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~Chapter 2~

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Just keep moving forward, I know this chapter isn't going to seem too amazing ^_^' Also I apologize if something isn't correct, I'm still new to this site and everything.

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Sasori and the girl went out into the backyard and, the girl sat on the steps. "Sasori, let's teach her how to control puppets." Sasori smiled and replied "Why Granny I think that would be an excellent idea. Well Mizuki, you wanna give it a try?" Mizuki's face instantly lit up "Really?! I would love that!!" So with that being said Mizuki, Sasori, and Granny Chiyo went over to where their puppets were laying. Sasori instantly had control of his puppet while Granny Chiyo was taking her time getting control over hers. "Sasori!" Mizuki yelled.

Sasori looked over at the four year old and said "Yes Mizuki?"

"Will you teach me how to make awesome puppets like you and Granny Chiyo?" Mizuki said with a smile.

"Yes but, there is something you will have to do in return for learning the secret ways of making an awesome puppet."

"What is it what is it?! I'll do anything to learn the secret ways!" Mizuki said as she clapped her hands together and started to beg.

Chiyo was chuckling quietly while listening to the two children. Sasori hesitated for anticipation and then said "You have me do the dishes tonight!"

Mizuki gasped in horror "Nooooooo not the dishes! Anything but the dishes! Aww the horror!" Sasori laughed and ruffled up Mizuki's hair as she blew the pieces of hair in her face and made a pouty face.

Chiyo was then finally ready to start practicing she looked over at Sasori and said "Well Sasori let's get this started and then we will start to teach Mizuki how to fight with puppets."

Sasori sighed and said "It's about time you know I hate waiting Granny. Mizuki stay over on the steps I don't want you getting in the middle of this and getting hurt."

Mizuki grinned and said, "Ok Sasori I'll stay over here just because you said so." Chiyo thought she would get on Sasori's nerves some more so she started to yawn and do some stretches.

"Granny what are you doing hurry up you know I hate waiting." Chiyo yawned and replied "Sasori be patient I'm an old lady you know that. It takes me more time to get ready for battles." Then Chiyo started to bend down really slowly to touch her toes. Mizuki started giggling because she could tell that Sasori was getting very impatient. Sasori then yelled "That's it I'm done waiting here I go!" Sasori lunged forward as the puppets went flying toward Chiyo to attack. Chiyo blocked Sasori's attack and laughed at failed attack. This made Sasori very irritated "You old bat why do you have to put me in a bad mood when were fighting!" Sasori then gulped because he just realized what he had just said would put him in some deep trouble. He then wished he could take back that comment.

Mizuki had a very scary look on her face. "Aww Sasori you said a mean comment to Granny Chiyo! You're going to be in big trouble now!" Mizuki screamed. She instantly jumped up from the stairs and ran toward Sasori and leaped on him, knocking him over, and....started tickling him! Sasori started laughing and breathing hard and tried speaking "Mizuki haha noooo please haha stopppp! You know I'm haha ticklish!!" Mizuki shook her head and replied "Nope not till you apologize to Granny Chiyo or else I'm not going to stop tickling you"

"Ok ok! Granny I'm sorry for the comment!" Chiyo was laughing as hard as she could; this was to priceless for her. She then said "It's ok Sasori I'll forgive you this one time but next time I'll let her tickle you all day!" Mizuki got off Sasori. Mizuki was heading back to the steps but, then Sasori snuck up behind her and grabbed her and started tickling her. Mizuki screamed "Ahh! No no, not tickling! I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Sasori laughed evilly and said "Nope this is payback! Say Uncle!" Mizuki hated this game but, she knew she had to give in this one time for her own sake "Fine! Uncle Uncle! You win!" Sasori stopped tickling her and had satisfied look on his face knowing that he had won the battle. Mizuki had a pouty look on her face and Sasori once again ruffled up her hair; messing it up once again. Chiyo then saw that the sun was starting to set "Well kitties look at the time; it's time for me to start cooking some dinner."

"But what about me learning puppet control Granny Chiyo?" Mizuki whined.

Chiyo laughed "You are dear; Sasori will show you how to do it."

Sasori looked confused and said "I am?"

"Yes you are! So get to teaching this child needs to know this! I'll call you guys in when dinner is ready."

With that being said Chiyo walked into the house and started to whip up some delicious food. "Sasori?" Mizuki questioned.

"Yes?" Sasori asked directing his attention back to her.

"Show me how to make puppets."

Sasori smiled "Alright lets go up to my room I have some tools that we can use to make one."

"Yay! I'm going to learn how to make puppets!"

Mizuki and Sasori ran into the house and darted up the stairs to get started on the creation. Just when they both got into the room Jirayia appeared into the kitchen with Chiyo. "You know me and Mizuki will be going to the Leaf Village in a couple weeks right?" Jirayia questioned.

Chiyo continued chopping up vegetables and said "Yes I know, but it will be such a shame."

Jirayia cocked his head to the side "Why is that?"

Chiyo dumped the chopped up vegetables into a big pot then said "Sasori will be torn up. He was really grown to Mizuki."

Jirayia nodded "I know but, don't worry we'll come back and visit and plus you and Sasori could visit the village."

Chiyo sighed and said "Yes I know that but...never mind...I'll make sure she learns valuable things to make her a great ninja, your niece is truly gifted in many ways. I know she will learn and be able to do things most people wouldn't dream of accomplishing."

Jirayia smiled and replied "Yes I know she will help make this world a better place...well I'll be on my way, I'll be back in a couple of weeks. See ya later." With that being said Jirayia disappeared.
While that happened, Sasori was teaching and showing Mizuki how to create excellent and well working puppets. "Sasori let's make a doggy puppet that shoots out poison kunai and poops out poison gas from the puppy's butt!" Mizuki said while laughing.

Sasori smiled "You know Mizuki, you are such a silly little girl."

Mizuki smiled back and said "I know hehe that what makes me different and I like being different because then I won't be like everyone else but, I'll still get the job done."

Sasori just continued smiling at Mizuki, it made him happy to know he was lucky enough to find such a bright and fun loving child, he knew that Mizuki would accomplish many obstacles when she got older. "Alright Mizuki lets make that puppy."

1 Hour Later
"Kids come down dinner is ready!" Chiyo screamed. She then could hear the running and thumping the two children were causing with their daily race of who could make it to dinner first. To her surprise they both got there at the same time, she questioned whether or not the children were sick or something. She then noticed that they had something hid behind their backs.

"What is that?" Chiyo questioned.

Sasori replied "It's Mizuki's puppet, she has named him Sasori the 2nd." Chiyo giggled and said "What a prefect name Mizuki."

Mizuki smiled and said "Yep it fits the puppet perfectly since Sasori mostly did all the work."

Sasori looked at Mizuki and said "Hey you helped to!"

Chiyo then butted in and said "Well how bout we eat."

The three went over to the table and started eating their chicken and vegetable ramen. After dinner everyone took their showers and headed off for bed. Everyone said their goodnights as well. When everyone went to sleep Mizuki snuck into Sasori's room and got some tools. Sasori pretended he was sleeping but, he watched as Mizuki get the necessary tools to make a puppet. He just smiled and went to sleep as Mizuki left his room. When Mizuki got back to her room she was all excited to work on her wonderful masterpiece. She picked up a kunai and started to carefully carve a shape out of the wood she had. As she was carving onto the wood she accidently cut her wrist. Mizuki then quickly checked her wrist to see if it was anything to bad, and then she noticed how close the cut was to her charm bracelet. She exhaled a nervous breath, she did not want to damage her bracelet she's had it ever since she was little. When she looked at all the little charms dangling from the bracelet it made her remember the people she met at the Leaf Village and how much they all meant to her. Mizuki shook her head she couldn't get side tracked; she had to work on this beautiful art. She was making a very special puppet.
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