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~Chapter 7~

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Another one~!

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Mizuki rose up quickly form her pillow while screaming and crying. Jirayia heard Mizuki and ran into her room and rushed right over to her and said "Mizuki what's wrong?!"

Mizuki hugged Jirayia and said "There all dead aren't they?!"

Jirayia looked down at Mizuki confused and said "Mizuki what are you talking about?" Mizuki kept crying and said "I had dreams about them all dying!"

Jirayia was starting to get worried about Mizuki and said "Who Mizuki tell me."

Mizuki started to control her crying and said "Minato, Kushina, Rin, and Obito! Wait what about Kakashi? Uncle Jirayia where is Kakashi?" Mizuki got up and ran downstairs as fast as she could and ran right out the door.

Jirayia sat there for a moment and was stunned, how did Mizuki know this? Jirayia then realized that Mizuki had run out the door and he would have to go get her. So Jirayia ran out and caught up with Mizuki and picked her up.

He then said "Come on dear I'll take you to Kakashi."

Mizuki started crying again and said "Uncle Jirayia was my dreams true? Are they seriously dead?"

Jirayia just looked forward and said "Don't worry about that right now we're going to visit Kakashi we can talk about that later." Before they were going to visit Kakashi Jirayia took Mizuki back home to change out of her night clothes while he made her something quick to eat. After Mizuki ate and brushed her teeth they left to go to Kakashi's house.

On the way to Kakashi's Jirayia picked up Mizuki and gave her a piggy back ride. Mizuki just laid there in Jirayia's hair while she thought about the dreams she had last night. Mizuki looked up and saw that they were at a small little house. Jirayia sat Mizuki down beside him and knocked on the door. Mizuki was scared to see what awaited her on the other side of the door. She heard someone yell "Come in." and Jirayia opened the door and stepped in as Mizuki followed.

Jirayia then said "Hello Kakashi how is it going? It's been awhile. I have someone who wants to see you."

Kakashi turned around said "Who is it?"

Jirayia stepped aside and pushed Mizuki forward. Kakashi was surprised to see her right there in front of him. It had been four years since the last time he had seen her. Kakashi then took a step forward and said " you've grown up so much. Your five now right?"

Mizuki started tearing up and ran over and hugged Kakashi. She then said "Kakashi I've missed you so much. I've never forgot about you or the others, I still have the bracelet you and Obito got me see?" Mizuki held up her wrist so Kakashi could see the charm bracelet that he and Obito did buy for her. Mizuki then looked up at Kakashi and saw where he had his left eye covered up. Mizuki then gasped, as the tears were starting to swell up in her eyes, she just sat there and hugged Kakashi.

Kakashi saw the tears in Mizuki's eyes and asked "Mizuki what's wrong?"

Mizuki just touched her left eye and said "I know what happened there."

Kakashi looked over at Jirayia and said "You told her what happened?"

Jirayia shook his head and said "No she woke up this morning saying some things and ran out the door looking for you. Mizuki will you tell me and Kakashi about your dream last night?"

Mizuki looked down and then grabbed onto Kakashi's hand and said "I had three dreams last night. The first one involved you, Obito, and Rin. You guys were fighting men in the woods and you had your eye cut and then Obito got crushed under rocks and you and Rin were so sad and crying. Then another dream started."

Kakashi looked very interested in this and asked "Mizuki can you tell me the details about the dream Obito was in?"

Mizuki took in a deep breath and said "It was in the woods and it was dark with very large mushrooms. You guys were fighting two men, you were fighting with one guy and he attacked and slashed your left eye. The slash was up and down, and then Obito then unlocked a new ability in his eyes called the sharingan. The next thing I saw were you three running and a rock fell toward you but it was on your left side and you couldn't see it because your eye was messed up. Just as you then knew that a rock was coming at you Obito jumped out and pushed you out of the way. He got crushed by the rock but only half of his body was under it, his right side was under the rock."
Kakashi looked over at Jirayia and said "That's exactly what happened."

Jirayia looked down in thought and then he said "Mizuki tell us about the next dream." Mizuki rubbed her eyes and said "In the second one I had, I was in a room and Kushina was having Naruto and Minato was holding her hand."

Jirayia interrupted her and said "Who's Naruto?"

Mizuki replied "It's their child that they had together. I met Naruto yesterday at the playground."

Jirayia sighed and said "Mizuki you cannot tell Naruto or anyone else about these dreams. Naruto doesn't know that Minato and Kushina are his parents. They didn't want anyone knowing so Naruto would be safe and plus they didn't Naruto being known as a monster, they wanted him to be known as the hero of the village."

Mizuki looked very confused and said "Then who it watching Naruto?"

Jirayia replied "No one, the Third Hokage has a house for Naruto to stay at. Naruto has no idea who his parents were and it has to stay that way."

Mizuki just sat there, she said "I watched Minato fight a man with a mask on, I saw the village being destroyed by the Nine-tailed fox. I saw Minato and Kushina die because they protected their child. I also know that Naruto has the Nine-tailed fox sealed within his body. That's why he has a strange mark on his stomach right?" Jirayia and Kakashi were both extremely shocked when they heard Mizuki say all of this, this child was only five years old and she knew all of this. Jirayia nodded and Mizuki then knew that she was right. She then said "Then my last dream was about Rin's death." Kakashi then looked down as the memory floated around in his head.

Mizuki saw this and said "I don't have to tell this one if you don't want me to it was very short anyway."

Kakashi grabbed Mizuki's hand and said "Let's go visit our old friends Mizuki."

Mizuki looked over at Jirayia and said "Uncle Jirayia can I go with Kakashi? I would like to pay my respects."

Jirayia nodded and said "Yes go ahead I just remembered I had to do something for a friend of mine. I'll be back Mizuki stay with Kakashi." Jirayia walked over and gave Mizuki a kiss on the forehead and left. Kakashi then looked down at Mizuki and said "Well Mizuki let's go I want you to know where they rest now."

Mizuki forced a smile on her face and said "Ok let's go."

While Mizuki and Kakashi were on their way to the resting place, Mizuki was afraid she was going to lose Kakashi today because of all the people at this time. She grabbed Kakashi's hand as she was pushing past people. After ten more minutes of walking they arrived at what seemed like a training field. There at the field was a monument, Kakashi's walked over to it and said "Here is a list of names of heroes that died in combat from the Leaf Village. Here is where Obito's name is right here." Kakashi pointed to where Obito's name was. Mizuki walked over to it and touched Obito's name, when she touché it a breeze flew by and Mizuki said "Kakashi he is not dead he is still here, he is here right now."

Kakashi sighed and said "Yea I know he is in our hearts now."

Mizuki was getting ready to say something but then she saw a shadow move away from behind the tree and she decided not to say anything more about the subject.
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