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~Chapter 8~

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8 Years Later

Mizuki woke up and started getting ready for school. She was now 12 years old and she was getting ready to graduate and finally become a Leaf Village ninja. All she had to do is do some easy test and then she would get the headband. "Mizuki you better hurry up or else you going to be late for school and you don't want to keep your friends waiting!" Mizuki sighed at her Uncle then said "I know Uncle Jirayia I'm going now!" Mizuki hurried up and got ready then ran down the stairs grabbed an apple from the counter and told her Uncle goodbye and then she was out the door.

Mizuki started walking passed a girl with pink hair named Sakura. She was talking to a blond haired girl named Ino, Mizuki didn't really know the two girls but at least she knew their names so that was good enough for her. She continued her walk to school and waved at store owners as she passed by them. While she was walking past a fountain she saw Shikamaru and Choji there waiting for her. She ran up to them and said "Hey guys! Thanks for waiting on me let's go." They nodded and started walking and Shikamaru said "School is going to be troublesome today."

Mizuki looked confused and said "How come?"

Before Shikamaru could respond Choji said "Because today is clone making and you know how bad Naruto is at that."

Mizuki sighed and said "Poor Naruto he tried so hard at that and he just can't get the concept of it. Oh well he'll get it one of these days."

Shikamaru sighed and said "Yea but until then it's going to be a drag for the rest of us." Mizuki laughed and said "Shikamaru everything is a drag to you."

Shikamaru smirked and said "Well that is just what makes me so special."

Choji then laughed about this while he was eating his chips and the said "I guess I am a very special person to since all I do is eat these chips."

Mizuki laughed and said "Yes Choji you are very special to."
A couple minutes later they arrived at school. They walked in and talked to some other students while they waited for the rest of the class to show up. Shikamaru decided to sit up at the top of the classroom today so he would be able to get more sleep and Choji went over and sat with Kiba and Akamaru and started eating another bag of chips. Mizuki took a seat in the middle section of the classroom. There was a loud thud at the entrance of the classroom and there was Sakura and Ino with their arms spread out in front of each other. Mizuki was guessing they were having a contest to see who would get here first to impress a certain someone. Though after they moved and started arguing again there came in the boy they were both trying to impress, Sasuke Uchiha.
When all the girls saw Sasuke walk in they all stopped dead in their tracks and waved and said hi to him. Though all he would do is just walk past them and ignore them. Then they all would start to fight over of who got to sit with Sasuke today. Sasuke would just roll his eyes at them and come over and sit beside Mizuki, she was the only girl that did not do all these annoying things to Sasuke and plus him and Mizuki were good childhood friends. But of course all of the girls would see this and it did not help Mizuki find any friends that were girls at all, it just made things fifty times worse for her. Mizuki sighed and held her head down but then looked over to Sasuke and said "Good morning Sasuke. I bet you glad to be away from all your lovely fan girls."

Sasuke just raised his hands up to his chin and kept looking forward and said "Good morning to you to Mizuki. Yes I am glad to be away from them for at least during school but, I probably don't make finding friends easier for you since you're the only girl that I'll actually talk to."

Mizuki chuckled and said "Oh well I'll still have you and the other boys to talk to and hang out with." Sasuke just smiled when she said that.
Sasuke then got an annoyed look on his face again and Mizuki saw why. Naruto was right in front of him, studying him.

Mizuki said "Umm Naruto what are you doing?"

Naruto frowned and said "I'm trying to figure out why all the girls love this guy so much he doesn't even talk to any of them. All they say is Sasuke, Sasuke come sit with me." Sasuke gave Naruto a dirty look and said "You better move now or else I'll make you move loser." Mizuki sighed she knew this was going to end badly; it always ended badly when these two would act like this. Just as she was thinking this the boy that was sitting behind Naruto leaned back and bumped into Naruto pushing him forward which then caused Naruto and Sasuke to kiss! Mizuki slapped her head and mentally told herself that Naruto was in some serious deep trouble now. There beside them was all the Sasuke fan girls cracking their knuckles.

Mizuki laughed and said "Poor Naruto he's in for it now. Sasuke you need to control your ladies or else they're gonna kill the poor boy."

Sasuke grinned and said "Yea maybe they will."

Just as Naruto had received the beating of his life the teacher came into the classroom and told everyone to take their seats. The teacher's name was Iruka and Mizuki thought he was a good teacher except when Naruto cased him trouble then things could get bad. Mizuki looked back and saw that Shikamaru had already laid his head down to get ready for his afternoon nap, and then she looked over at Kiba and Choji and Akamaru already opening up another bag of chips getting ready to eat again. Naruto was also lying down from all the pain he had received and Sasuke was just looking ahead looking serious as usual. Mizuki then saw Sakura and Ino eyeing her to make sure she wasn't putting the moves on Sasuke. Mizuki sighed, she knew she would have to talk to them and tell them that she wasn't a threat to them. As Mizuki was lost in thought Iruka said "Class today we will be taking the test to see if you are ready to be a ninja or not." Just as he had said Mizuki's eyes widened and everyone looked serious.

Mizuki couldn't believe her ears; Iruka Sensei had just said that they were going to take the test for the title of Hidden Leaf ninjas. Everyone had gotten serious for the first time even Shikamaru slightly rose his head up to listen about the test. Iruka then continued talking "The test is very simple all you have to do is make a shadow clone and you pass the test. If you pass then tomorrow you will be placed on your three man cell squad." Mizuki got all happy she was going to become a ninja today! Iruka then said "We are going to give you all one hour to practice or talk among your classmates. After the hour is up you will report back into this classroom and start the test. You all are now dismissed for one hour; till then use your time wisely."

Everyone got up from their seats and started walking out the doors. Mizuki saw Sakura and Ino heading out following Sasuke and Mizuki took this chance to talk to them. Mizuki walked up to them and said "Hey can I talk to you two for a minute?" Mizuki walked out into the hallway as Sakura and Ino followed behind her, Mizuki then said "Well I would like to formally introduce myself if you didn't already know my name is Mizuki Ketchum. I would also like to tell you that I have no interest in Sasuke at all, he is just a childhood friend and that is all." Sakura and Ino both exhaled and Sakura said "That is a relief I didn't want there to be more competition with me and Ino pig over here."

Ino huffed and said "Well forehead it won't be a competition since I've already won Sasuke's heart!"

Mizuki knew where this was going to lead into so she said "Well anyways I just thought that I would let you two know that so there wouldn't be any hard feelings toward each other or anything, because I already don't have any friends that are girls if you know what I mean."

Sakura and Ino laughed and Sakura said "Yea there are no hard feelings here and you can come hang out with me and Ino sometime if you want."

Ino then said "Yea that would be so much fun! We could all be best friends!"

Mizuki smiled and said "That sounds good to me! It would be nice to finally spend some girl time with some new friends." They all shook their hands in agreement, Mizuki said "Oh hey I got to go and help someone out before the test I'll talk to you two later bye!"

After the other two girls said their goodbyes Mizuki went off to look for Naruto because she knew how terrible he was at making clones. She knew that she had wasted about 15 minutes talking to Sakura and Ino so she would still have 45 minutes to help Naruto out with this technique. Mizuki went out to the back of the school though she didn't see him there just a bunch of other kids trying to make some clones. Mizuki saw what one of them was doing wrong so she went over to him and said "Here try doing it like this." Mizuki showed him what to do and then he made a perfectly good clone and then he said "Wow thanks Mizuki now I'll pass my test for sure." Mizuki just smiled and said "You're welcome!" Mizuki decided to go down to the training field and see if he had decided to go there to practice. When Mizuki arrived there she was sadly disappointed to see that he wasn't there either. Mizuki then decided to try and pick another place to look for him. Mizuki was walking pass the Uchiha compound and thought about Sasuke. Mizuki sat there and thought to herself 'Poor Sasuke I still can't believe to this day that Itachi killed all of their family. It is crazy the three of us used to play around together or go training together out in Itachi's little training area. Maybe Itachi just had some it couldn't have been that everyone loved Itachi...maybe he could have had problems because everyone loved him so much that it drove him there had to be a certain reason why Itachi did that' Mizuki snapped out of her thoughts when she felt someone grab her shoulder. She quickly turned around with a kunai in her hand; she then realized that it was Shikamaru. Shikamaru raised his hands in the air and said "Geeze lady trying to kill me for trying to get you back to school."

Mizuki panicked and said "Oh my goodness I am so sorry Shikamaru! I didn't mean to do that! I was thinking about something and I didn't hear you come up I am so sorry!" Shikamaru chuckled and said "Chill out Mizuki its fine I was just playing around. Come on let's go and get the test taken already so I can go and take a nap." Mizuki laughed and nodded and then the two started walking to the school.

While they were walking Mizuki looked over at Shikamaru and asked "Shikamaru have you seen Naruto? I was going to help him practice before the test started." Shikamaru thought for a minute and then said "I think I saw him going into some tiny little ramen restaurant to get some ramen but, hey you just never know with Naruto." Mizuki laughed and said "Yea that is true he is always full of surprises." They both continued walking down the street when all of the sudden Mizuki saw feet popping out from under a bush. Mizuki gasped and poked Shikamaru and whispered "Shikamaru I think that's a dead body!"

Shikamaru sighed and said "Woman do you know that you're a pain. That is not a dead body it's probably someone sleeping or drunk."

Mizuki then said "You never know! Poke it to make sure it's alive."

He sighed again and then bent down to the feet and picked up a stick. He leaned in closer to the feet and Mizuki was bending down behind him slowly. Once Shikamaru was getting ready to poke them a white fuzzy face appeared and barked at them. Mizuki screamed and fell back on the ground and Shikamaru fell back on his butt. The body rose up quickly to see what was going on. It was Kiba sleeping. Kiba yawned and said "What's up guys?"

Mizuki got up quickly to her feet and pointed at Kiba and yelled "We thought you were a dead person!"

Kiba laughed and Shikamaru said "Yea she wouldn't leave until she found out that the person was still alive."

Kiba laughed again and said "I doubt the village would have dead people lying around in the streets."

Mizuki threw her hands up in the air and yelled "You never know! It's possible! Let's just go take this test!"

With that being said Mizuki, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shikamaru started to walk to the school again. Once they arrived at the school they went in and took their seats while all of the other kids started to come in and fill up the rest of the seats. Mizuki started to scan the classroom to see if everyone came back. She saw Ino and Sakura sitting on both sides of Sasuke; while Sasuke looked like he hated his life as usual. She saw Choji sitting beside this one girl that barely talked and barely ever said a word. Mizuki sat there and thought about what her name was. Mizuki sat there and sat there but, she still couldn't figure it out. She knew that her name stared with an H but what was it?! Mizuki was getting ready to ask Shikamaru but when she was getting ready to ask him there he was sleeping. Mizuki made a very puzzled face and sighed so she turned over to Kiba and asked "Kiba who is that girl sitting beside by Choji?" Kiba looked over and saw where Choji was sitting and looked at the girl. He then said "That is Hinata Huyga, she is extremely shy and doesn't really speak much at all. She kinda reminds of me of Shino." Mizuki slapped her head and said "Oh that is what her name was! I knew it started with an H! Ok thank you Kiba. Wait where's Shino at?" Kiba pointed to the very front row of the classroom where Shino sat. Mizuki said "Oh ok I haven't really talked to him in a while he is so quiet." Just as Kiba was getting ready to respond Naruto busted through the door.
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