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bad news/run dinner truth

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Atlanta's failing math, so her teacher recomends Odie to help her,but Archie insists he does it,but the truth is he dosen't know any more about it then she does he just wants to be alone with her,b...

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Okay I'm changing some of these chapters around a little and cramming some of them together to make them longer seeing they are unbelievably short.

Chapter 1

Atlanta and Theresa quietly walked home from school. The dead leaves crunched as they stepped upon them. It was almost winter and everything was quiet, even Cronus seemed to be taking a break. But they all new he wasn't done and that he was probably planning something huge. Atlanta had her head down, she could tell Theresa was telling her something but she didn't care she had other things on her mind. Mr Graham's words were still fresh in her head.
" Atlanta you're failing math and all students must maintain a C+ average to compete in extra curricular activities. I know how much you love your sports and I've given this a lot of thought, So starting after school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday you will stay after the bell rigs for two hours and work with one of my best students ."
" You mean like a tutor?" she had asked him.
"Yes like a tutor, but you don't need to call it that, if the word tutor makes you feel uncomfortable." " Tutor." Atlanta tried to clear the thought from her head but she couldn't. How could she have let this happen.
Suddenly a cold had grabbed her shoulder, she jumped in shock and turned around to se none other then her best guy friend.
"Wow someone's jumpy." Archie said.
"Oh sorry I've been thinking about," Atlanta paused recalling her thoughts, " Things."
" Yea, things can keep you busy." Archie nodded.
"Come on lets get home I'm starting to freeze." Theresa replied. Everyone nodded and soon it was a race home. After running a few blocks they slowed down and began to walk. The rest of the way home was quiet except for the every so often cough or sniffle .When they arrived home they found the other 4 titans already there. Herry was in the kitchen making a sandwich, Odie and Neil were playing away at a video game. With Neil's luck he was winning. And Jay was Watching them play. Archie and Theresa hung up their coats and hats and joined Jay on the couch.
But Atlanta dropped her stuff off at the doorway and went to her room. Odie quickly ran after her. He caught her before she went to her room.
"Umm Atlanta." Odie stammered "I'm you're new tutor."

A/N Okay things changed a little

Chapter 2

Little me, just messing around with supposedly ' good' work for my pleasure! Ha I'm sooo evil! Oh and as you wished I added in quotation marks.

"What?" Atlanta questioned.
"It's true, I'm you're new tutor."
"Great." Atlanta remarked sarcastically.
"Do you want to fail?" Odie Asked.
"Okay fine." Said Atlanta giving in.
Atlanta shut her door hoping that some how it could keep her from facing reality. She sat curled up in a ball against her door.
She stayed like that for some time. Totally frozen except for the often sniff caused by the winter weather and scratch. Suddenly a loud noise made he jump. She then realized that someone was at her door.
She opened her door a crack and saw herself looking at a trademark blue hoddie with matching shorts. She moved her gaze and saw to grey blue eyes with a look of worry in them. And finally a purple mullet. When she realized who it was she opened the door some more so she could actually see him.
"Hey Lan. I came to see if you were alright, and wondered if you want to go for a walk?" Archie asked.
" Oh sure Archie I'll be right there let me change first." That's what I need to clear my head. She told herself. After she was done changing she came out. She was wearing a orange t-shirt with a cartoon bunny face on it and black shorts with white and purple stripes down the side. She had dirty white socks and green running shoes on.
Archie looked at her, he had to admit, she looked pretty cute.
"Hello?" Atlanta teased. Waving a hand at her entranced friend. Her words cut through his head and awoke Archie form his daydream. He quickly ran down the hallway to catch up with his already gone friend.

Atlanta speeded past the pond and to the park exit. Archie right behind her.
They stopped to catch there breath, hands on their knees and pouring with sweat. After they were done resting the couple headed to the soda shack just outside the park exit.
The two got a table near the back exit. Not having anything to say they moved there eyes around the redecorated soda shack. The soda shack was designed to look like a shack. It was just outside the park exit. Inside was lit with dim coloured bulbs hanging from the walls. The roof was made to look like straw. In one corner rests a bar table with some chairs. At the other end is a pool table and pinball machine. There is also a fire place with a dim fire in it. The two friends sat at a bamboo booth. But Archie couldn't take his eyes off his fiery haired friend sitting in front of him. She looked so beautiful under the green lights. Archie thought to himself, Does she know how I feel, Does she like me back? Atlanta's voice broke the peaceful silence between the two.
"Okay Archie I'm failing math class and Mr. Graham got me a tutor and then I found out that it is Odie and I'm so scared because last time I failed I was in so much trouble and if I fail again there going to send me back home and then Cronus will take over the world because without me the prophesy will break and Cronus will rule all humanity." Atlanta stopped to take a breath then started again
"Archie can you help me please?" Atlanta begged.
"How can I help you?" Archie asked. "
Well you could help take my mind of the test."
" Okay sure so you want to catch a movie tomorrow night."
"Oh, Archie I can't I have to study with Odie we have a 'study date' .I can't believe I let myself sink this low! Archie what am I going to do! I can hardly stay awake during one normal math class and now I need to review it two times a day for three days a week, stuck in a small classroom while I could be outside- with Odie of all people!" Atlanta shrieked. Tears feel from her angry eyes and down around the can of soda she had ordered.
" Well I'm sure you could -Wait did you say three times a week, and two times a day?" Archie raised his brow.
"Ah huh." Atlanta nodded. "Yes that's right."
An evil smirk spread on Archie's face but he wiped it away quickly.
"You know I've already taken this course unlike Odie." Archie bragged.
"What are you getting at Archie?" Atlanta asked.
"Well why don't I tutor you instead and I can do it in a way that makes it more fun. Or funner, wait can you say funner?" Archie asked
"Um I don't know Odie's like super smart and all." Atlanta hesitated at the offer she already knew that she would take, she just wanted to see how far her friend was willing to go.
"Oh come on." Archie pleaded
" Fine then." Atlanta said somewhat pleased with herself.
" Oh and you may be better at me at math but I'm far past you in grammar. Funner." She laughed to herself.

Note from wonderful little me! Okay that's the second chapter that I've changed around just from my own enjoyment. Haha!
Well tootles my pals!
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