, Axe and cigarrettes, his smell, the smell that would haunt her forever in her life. Without even knowing it they began to scoot closer together, wrapping each other tightly in their arms. Frank began to lightly sing the words to the song into Nevaehs ear, and she closed her eyes, standing their in bliss. She finally realized, they werent even moving anymore, just standing still in the middle of the dance floor holding each other. When she finally realized what was happened, she pulled away and shook her head.

" No Frank, dont do that..I..I have to go."
" Nevahe wait-."

With that she ran out of the club in the pouring rain. She was glad it was raining, it would hide her tears, the thuder would hide her cries and the lighting would give you just a glimpse of the figure walking, no running down the street. She finally had to stop and catch her breath, leaning against an old abandonded building. Nevaeh began to freak out, kicking trashcans, hitting her fists against the walls and screaming like a mad man. Maybe thats what she was, a madwomen who wouldnt be able to fix herself anymore. Its like an old toy in a way. You can only fix it for so long until it is just unfixable and you must throw it away. Maybe thats what she needed to do, throw it away. But then she couldnt, it wouldnt be fair to those that come after her love for Frank. Nevaeh finally began her walk again, making it to the bus she ran inside and into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. Hair sloppy wet, makeup running down her face, and clothes that clung to her body. She took a very quick shower, wanting to get into bed before the guys came. Once she got out she just changed into bra and panties and walked back into her room. On her bed was a package, actually quite a big package. Nevaeh sat down on the bed and got under the covers, she kinda wondered if it was a bomb inside. If it was, then she would be exploding sometime soon. Finally it was killing her, she had to see what was inside of it! She pulled the package to her and shook it, whatever it was kinda slid around and bumped against the box. Nevaeh finally ripped it open to see a box, a light green box that had glitter in the paint or the box. She slowly opened it to reveal a note and white coverage. Taking the note out and unfolding it she read:

My beautiful Tinkerbell,
Its me, your Peter Pan. You said earlier it was kinda messed up you didnt get your outfit, so here it is. In this Box you will find everything you need to be a beautiful fairy. Okay, scratch the beautiful part, you already have that down, so just look at the fairy part okay? I know this is sudden but I feel so much for you and want to give you the world. So right now, im giving you your wings.

Remember to think happy thoughts Tink.
Faith, trust, and pixie dust.
Peter Pan.

Nevaeh felt a warm tear fall down her face as she opened the coverage and pulled out the items inside. In the box were her fairy wings, her green dress, the matching shoes, a fairy pouch filled with gold glitter and a wand. She picked up the box and began to move it to the floor when she heard alittle rattle inside of it. Tilting the box upside down over the bed, she noticed something fell out. Confused as to what it was, she felt on the covers for the loose item and found it. It fit perfectly on her finger and she smiled once she realized what it was, a kiss.
She reached for her pad that she kept beside her bed and began to write a song explaining everything she felt, her emotions. Once she got done, she had to think of a title. Finally she got one and wrote it at the top of the pad. Nevaeh placed it beside her on the bed and fell asleep. Pete came walking in soon after and walked to herside of the bed and bent down. He kissed each eyelid gently and knew at that moment, why she ran from the club. She was in love with Frank. He sighed to himself and noticed the kiss on her finger and smiled to himself. She had chosen him.
Pete gently crawled into bed with Nevaeh. He found he was laying on something uncomfortable and picked it up. It was her note pad and it had a song written on it. He began to skim it when he realized she was confessing her love to him, not him but Frank. At the very end of it, he looked at the title. She had named it 'Help Me Be Who I Am.'
He placed it on the floor and fell off to sleep.

Okay, for you Peter Pan fans, you should know what a kiss is.
For those of you who are not, a kiss is a thimble.
Dont worry you guys, there will be a sqeual :)

The women in the back blows her nose and claps her hands
Women: Beautiful, but you better get to writting and posting sooner..or I just might have to take that wand and shove it up you-
Women: Yeah yeah yeah, just remember..I know things...
Me runs off and hides behind Frank and Pete
Frank: Oh hell no, dont bring me in this, you stuck me with Betty..ughhhhgags
Pete: Yeah, plus I have to wear tights in the next one dont I?
Me: Yes Pete, you will. Sorry Frank..I really am.
Frank: sure you are...
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