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~Chapter 6~

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Here we go~

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Mizuki sat there at the playground all by herself coughing from the dust that Shikamaru and his father caused by rushing home. Mizuki looked around the playground and couldn't find any more kids playing around so she started walking home. Mizuki decided that she would take another way home in order to know the village better, so while she was on her walk she passed a very large compound. At the entrance of it was a symbol, the symbol was very odd looking to her it was red and white. When she went a little closer to it, it just looked like some random red circle with a white stick going half way through it. Mizuki couldn't believe how random it was; she made a mental note to herself to ask her Uncle about it to see what he knew about the random symbol. With that she continued with her walk, while she was on her peaceful walk she came across a little boy at the dock panting and panting.
Mizuki got a little worried and figured she could check on her because the way he was breathing really scared her, he was breathing as if he was getting ready to pass out right then and there. Mizuki ran down the hill and the boy quickly turned around.

The boy then had a confused look on his face and said "Who are you?" Mizuki smiled and replied "I'm Mizuki. Are you ok?"

The boy just looked at her for a moment and said "Yea I'm fine there's no need to be concerned."

Mizuki just continued to smile and said "Well ok if you say so dude. Oh and by the way what's your name?"

The boy sighed and said "My name is Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke waited for the girl to gasp or be in shock but all she said was "Cool name Sasuke it's nice to meet you." Sasuke was in shock whenever someone meets an Uchiha they get all amazed or scared by their power but this girl showed no fear of amazement, jus a simple grin. Mizuki interrupted his thoughts when she said "Well Sasuke it was nice talking to you but I gotta get home so I don't wanna be late for dinner I'll see you later bye Sasuke!" With that Mizuki ran up the hill and started heading home. Sasuke just sat there still amazed and then shock his head and started to go home also.

While Mizuki was walking on her way home she started skipping happily as she thought about all the amazing people she met today. She couldn't wait to meet more people. As her Mom would say the more the merrier! Mizuki missed her family and Granny Chiyo and she really missed Sasori but, she knew that this was the only way to fulfill her dream or becoming a ninja so she was willing to only see her family once and while. She also knew that she was going to have to train super hard and ling in order to become stronger and a better ninja. Mizuki had finally reached home, when she got up to the door she got the key out from her pocket. She then opened the door and went inside to see that she was the only one at the house. Mizuki sighed, she knew she would probably beat her Uncle home but still it would be nice if he come home before her!

Mizuki just decided to cook herself something to eat to pass time. She went over into the kitchen and started climbing up onto the counter and then reached inside the cabinet and retrieved the ramen of her flavor. As she started climbing down Jirayia walked in and looked over and saw what Mizuki was doing. He sighed and said "Umm Mizuki what are you doing?" Mizuki chuckled and said "Oh you know I got hungry so umm I climbed to get some ramen."

Jirayia face palmed his face and said "Mizuki you know there is a whole pot of ramen on the stove right?"

Mizuki got all surprised and said "Whaaaaa?" Mizuki looked over at the stove and saw a big pot of ramen. Mizuki then face palmed her head and "Wow how could I be so blind?!" Jirayia then laughed and put her down on the floor.

He then asked "So did you make any friends today Mizuki?"

Mizuki got all excited and said "Yes! I met all kinds of kids today! And I'm going to go play with them tomorrow!"

Jirayia smiled and said "Well I'm happy you made lots of friends! I'll tell Uncle Orochimaru that he can come the next day to practice with you. He'll understand that you still have people to meet."

Mizuki gasped and said "Are you sure Uncle Jirayia? I forgot all about it!" Jirayia ruffled Mizuki's hair up and said "Yes dear he'll understand. Oh and you know what?"

Mizuki looked confused and said "What?"

"I thought maybe sometime soon after you settle down more me and you could start doing some training."

Mizuki's face lit up and she said "Really Uncle?!"

"Yes really!"

"Yay!! I'm so excited!"

Jirayia laughed and said "Haha good! Now let's eat!"

Mizuki went over and sat at the table while Jirayia got bowls and filled them up with delicious ramen. While they were eating they carried on a conversation about what all they did today, and talked about the things there were going to do the next day. After that Mizuki ran up and leaped onto her bed and looked at the picture of her and Sasori and Granny Chiyo. Then she got her Sand Ninja Headband and got a cloth to wipe over it, to keep it nice and shiny. Mizuki thought about showing her new friends her headband but then decided not to because she feared of becoming an outcast. After she cleaned the headband she took a shower and told her Uncle goodnight and she went to bed.

Mizuki Dreaming

Mizuki started rubbing her head and said "Where am I?" Mizuki looked around; this place didn't look familiar to her. She was in a forest somewhere with giant creepy looking mushrooms, and it was very dark and icky. So out of curiosity she started walking around, maybe she could find someone and find out what in the world was going on. While she was walking she heard yelling and metal clashing. Mizuki ran as fast as she could to find out what was happening. When she arrived to the scene she hid behind a tree and peeked from the side of it. There she saw three kids and a couple of adults fighting with them. She tried to get a better look of them but made sure to still be hidden so they wouldn't see her. As she focused more onto one of the children it looked like he had black spiky hair. Mizuki kept leaning more and more forward until she accidently fell over and hit a branch which made a very loud snap. Mizuki quickly squinted here eyes shut and then opened them to see if they were all looking at her. To her surprise they weren't. It was like she wasn't even there and this bugged her.

Mizuki started running forward to the people and started shouting at them. Still they didn't turn around or say a word about her being there. She was really frustrated now; she went up to the boy with the black spiky hair and got right in front of him. Though when she got in front of him she stopped, she knew who this boy was. It was the boy who used to help watch her when she was little, it was Obito. Mizuki was very shocked and scared; she looked over at the other two kids and realized that it was Rin and Kakashi. What were they all doing here fighting with these men? Mizuki turned back around to Obito and went over to reach to him but her hand went through him. Mizuki was really scared now she didn't know what to do what in the world was happening? She then heard Kakashi scream she quickly turned around and saw that he got attacked and his left eye had a huge slash going over it. Mizuki ran over to him and when she reached out to him she fell and the world started spinning around her. After it finally stopped spinning, it just froze there in time; Mizuki was just in utter disbelief. She then heard screaming coming from behind her, she got up and turned around, she now wished that she didn't get up to see where the screaming was coming from.

There in front of her eyes was Obito lying crushed under a huge boulder. Half of his body was being crushed; it was his right side to be exact. Poor Rin was sitting there holding his hand and tried to pull him out slowly though she wasn't having very good luck with that. Kakashi stood there in shock not knowing what to do and trying to take in what just happened. Obito started to say something but Mizuki couldn't hear what he was saying, all she could see was that Kakashi and Rin were both starting to cry, Mizuki started to run towards them to find out what was going to happen. Though the more she ran it seemed that they were just getting farther away from her and then everything just turned black all around her.

Mizuki started blinking her eyes and started to see something, she started to walk toward the light she was seeing. When she got to light she looked around and saw that she was in a very odd room. She saw what looked like tow nurses and a man and woman. The man had blonde spiky hair Mizuki looked closer at the man and saw that it was Minato! He was holding someone's hand, Mizuki walked over behind Minato and saw that he was holding Kushina's hand. Kushina was grunting and screaming while Minato was freaking out about his wife's pain. Mizuki walked over to the other side of Kushina she really wanted to grab her hand and tell her that everything would be ok but how could she do that when she wasn't able to touch Obito last time. Mizuki focused really hard and reached out and grabbed a hold of Kushina's hand! She was actually able to grab Kushina's hand! Mizuki said to herself that things couldn't get much weirder than this let alone worse.

With one last scream coming from Kushina's mouth a little baby was born! Kushina breathed hard and looked over at Minato and smiled. Mizuki got up to look at the baby. It was a little baby boy, he had blonde hair like his father, he also had something else. He had whiskers like Naruto Mizuki gasped, Minato and Kushina were Naruto's parents! Mizuki then heard a boom noise she turned around and saw a man with a mask on. This mask was strange it only showed one eye, Mizuki thought this was very curious. Minato had Naruto and Kushina was screaming. The world started spinning again before Mizuki could try doing anything to help out. Mizuki was now in a different room. She took a glance around and saw Kushina lying down crying with Naruto beside her. Minato was putting on a Hokage cloak, then he flashed away.

Mizuki sat there and thought about what was now going on. As Mizuki sat there lost in thoughts, the world had started spinning again and Mizuki now saw Minato and the masked man fighting. Minato wasn't able to an attack on the man and Mizuki got scared knowing this. But then Minato passed through the man and was then able to land an attack on him. Mizuki cheered him on but then she saw a giant fox attacking the village. She heard the screams of people and children everywhere throughout the village. Mizuki covered her ears to get the screaming out but no matter how hard she tried to keep the noise out it just got louder and louder. Mizuki saw fire started to spread over the village. Mizuki looked at the fox and saw that he had nine tails, he then roared and swatted at people that were trying to attack him. Mizuki screamed in horror as everything was happening in front of her in just a blink of an eye. Though what killed her most was that there was nothing she could do to help anyone out. Once again the world spun and this time she saw Naruto lying down with candles around him and he had something hovering him, it looked like a claw. Mizuki looked over and then screamed. There was the Nine-tailed fox and he had one of his claws through Minato and Kushina. They had done this to protect their son. The world had spun again and this time it was rainy.

Mizuki heard someone say "Kakashi...", so Mizuki turned around and saw Rin and Kakashi. Though Kakashi's hand was through Rin's chest, Rin and Kakashi both fell down to the muddy Earth as Mizuki screamed out their names. Just as Mizuki had called out their names, everything around her had just turned completely black.

End of Dream
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