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~Chapter 4~

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Continuing on

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On the way to the village gates, Mizuki, Sasori, and Chiyo were all walking in silence. They were passing the playground, and there at the swing set was a little red headed boy with his teddy bear and Mizuki knew it was Gaara; he was the boy that Mizuki had stuck up for. Mizuki tugged at Chiyo's sleeve and said "Chiyo I need to go talk to that boy over there real quick." Chiyo nodded and said "Try not to be so long dear." Mizuki nodded and ran over to Gaara.

When Mizuki was over there Sasori asked "Who is that little boy Granny?" Chiyo then said "That is the little boy who carries the One-Tailed Shakkua. His name is Gaara; he is the youngest sibling of the Third Hokage's children." Sasori was shocked at first but, then smiled and looked over at the two. Sasori knew that Gaara had a hard life so it made him happy to know that Mizuki could lighten up his life a bit.

Mizuki smiled and said "Hey Gaara!"

Gaara looked up at Mizuki "Hello Mizuki, what are you doing here?"

"Well I have to leave and go on some kind of trip to a new village so I came to say goodbye to you."

Mizuki saw Gaara's face start to sadden and she said "But don't worry Gaara I'll be back I promise! Then we can play all day long together."

Gaara looked up at Mizuki and asked "You promise?"

Mizuki got all excited and said "Of course I promise! Friends forever?"

Mizuki held out her pinky finger, Gaara looked at her finger and then wrapped his pinky around hers and said "Friends forever." Mizuki smiled at Gaara, and Gaara did the same, it made Mizuki happy to see him smile like that because she figured he didn't smile that often. Mizuki gave Gaara a hug and said "Bye Gaara I'll see you later. Stay happy I like it when you're happy." Gaara was shocked by the hug but, he hugged her back and smiled and said "Ok Mizuki I'll try to be happy. See you later."

As the group was leaving the playground Mizuki turned around and waved goodbye to Gaara, and he waved back. About ten minutes later the three of them arrived at the village gates and there was standing Jirayia. Jirayia walked up and took some of Mizuki's bags and put them on his back, he then looked down at Mizuki and asked "Are you ready to leave?" Mizuki replied "Yes just give me a couple minutes to say goodbye."

Mizuki went up and hugged Chiyo and said "Thank you Chiyo I won't ever forget you and what you've taught me."

Chiyo smiled and said "Your welcome dear come visit us we'll always be here waiting to greet you again."

Mizuki smiled and then looked over at Sasori. Mizuki could start to feel her eyes water up. She walked over and hugged Sasori and said "Sasori I'm going to miss you so much."

Sasori sighed "I know Mizuki I'm going to miss you to it won't be the same around here without you."

Jirayia spoke up "Come on Mizuki its time to go now." He picked up Mizuki and started to carry her away. Mizuki started to reach out to Sasori and before Sasori could do anything he got held back by Chiyo.

Mizuki screamed "Wait! Uncle Jirayia I have to give them something to remember me by!"

Jirayia groaned "Hurry up Mizuki before I carry you to the village."

Mizuki said "Ok, ok I'll hurry!" Mizuki pulled of her backpack and grabbed a painting out. It was a painting of Mizuki, Sasori, and Chiyo.

"Here you go Granny Chiyo I made a painting of all of us out in the sand playing."

Chiyo grabbed the painting and said "Wow Mizuki this is beautiful. Thank you so much. I'll hang it up as soon as I get home." Mizuki smiled and then went back to her backpack. She carefully pulled out a little shoe box. Everyone was shocked and started wondering how Mizuki was fitting all of this stuff in such a small backpack. Mizuki walked over to Sasori and held out the box to him.

"Open it." Mizuki instructed, Sasori done what he was told to do.

When he opened the box, there revealed a little red scorpion puppet. Sasori was stunned by how well developed the tiny puppet was.

Sasori looked at Mizuki and said "You made this for me Mizuki? You made this all by yourself?"

Mizuki smiled and replied "Yep I sure did I worked on it at night when everyone was asleep so it could be a secret." Sasori hugged Mizuki and said "Thank you Mizuki. Here I have a little something for you to. I want you to have this." Sasori started taking off his headband.

Mizuki questioned "What are you doing Sasori?"

Sasori then replied "I want you to have this to remember me by. Also this shows you that you're never an outsider here. You're a Sand Shonbi Mizuki." Sasori smiled as he saw how excited Mizuki was about getting a headband Mizuki hugged Sasori and said "Thank you Sasori I'll keep it with me at all times no matter what."

"You're welcome Mizuki." As Sasori was started handing Mizuki the headband he slipped something in the pocket of it and then he tied it around Mizuki's neck and said "There you go your officially a Sand Shonbi congratulations Mizuki." Mizuki's eyes grew with excitement, she was finally a ninja and she had a ninja headband to prove it.

It was truly a happy moment for Mizuki as Chiyo and Jirayia smiled at the two. Then they said their goodbyes to each other and Mizuki and her Uncle were on their way to the Hidden Leaf Village. The shadows of the night were starting to creep their way across all the lands while the sun was setting. Jirayia looked at Mizuki and saw that her eyes were starting to get drossy, wanting to sleep. He then spoke up and said "Mizuki were going to call it a day and get some sleep you look like your getting ready to pass out." He chuckled while he said it and then Mizuki shouted "Thank goodness!" The two of them got out their sleeping bags and laid them out. As Mizuki crawled into hers Jirayia went to go get some fire wood. Mizuki took off her headband and she saw something in the pocket of the headband. Out of curiosity she pulled it out, it was a piece of paper, she started to unfold it and it revealed to be a picture of Sasori, Chiyo, and herself all together for a group picture. Chiyo and Sasori were leaning in together and Mizuki had one of her hands on each of their heads as she had a giant smile on her face. Mizuki was so happy that Sasori had given her this picture. She would keep it in her headband so she could carry it with her everywhere to. Then Jirayia showed up with fire wood.

Once Jirayia came back with the firewood he put them together in a neat little pile in the middle of the sleeping bags. Then he used his fire jutsu to make the fire, Mizuki could instantly feel the warmth of the fire dancing around her cold body. After a while of lying beside the fire they both got tired and went to sleep. When morning approached they packed up their sleeping bags and continued their journey to the Leaf Village. After two more days of long sleepless nights they made it to the Hidden Leaf Village gates.

Back in the Hidden Sand Village Sasori was up in his room working on a new puppet while Chiyo was out on a mission. All of the sudden Sasori sensed two strangers behind him. He turned around and saw two people there; it was a man and a woman who were both wearing a black cloak with red clouds all over it. Then woman had blue hair with a white paper rose in it and had a piercing under her lip. On the other hand the man had orange hair with piercings all over his body, this dude kind of creped Sasori out.

"Who are you people and what do you want." Sasori said in an annoyed tone.

The woman spoke up "We are from a group called the Akatsuki. We are trying to reach a goal, but in order to reach that goal we need very strong people like you, who have very special abilities. We are a group of S-ranked ninjas."

Just then the man spoke up "I'm the leader of the group. Sasori of the Red Sand, we are here to recruit you to join our group. You would be very useful to our group, you are very strong for such a young age, and what do you say?"

Sasori looked at the two at the two and said "Well sorry to break it to you guys but I can't join your little group. I would rather start here and continue to live my life here."

The man studied Sasori and said "Then what will you do when someone hurts someone very dear and close you? Hmm you'll feel all weak and have nowhere to go then what will you do? All you will want to do is go out and look for more power trust me I have seen this many times throughout my life. When that day comes you'll know where to go, we will make you stronger Sasori. If you ever decide to change your mind then come find us in the Rain Village." Just as the man had said that, he and the woman disappeared.

Sasori took in what they said and decided that he wouldn't ever do such a thing. If he left the village to go be with a group like that he would be an outsider to the village and be known as an S-Ranked criminal and he certainty didn't want that to happen. If he became a criminal then he wouldn't be able to ever see Mizuki again and that would just be terrible. Two hours later Sasori was finishing up his puppet when Chiyo suddenly busted through the door. Sasori looked over at the door and said "Granny what are you doing? All you had to do was knock on the door and I would have opened it up for you." Chiyo looked over at her grandson and walked over and hugged him. Sasori knew something bad had happened his grandmaw would not just randomly disturb him and hug him like that. "Granny what's going on?" Chiyo looked into Sasori's eyes and said "Something terrible has happened." When Sasori heard Chiyo say that his heart raced as many disturbing thoughts were running through his head.

Sasori was all worried and asked "What happened?" Chiyo looked down at the ground and said "We've got information that one night when Jirayia and Mizuki were sleeping they were killed. Someone drugged them while they were sleeping, they shot a dart at them causing them to get paralyzed and then they attacked and killed them. We went where the site was at and we couldn't find their bodies all we saw was where they had a fire and where blood had been spilled. So they must have taken the bodies."

Sasori's eyes widened with shock. "No way are you trying to joke with me?! Mizuki and Master Jirayia can't be dead! Mizuki still has her whole life to live!" Sasori started crying "This isn't fair!! Why did this have to happen to her?! I knew I shouldn't of let her leave! This is my entire fault! If I only she had stayed here with us!! I could have protected her!"

Chiyo hugged Sasori "Sasori this isn't your fault there is nothing that you could have done."

Sasori ran out of the room. Chiyo did not even try to chase him, she knew that he needed time to breathe and realize what had happened.

As Sasori was running he thought of the encounter he had with the Akatsuki. They were right he needed to get stronger and make the peo0ple pay for what they had done to Mizuki. No matter he was going to make those people pay even it was the last thing he done in his life he was going to make them pay. His heart started aching so much knowing that Mizuki was gone out of this world and that he wouldn't be able to see her again or be able to play games with her ever again. The pain was so unbearable; he felt the warm tears slide down his face as the tears fell into the soft sand. Another idea popped into his head. Puppets don't have feelings, puppets can't get hurt, and puppets are merely walking weapons made of wood and not able to get hurt physically or mentally. No one has ever done such a wild idea, sure people have replaced body parts, but no one has ever made their whole being a puppet, but he was going to do it. He was going to turn himself into a human puppet! It was such a wonderful idea he wouldn't have to ever feel this kind of pain again. If something like this were to ever happen again there was no way he would be able to go through it.

So Sasori went off to get the supplies needed. Then later that night when Chiyo was asleep Sasori gathered up his supplies and set them all up. Now it was time to begin the process. After two in a half hours of what seemed like to be going on forever Sasori was now a different person, he touched his new arm, he felt nothing, and nothing at all it was like his whole body was numb. There was no way Sasori could die, he was invincible, while in these thoughts he suddenly felt something where his heart should be, he looked down as face sadden. There was a seal to protect his heart that was the only way for him to die. He thought that maybe he should expose it to the world, just sit there and let someone stab the life from his heart just as long as he could get out of this gruesome for sacking world. But he knew that he could not die until he destroyed the people that had taken Mizuki's life. With that goal in his head, he set off to the Rain Village to join the Akatsuki.
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