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KP-Power Rangers crossover. A evil never meant to be unleashed is freed with power greater then Kim Possible can handle. Now a new generation of young heroes will be gathered to face this evil. But...

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A/N: First off, the recently posted fic of Final Fantasy has been put on temporary hiatus because I'd like to do another run through of the game FF7 that way I'll know what and what not to do with the story to keep it original yet true to the game. Might take a while but it'll be for a better fic. As for this story here, I have received many requests for a crossover fic like this. This and a KP/Harry Potter are my two most requested crossovers. So here you all are people, enjoy Kim Possible/Power Rangers!


In a time of great strife, a
Legendary interdimensional being
Known as Zordon came to the Earth
To establish a vanguard in his never
Ending struggle against those who
Would harm and enslave others

Twenty years ago, with the aid of his
Then assistant, Alpha 5, the noble master
Sought out six extraordinary teenagers
And gave them the power to
Transform into an unstoppable
Fighting force

In time of great need,
The young heroes could
Call upon colossal assault
Vehicles known as "Zords"

While the identity of the six remained
A guarded secret, the tradition
Continues on today ...


"Like candy from a baby," Drakken smirked as he led the group of villains down a long stretch of tunnels below Tibet. The blue-skinned mad scientist walked proudly with the incredibly old map in his hands.

"Are you certain you know where you're going?" Monkey Fist, the genetically altered martial artist asked skeptically, looking over Drakken's shoulder.

"Ten bucks says he doesn't," Shego, Drakken's green skinned assistant, scoffed.

""I second that!" Gill, the fish man complained, "This dry rocky ground's making my scales dry out ..."

"Would ya'all stop complainin'?" Drakken's cousin, Motor Ed, snapped, glaring at the group. "Seriously!"

"We're here!" Drakken spoke up, and none of them realized they had come up on large carved stone doors. "The Temple of Shiva the Destroyer."

"Seriously?" Motor Ed asked blinking blankly at the doors.

"Seriously." Drakken nodded.

The group finally managed to pull the large doors open and stepped into the ancient temple. The walls, floors and ceiling were covered in what looked like hieroglyphs. "Inside these walls we will find the way to not only destroy Kim Possible, but also rule the entire world!"

"Ahuh, sure, so what's in here?" Shego asked dully.

"The Destroyer herself!" Drakken responded, "With the goddess under my control Kim Possible will never defeat us!"

"And how pray tell do you plan to control a god?" Shego blew on her nails.

"With my charisma of course!" Drakken explained, and the whole crew stared at him dumbly.

"Seriously?" Motor Ed asked.

"No," Drakken turned his back, "I've brought a mind control chip that I'll use on her after I've freed her."

They finally reached the throne room of the temple. It was a large well decorated chamber with a hole in the ceiling where light shined down over a large box. "Ok, according to my research all that it takes to unleash the god is the blood of a virgin."

"Wait, where are you going to get a virgin's blood," Monkey Fist asked curiously.

"Oh that's no problem," Drakken said turning to his assistant, "Shego, come here for a moment please."

"What, you're crazy," Shego back stepped, "I'm no virgin!"

"Yes you are," Drakken sneered, stepping closer, "I read your journal."

"You read ... YOU READ MY JOURNAL?!?" Shego freaked.

"You can get mad later, lets rule the world now," Drakken said grabbing her arm and tugging her toward the altar. "This may sting a little my dear." He said jerking off one of her gloves, and holding out one of her fingers. He then proceeded to stick her finger tip with a small pen. He then squeezed a single drop of blood on the altar. "Now, was that really all that bad?"

"Why you ..." Shego growled, igniting her hands and stalking toward her employer. But before she could pounce the altar exploded in bright light that shot high into the air through the hole in the ceiling. The light let up and the top of the altar slid away slowly, causing the villains to back away slowly.

Slowly a figure rose from the altar. She was tall, close to seven foot, incredibly well built in blue and gold battle armor that showed off her strong yet feminine curves. Her face was strong and somewhat thin, with long blue hair rolling down her shoulders and an extra eye on her forehead. She opened his three blue eyes and gazed at the stunned criminals and gave a small smile. "They don't make evil doers like they used to huh?"

Drakken responded quickly by throwing the control chip at the goddess, but she caught it in her hand, "That was a nice try, Drew Lipsky, but you cannot control me."

"Um ... Shego get her." Drakken whimpered.

"I wouldn't try it, Shelia Goh, unless none of you wish to live to rule the world?" Shiva smirked at the group. "I can make that a reality, IF you agree to do my bidding?"

"Umm ... seriously?" Motor Ed gulped.

"Come now, we've not much time, aid me or die," Shiva crossed her arms, "Either works for me."

"Well considering those options," the Scottish rogue golfer nodded, "Ah'm in."

The villains all nodded in agreement. "Very good," Shiva smiled, "Now we must organize before they do."

"Question, who are they?" Shego asked, as the goddess started toward the exit.

"Zordon of Eltar's Avatars of course."

"Um ... huh?" Drakken asked in confusion.

"Stupid mortals ... I believe he calls them Power Rangers." Shiva rolled her eyes, and continued out of the temple.

/Power Rangers /

Chapter 1: Gathering

The first bell rang at Middleton High School in Middleton, Colorado. "KP, I said I was sorry ..." Ron Stoppable sighed as he followed Kim through the science hall of the high school.

"Ron, we had them all, we could have gotten them all out of the way for a good while," Kim Possible grumbled as she continued on to their first class of the junior year.

"I know, and I messed it up," Ron sighed dejectedly, "I'm really sorry ..."

"Sorry doesn't put those guys behind bars," Kim shot as she opened the door to the science lab.

Kim sat down in a far corner of the class, where no close seats were available near her. Ron glanced around and dejectedly gave Kim her space, and waited patiently for the teacher to come in.

A moment later the door swung open and a tall man of Native American decent walked in wearing a lab coat over a black dress shirt and slacks. His raven hair was cut short and he had a small goatee on his chin, and on his face was four deep scars that went from his forehead to his neck, crossing over his face.

"Welcome to Pre-Paleontology," the teacher spoke up, "I'll be your teacher for this course. My name is Dr. Tommy Oliver. Over the course of this semester you'll be learning about prehistoric animal life such as dinosaurs and also plant life and how to find their remains in the modern day world. Attendance is VERY important," Dr. Oliver said glancing around the room before settling on Kim, "I'm sure the world can do without saving for an hour a day."

"Oh boy ..." Kim gulped meeting the teacher's gaze.


The beam of light from Shiva's temple shot to almost the center of the galaxy before finally coming to a stop, forming a large white ball of light. Other particles of energy began approaching at incredible speeds, joining with it making the energy ball grow larger and larger.

Slowly the last of the particles finally combined with the energy sphere. It sat stationary for a moment before it exploded into five beams of colored light: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Orange, and rocketed back toward the Earth.

The beams traveled at the speed of light and were back to Earth in no time. The beams came down over the mountains surrounding Middleton and burrowed deep into the shadowy side of the largest peak.

Slowly the ground began to break and a tower began to rise followed by more walls, until a towering fortress -a Command Center- began to form. Inside the very center of this fortress, a large chamber began assemble. The walls were adorned by glass cases with multicolored, themed uniforms and armors. The center of the chamber had a large circular platform overtop various wires and circuits. Around the platform were five colored pillars: Red, Blue, Black, Orange, and Yellow. The central platform had an extensive computer system and three catwalks: one to a large sliding mechanical door with a symbol of a circle with a thin lightening bolt through the center with green on one side of the bolt and white on the other, one to a large monitor system, and another to a large cloudy tube.

Slowly the center of the platform opened and a small red and gold humanoid robot rose and slowly hummed to life. The robot's saucer like head looked around in confusion before the light in the tube came on and a transparent floating head appeared in the center.

"Z-Zordon?" the robot squeaked.

"Yes, Alpha-7, I am back," the head spoke with a smile playing on his lips, "A new threat has appeared. Five new Power Coins have been created. It is time to gather a new team of Rangers."

"I'm on it, Zordon!" Alpha-7 squeaked, shuffling to the computer system. "Here we go again ... aiaiaiaiai ..."


Kim and Ron walked into her home, Kim still avoiding conversation with her best friend. "Hi, Kimmie Cub, how was your day?" Mr. Possible asked sitting down his newspaper from the kitchen table.

"Horrible ..." Kim sighed, sitting down in an available chair.

"Oh, what's wrong, Kimmie?" Mrs. Possible asked, from where she was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink.

"Oh first, we had all our enemies in a great trap," Kim explained, "But then a certain person who will remain nameless, RON, tripped up and sprung our trap on us, and let the bad guys get away with a priceless Hindu artifact." She then rubbed her forehead, "Then we got to school and have a real jerk for a science teacher."

"Dr. Oliver isn't so bad," Ron gave a small smile.

"Dr. Oliver?" Mr. Possible narrowed her eyes.

"Yeah, Dr. Tommy Oliver, PhD in Paleontology, big whoop..." Kim started but stopped suddenly when the sound of a mug shattering on the floor filled the kitchen. "Mom, are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm ok, Kimmie," Mrs. Possible breathed, "You two kids go on, I'll have dinner ready in a little while ..."

"OK, Mom ..." Kim said unsurely, and the two teens left the adults alone in the kitchen.

"Kimberly?" Mr. Possible asked worriedly standing up and moving to his wife's side.

"Jason ... he's back ... how are we going to face him?" Mrs. Possible asked in near sobs, "After what we did to him ... what I did to him ..."

"Maybe we won't have to," Mr. Possible sighed, hugging his wife, "We just have to try to avoid him at PTO meetings, right?"

"I guess ..." Mrs. Possible sighed, resting her head on her husband's shoulder.

"It was a long time ago, Kimberly, Tommy can't still hate us after all this time ..." Mr. Possible sighed as he held his wife tight. "Besides, we're 'Possibles' not 'Scotts'.

"Yeah I guess ..."


"So any idea what that thing Drakken and the others were after was?" Ron asked as he followed Kim into her room, but only received a grunt in reply.

"Oh c'mon KP, how many times do I have to say sorry?" Ron sighed, sitting down on her bed.

"None, you can't fix this with 'I'm sorry, KP', Ron," Kim said coldly spreading out her homework.

"I did my best, KP ..." Ron whispered looking away dejectedly.

"Yeah, I know, Ron," Kim stated uninterestedly as she started on her work, before looking up at him somewhat apologetically, "I'm just ... I don't like to lose. You know this. I don't mean to be cranky, Ron, I'm sorry."

"It's alright, KP," Ron finally smiled, "I think I'll head on home and let you relax and study before I mess anything else up," Ron joked, standing up and walking out of her room, leaving his math book on her bed.


Across Middleton, Bonnie Rockwaller was brushing her short hair before her mirror. She blinked slightly when she saw yellow dots before her eyes, letting lose a scream as she watched a yellow pillar of light engulf her.

Not far away, Brick Flagg the Quarterback for the Middleton Mad Dogs was working out on his bowflex in his vision was filled with neon black light.

In the park Josh Mankey was painting a picture of Middleton Lake when he was taken by a blue pillar of energy.

Elsewhere Zita Diaz was in a major battle in her computer game /Everlot/. She took her hand off the keyboard to brush some of her long hair from her face, "C'mon sucker, give me a challenge," she smirked, not noticing the orange energy gathering around her.


Ron let out a sigh as he approached the Possible house and walked into the kitchen door. He found Mr. and Mrs. P. talking to the twin boys Jim and Tim, and their soccer coach, Coach McKnight. "Hey, Ron, what's up," Coach McKnight said turning to look at Ron, swiveling on his cane. He took a few limps toward the boy and patted his shoulder, "Still saving the world with Red?"

"Eh ..." Ron said looking at the floor, "We ... I kind of screwed up earlier, not sure how it'll play out now ..."

"It'll work out fine, Ron," Coach McKnight nodded, his shaggy blond hair bouncing with his firm nod, "Trust me, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from."

"Oh, so you've saved the world on a daily basis too?" Ron asked sarcastically.

"Conner ..." Mr. Possible whispered warningly.

"Oh yeah!" McKnight laughed, "I have another secret identity. I dress in red and go around beating people up with my cane."

"I remember that," Ron nodded, "Last Halloween when you got drunk, Coach."

"And?" Coach McKnight pressed the boy.

"And your girlfriend Kira won't hear a word of this." Ron recited from memory.

"Good boy, now I won't keep you from ya girlfriend any longer, Ronnie, go on up." Coach McKnight smirked.

"We are not ... whatever, see ya coach." Ron said as he left the Possibles and Coach McKnight.

"You love giving him heck, Don't you, Conner?" Mrs. Possible chuckled.

"What can I say, he reminds me of me at that age," Coach McKnight shrugged.


Ron slowly crept into Kim's room hearing her speaking, obviously on the phone. He carefully tiptoed in and started to pick up his missing book when he heard Kim speak words he only heard in nightmares.

"Yeah, he helps some, Mon, but ... lately he's been ... I don't know ... a loser. Used to he'd help, but lately he's just fallen all over himself and usually getting in my way."

Kim was standing with her back to Ron, and he couldn't believe what he was hearing. The color slowly faded from his features. "Yeah, I know, Mon ... but you know what they say ... out with the old in with the new."

"No Mon I'm not just ..." Kim said, drifting off when she turned around and her emerald eyes met a pair of heartbroken chocolate ones. "Oh god ..."

"I was ... my book ... I won't bother you again ..." Ron said timidly grabbing his book with trembling hands.

"Ron, no you don't understand, I didn't mean it!" Kim said quickly, her eyes wide with panic.

"Yes you did, you said it, so you meant it," Ron said his shoulders trembling slightly, "Don't worry, I won't get in your way ever again, Kim, don't worry about that at all!" Ron said, dashing out of her room before she could react.

"Ron! Wait!" Kim called after him, searching frantically for her shoes to follow him, but not locating them. "Damn it, Ron! Wait!" She yelled, running after him barefoot.

Ron dashed out the front door of the house, but as soon as his feet touched the grass of his former-best friend's front yard, a bright red light surrounded him and picked him up in a pillar of red energy. Just as the light disappeared Kim exited calling after him. "RON! RON!!" She yelled looking back and forth, trying to find which way he went. "RON! WAIT! COME BACK! I'M SORRY! COME BACK ... come back ... please come back ..." Kim yelled, growing to a whimper as she dropped to her knees in the grass.


"What the?" Ron asked as the right light finally vanished and he found himself in the strange advanced command center. "Was I abducted by Aliens searching for intelligent life?"

"If they were looking for intelligent life, why did they pick you up, Stoppable?" a familiar voice behind him spoke up.

"Bonnie?" Ron asked as Kim's rival approached with Josh, Zita, and Brick behind her, "What are you guys doing here?"

"Your guess is as good as ours, Ron," Josh shrugged, as they walked into the center of the computer complex.

"Ron, what's the matter?" Zita asked carefully, noticing his usually lively brown eyes seemed a bit glazed and red.

"Nothing, besides, we seem to have other things up right now," Ron said quickly looking away.

"Welcome my young friends," a booming voice grabbed all five teenagers' attention.

They all turned to find the central tank and the floating head staring at them. "Oh my God! It's the Wizard of Oz!" Ron gasped, only to get a slap in the back of the head by Zita.

"I am Zordon, and this is my assistant Alpha-7." Zordon said as the small robot shoved past Brick and Bonnie to a control panel.

"This is ... different ..." Josh said carefully, staring at Zordon's free-floating head.

"All in a day's work ... err ..." Ron sighed looking to the side sadly, "used to be anyway ..."

Zita narrowed her eyes at Ron's words. She and the chica he spent all his time with are going to have words in the morning.

"So what's up Big Z?" Ron asked casually, causing the others to stare at him like he was insane.

'Of course this would be old hat to him,' Bonnie thought, shaking her head, 'He's been turned into a giant beaver before if not other things.'

"I have summoned you for a very important reason," Zordon stated seriously, "There is a job that must be accomplished. And this can only be accomplished by you five."


"Where the heck are we?" Monkey Fist asked as the group of villains appeared in what appeared to be ruins of a city.

"This will make us a humble little home," Shiva said contently looking at what looked like close to ground zero of a nuclear explosion. "Welcome to Reefside, my friends." She then started walking down the destroyed street, "There is something I wish for you to see."

"So, we're listening," Shego spoke up defiantly.

"Such defiance and freedom," Shiva sighed, "You certainly humor me." The goddess then looked forward, "We will face opposition, opposition in the form of the Power Rangers and their many, many toys." She stopped where most of the buildings no longer stood. "This town was once protected by a Power Ranger team, the Dino Thunder Rangers if memory serves. But as you can see ..." She said pointing to the center of the gigantic crater in the center of the ruins, where a hulled Megazord stood completely destroyed, "They are not invincible."

"So, they're beatable, what do we need to worry about?" Shego scoffed.

"You can't beat them as you are," Shiva said spinning to face them.

"Oh?" Monkey Fist asked curiously.

"But ... I'm about to make you a match for them," Shiva smirked holding out her hands to the group, sending massive amounts of energy in the form of lightening from her finger tips. The villains' cries echoed through the ruins of Reefside.

To Be Continued ...

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or Kim Possible. Both are owned solely by Walt Disney Productions.
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