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~Chapter 3~

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We continue on!

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Sasori busted through the door he fell to the ground and passed out. Mizuki ran straight over to his limp body and started shaking him.

"Sasori wake up! Sasori!" Mizuki started crying because she was so scared, she started shaking him more and then she saw where he was bitten by something. She examined it closer she couldn't tell what had bitten him but, she quickly got a kunai out and made a small cut where the bite was and let it start to bleed a little. While she was waiting for it to bleed a little more, she ran and got a bowl of water and a cloth. She ran back and wiped a bit of the blood off and then started to suck where the cut was and spit it in the bowl of water. Mizuki had remembered Granny Chiyo talking about how bad poisonous snakes and scorpions were around here. Chiyo said that even the best of skilled ninja could get easily bitten by one. Chiyo also told her that if anyone had ever got bitten by one then to open the wound and get a bowl of water and start sucking out poison until the person started coming back to their normal self. Mizuki kept sucking and spitting and then Sasori started mumbling. Mizuki was so relieved that he wasn't going to die but, there is still a chance that he could if she didn't get out all of the poison. So Mizuki continued sucking out of the poison and then Sasori opened up eyes and said, "Ugh where am I at??"

Mizuki leaped on Sasori with tears in her eyes and said "Don't you ever scare me like that again Sasori! I was afraid you were going to die!" Mizuki started crying more and Sasori just hugged her and said "I'm sorry Mizuki I promise I won't ever scare you like that again."

While Sasori was in the shower getting cleaned up Mizuki went in her room and lye down on the bed, just laying there thinking about all the events that happened today. While she was lying there Sasori came in and sat beside her on her bed. Sasori was coming in to say goodnight to Mizuki but, then he noticed a rather large bump on Mizuki's forehead. "Umm Mizuki what happened to your head?" Mizuki rubbed her forehead where the bump and said "What bump? Oh that bump umm I fell and hit my head...yea that's what happened." Sasori gave Mizuki an I'm not stupid look and said "Come on Mizuki tell me the truth."

"I was sticking up for this boy because all of the kids were calling him names and making fun of him so I stuck up for him and, then they started throwing rocks and then..." Mizuki stopped talking for a moment and gave a sad face.

Sasori looked at Mizuki and said "And what? You can tell me Mizuki."

Mizuki started to tear up now "He called me an outsider and told me that I didn't belong in the village. Sasori do you think I'm an outsider?"

"Of course not. Mizuki you not an outsider you're a Sand Shonbi. Come here." Sasori leaned over and hugged Mizuki and Mizuki hugged him back. "You feel better?"

Mizuki looked up at Sasori and said "Yea...thanks Sasori..."

Sasori smiled and said "You're welcome. Now you need to get some sleep if you wanna grow big and strong."

Mizuki started laughing "Ok goodnight Sasori see you in the morning." "Goodnight Mizuki." Sasori left and turned off the lights and shut Mizuki's door for her and then he went into his room.

As Mizuki laid there in thought she started thinking about the art she was making. She decided that she was gonna even paint in when she was finished making it. Mizuki had everything planned out exactly of how she was creating the puppet. She just needed a couple more materials and then her art would almost be finished. The morning sunrays were gleaming through the window and landed directly on Sasori's face. He glared and grunted at the sun and rolled over, trying to escape the Sun's bright workers. Then as if on cue, Mizuki came sprinting in the room and jumped on Sasori's lazy body. "Sasori wake up! I need to go to the store!"

Sasori grumpily replied "Then go to the store."

Mizuki started to whine "Noooo come with me pleaseee!" Mizuki's whining was really starting to get on Sasoir's nerves, so of course he gave up "Ughhh fine you win let me get dressed and then we will go." Mizuki started jumping up and down and started screaming "Yay I win!"

Then Mizuki started skipping out of Sasori's room and then turned around and stuck out her tongue while winking and making a peace sign. Sasori was finally finished getting ready and he and Mizuki were off to the store. On the way there Mizuki looked up at Sasori and asked "Sasori do you like having a symbol of a red scorpion?"

Sasori thought about it for a moment and said "Yes. It's the symbol I use when I create new puppets and also a red scorpion fits me for who I am." Mizuki look very confused "How so?"

Sasori chuckled and said "Well I'm Sasori of the Red Sand and I'm also a professional on attacks and defenses that evolves poison. So what lives in the desert that uses poison for attacks and defenses? A scorpion and then make it red because of my name and there you have it; my very own symbol."

Mizuki looked all amazed "Wow Sasori that is so cool! I wished I had a cool symbol!"

Sasori looked down at Mizuki and said "Maybe you will get your own symbol one day."

They finally arrived at the store and got supplies that Mizuki needed and then they stopped for something to eat. After they got their stomachs full they started to head home. When they got home Granny Chiyo was there to greet them. They all helped cook dinner that night and agreed that everyone would help clean up to. Then at night while everyone would be asleep Mizuki would still be awake, continuing working on her art until it was completely finished. Mizuki was so amazed by how wonderful her creation was; she truly did an amazing job on it. She then carefully put it up in her secretly little area and went to bed. Mizuki got awoken by Sasori pulling off her covers. Mizuki sat there shivering and rubbing her arms for warmth. "Sasori give me back my covers I'm cold!"

Sasori laughed and said "No sleepy head get up breakfast is ready."

Mizuki groaned and said "Ugh alright I'm coming." Sasori went downstairs to help set up the table and Mizuki got dressed. Then Mizuki finally arrived at the table to be greeted by the delicious smells of freshly cooked eggs, bacon, and many more food. Mizuki sat in her normal spot beside Sasori while Granny Chiyo sat on the other side of the two kids. Chiyo smiled and said "Dig in kitties we have a big day ahead of us." All three of them started digging into their delicious meals. As they were finishing up, Sasori and Chiyo started laughing. Mizuki looked at them confused and then spoke up and asked "What are you guys laughing at?"

Sasori stopped laughing and said "You have a little something on your cheek."

Chiyo handed Mizuki a napkin and said "Here you go dear you have a little bit of jelly on your cheek." Mizuki's cheeks flushed pink as she started wiping the jelly off of her cheeks. Then all of the sudden there was a knock at the door.

Chiyo got up and walked over to the door to greet the mysterious person Chiyo opened the door to reveal a grinning man. He stepped in and Mizuki knew exactly who he was. It was her Uncle Jirayia. Mizuki ran up to her Uncle Jirayia and gave him a great big hug. "Hi Uncle Jirayia!" Mizuki screamed. Jirayia smiled and said "Well there is my favorite niece!" Chiyo just sat there and watched them laughing and talking to each other. Sasori got up and walked over to the two people loud people and stood beside them.

Mizuki asked "So Uncle Jirayia what brings you to the Hidden Sand Village?"

Jirayia responded "Well I came to get you because we're going to the Leaf Village." Mizuki and Sasori's eyes widened.

Mizuki looked up at her uncle "But why Uncle I don't want to leave Sasori and Granny Chiyo." Mizuki said in a low sad voice, Jirayia sighed and said "Because dear you go to start school next year in the Leaf Village." "But I want to go to school here! I'm going to be a Sand Shinobi!"

Jirayia looked down at his niece and said "No you have to go to the Leaf Village and go to school there Mizuki. You are already enrolled there because umm...they ran out of room at the school here so they transferred you to the Leaf Village."

Mizuki looked like she was getting ready to cry and she said "But I'm going to miss everyone here."

"I know you are Mizuki but you can always come and visit them or they can come visit us." Mizuki turned around to Sasori and hugged him as the tears were coming from her eyes.

Jirayia sighed it ached his heart to see his niece so upset but, it was the best thing to do for her and he knew that this would be good for her. He then turned to them and said "We'll leave this evening so start packing your things Mizuki."

Mizuki responded "Yes Uncle Jirayia" Jirayia kissed his niece's forehead and left the house, and Mizuki ran up to her room, slammed the door, and started crying into her pillow. Sasori and Chiyo were still downstairs, Sasori was by the door and Chiyo was sitting at the kitchen table.

Sasori walked over to the table and asked "So how long did you know this was going to happen?"

Chiyo looked over at Sasori and said "I don't know what you're talking about."

Sasori clenched his fist together and spoke again "I know you knew, why would you not tell me about this?!"

Chiyo shot Sasori a dirty look "Lower your voice Sasori."

Sasori shot Chiyo a dirty look back "No Granny I can't believe you kept this a secret from me. You know how much Mizuki means to me and you. Now she is getting ripped out of our life!"

"Sasori it's the way it has to be there was no choice it had to be done."

This made Sasori very mad and he said "What are you talking about?! There is always a choice in everything!"

"She is not my family so I cannot make the decisions for her. That is her Uncle's job not mine."

"This isn't fair! Ugh I don't understand what was the point of even having her live with us when you were just going to send her away!"

Sasori went up stairs and went into Mizuki's room and slammed the door shut. Chiyo thought to herself Goodness things are going to be different around here now that Mizuki will be leaving. It really is a shame that she has to go. But the Leaf Village must have her.

Sasori went over and lay on the bed beside Mizuki and faced her. He then said "It sure is going to be different around here with hearing you run around the house all day." He chuckled when he finished saying this. Then Mizuki looked over at him and said "Sasori I'm going to miss you."

Sasori sighed and said "I know squirt I'm going to miss you to."

"Sasori will you come visit me every day?"

Sasori's face saddened "I won't be able to everyday because of my missions but, I'll do my best to see you every chance I get."

Mizuki smiled a little and said "Ok Sasori you better come visit me." Once Mizuki said that, she got up and went over to her closet and got some packing bags out. "You wanna help me pack?"

"Sure I'll make sure to pack you something cute." Sasori said while laughing.

So Mizuki and Sasori started to pack clothes and other little things for Mizuki to take to her new home.

3 Hours Later

After hours of packing and throwing clothes at each other, Mizuki was finally fully packed and ready to leave. Mizuki and Sasori were lying on the bed again and Mizuki said "Sasori I'm scared." Sasori looked at Mizuki and said "Me to squirt." They just sat there in silence as thoughts were running through their heads while they thought of many different things that could happen in the future. Then Granny Chiyo knocked on the door and entered into the room and said "Mizuki, Sasori, it's time to meet Jirayia." They both rose up and looked at each other and then nodded. Mizuki picked up her bags and Sasori left the room and went somewhere else. Mizuki then looked over at Chiyo and said "Thank you for letting me live with you and Sasori Granny Chiyo. It really has been a wonderful experience for me." Chiyo smiled at Mizuki and said "You're very welcome Mizuki. This will always be your home in this house." Mizuki walked over and hugged Chiyo "Thank you Chiyo."

"No thank you Mizuki you have changed mine and Sasori's hearts and lives." Chiyo walked out of the room and went downstairs.

Mizuki sighed and took in one last look of the room where her home was. She was going to miss every single little detail about this room and not to mention the whole house. Sure there have been difficult times here but every house has some hard times to it. Mizuki thought about her room where her family lived at, her family never wanted to have anything to do with ninjas. Her mother was the sister of the legendary Jirayia the Toad Sage and all that ever brought to their family was pain and heart ache, so when she found her love, who was a merchant, they got married and moved to a more civilized place. Though since the day Mizuki was born it was her dream to become a ninja and be able to help people and villages out. No matter what kind of job it was, she just wanted to help people and be remembered, she wanted to be in history for all the people in the world to know who she was and how she saved millions of lives. She felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned around and it was Sasori, he had a depressed look on his face and then he said "It's time to go Mizuki."
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