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~Chapter 5~

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Back at the Leaf Village Mizuki and Jirayia had just finished moving all of Mizuki's things into her new room. Mizuki ran down stairs to get a picture frame for her picture from the Sand Village.

"Mizuki come on down I'm going to take you to the playground while I go do some errands and I want you to be able to have some new friends around here!" Jirayia yelled.

Mizuki yelled back "Ok Uncle Jirayia I'll be down in a minute!"

Mizuki changed into a pink ruffles tank top with jean shorts and was ready to go out and get some new friends. Jirayia was showing Mizuki different parts of the village that way she wouldn't get lost. As they were on their walk Mizuki bumped into a pale white skinned man that had long black straight silky hair. The man turned around and a piercing yellow snake eyes.

Mizuki got all excited and hugged and screamed "Uncle Orochimaru! I haven't seen you in forever!"

Orochimaru smiled down at the squealing child and said "Well there is my favorite little girl in the whole entire world. I've been waiting for you to finally show up I've been dying to show many sorts of wonderful things around here."

Jirayia looked at the two and said "Well maybe you and Uncle Orochimaru can go sightseeing tomorrow but today we have things to do Mizuki." Mizuki then looked at Orochimaru and said "Can we do something tomorrow Uncle Orochimaru?"

Orochimaru smiled down at Mizuki and said "Yes Mizuki I'll come over and we'll do something together." Mizuki started shouting "Yay! Thank you!" The two adults chuckled at the hyper joyful child.

"Alright Mizuki say goodbye to Orochimaru we have things to go off and do." Jirayia said.

Mizuki smiled and said "Bye Uncle Orochimaru! See you tomorrow!" Orochimaru smiled back and said "Bye see you guys tomorrow."

As Jirayia and Mizuki walked away Orochimaru started planning out things to show and teach Mizuki to do. He wanted his so called "niece" to be a strong ninja because he knew that Mizuki was a gifted child and he knew she could turn the world to good or EVIL.
Mizuki and Jirayia had made it to the playground and Jirayia said "I'll be back as soon as I can, if I'm not back by the time the other kids have left then I want you to walk home. You know the way now and its safe so don't worry. Oh and Mizuki make sure to make some new friends. Bye!" As Jirayia was leaving he bent down and gave Mizuki a kiss on the forehead and then he left. Mizuki slowly walked over to the playground equipment and saw kids running, screaming, and having fun. Mizuki was getting ready to go out and join them but then she started getting a bit nervous, thinking that no one would like her and that she would be just another outsider to another village. So instead she darted over to the tree and sat under in the shade.
Mizuki sat there and watched all the kids having fun with their friends as she just sat there in silence. Just as she started curling her knees up to her body, she then heard a sigh come from someone's mouth. She looked up and there was a little boy standing in front of here. He had dark brownish blackish eyes and black spiky hair pulled back in a pony tail. Mizuki gulped and said "Umm Hello."

The boy yawned and replied back "Hey...why are you sitting down here all by yourself?"

Mizuki looked embarrassed "Umm well uhh I don't know I was nervous that no one would like me so I came and sat here."

"What a drag."

Mizuki questioned "Did I say something stupid?" T

he boy looked at her and said "No it's just stupid that people can be so judging to make other people feel like this. Well come on stand up I'll be your friend."

The boy held out his hand for Mizuki to take, her cheeks grew a shade of pink and then she took the boy's hand as he helped her up. The boy smiled and said "I'm Shikamaru Nara what's your name?"

Mizuki smiled and replied back "That's cool name. I'm Mizuki Faith Ketchum."

Shikamaru smiled "That's a pretty cool name. Do you wanna come and meet some of my friends?"

Mizuki got excited "Sure that sounds like fun."
So the two of them ran over to the play ground and Mizuki watched as Shikamaru walked over to three boys and a little dog. Then she watched them sit there and talk for a minute and then the group of boys walked towards her as the dog followed behind.

Shikamaru said "Ok Mizuki here is some of my friends they're pretty cool guys."

Mizuki giggled at them and then said "Well hi guys I'm Mizuki Faith Ketchum it's nice to meet you all."

The group of boys replied together "Nice to meet you Mizuki."

Then a little chubby boy walked forward. He had light brown hair and red swirls on his cheeks. He said "I'm Choji Akimachi it's nice to meet you."

Mizuki smiled at Choji and said "It's nice to meet you to Choji."

Then another boy with dark brown hair stepped forward. This boy had red triangles on his cheeks then he said "What's up? I'm Kiba Inuzuka and this is my best friend and battle partner Akamaru!" Just as Kiba said the name the little white dog with brown floppy ears barked with joy.

Mizuki grew a bug smile and said "Aww he is so adorable! It's nice to meet you Kiba. Aww hello Akamaru it's nice to meet you to." Mizuki bent down and started petting his head and scratching his ears. Then Mizuki saw one last boy step forward.
This boy had blonde spiky hair with green goggles on his head. It looked like he had cute little whiskers on his cheeks. The boy screamed "My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I'm going to be the next hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village so people will look up and respect me!"

Mizuki smiled and said "Well it's nice to meet you Naruto it's nice to meet such an enthusiastic person. Good luck with your dream Naruto I'll help you all the way through if I have to."

Naruto looked shocked and said "Wow really?!"

Mizuki laughed "Of course I will that's what friends do."

Shikamaru then said "Well now that you know our little group, what do you say? Wanna start hanging out with us?"

Mizuki grinned "Of course I want to! I would love to you guys are awesome!"

Kiba yelled "Heck yea we are! Just wait till school starts then the real awesomeness will begin!"

Then Naruto shouted "Oh yea! Skipping out on classes and pulling pranks on people are the best things to do in school!"

Choji pulled out some BBQ Pork chips and said "This calls for some chips!" Everyone reached in and grabbed in and grabbed a chip and started eating them, Kiba made sure to give Akamaru some to.

Shikamaru put his hand over Mizuki's ear and whispered "Here is something important about Choji you should know. When you're eating something with Choji and there is one more piece of something do not dare try to get and eat it. Choji will fight you violently just to get the last piece of anything and I mean anything. Trust me you'll lose if your fighting over food with him, also never call him fat or else you'll unleash that power to and it is not pleasant at all."

Mizuki gulped and said "Well thanks for telling me that because there are only a couple of chips left."

Then all of sudden Mizuki heard Naruto say "Oh yea I get the last chip!" Naruto picked up the chip and was getting ready to eat when Choji tackled Naruto and screamed "Oh no you don't!" They started rolling around while Akamaru started barking at them and Kiba shouted "Yahoooo! I'm getting in this!" Kiba jumped into the fight, Mizuki was shocked watching them all roll around and hit each other.

"Don't worry they'll be fine this happens all the time you'll get used to it" Shikamaru said.
After a couple more minutes of rolling around and fighting, Choji finally stood up on Naruto and Kiba and had the last chip in his hand. Mizuki and Shikamaru started clapping and cheering Choji on while he sat there and ate the chip nice and slowly. Then they heard people laughing from behind them, Mizuki turned around and saw two men and a woman standing there. Akamaru ran up to the woman and started barking playfully at her. "Well hi there Akamaru I missed you to" said the woman. Kiba stood up real quick and said "Oh hi Mom what brings you here?" the woman laughed and said "Hello son, I came to pick you up dinner is waiting on you. Say bye to your friends you can see them tomorrow." Kiba nodded and looked at his friends and said "Well see ya guys tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll play ninja! Come on Akamaru lets go."
When Kiba, Akamaru, and his mother left, Mizuki looked over at the other and tried to figure out who they were to the boys. By the looks of the men and Choji and Shikamaru, Mizuki could tell that they were related in some way. The man that's related to Choji, but his hand on Choji's back and said "Come on son time to go home and wash up your Mother has a big meal for you tonight." Choji eyes filled with glory and said "Alright what are we waiting for?! Come on Dad let's go! Bye Shikamaru bye Naruto bye Mizuki!" Naruto looked at the sky as it was setting, then he said "Well I'm calling it a day guys I have to go eat me some ramen I'll see you all later bye!" Mizuki watched as Naruto left, only leaving her, Shikamaru, and the guy that was related to Shikamaru.
The man looked down at Shikamaru and said "So who is this Shikamaru? A girlfriend?" he laughed and continued to say "Your mother will be so proud that you found yourself a girlfriend!" Shikamaru's face started to blush up, and he said "She's not my girlfriend Dad she's a new friend I met today. Her name is Mizuki." Shikamaru's father turned over to Mizuki and smiled and said "Well it's nice to meet you Mizuki my name is Shikaku." He held out his hand and Mizuki shook it. Shikaku then said "Well Mizuki is someone coming to pick you up?" Mizuki replied "No I'm going to just walk home to see more of the village and plus my Uncle is out doing lots of errands so I don't want to get in the way of that." Shikaku smiled and said "Well ok if you so. Shikamaru say bye to Mizuki we gotta get home before your Mom kills us for being late!" Shikamaru's face grew with terror and said "Well Mizuki see you tomorrow I got to get home quick! Bye!" Shikaku then said "Yea it was real nice meeting you Mizuki bye!" With that being said both of them ran as fast as they could leaving Mizuki behind in the dust.
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