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~Chapter 9~

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Once Naruto busted through the door he yelled "I'm gonna blow this test away! I'm going to become Hokage of this village and be known as a great hero like the Fourth Hokage!" Mizuki then saw some kid pick up an eraser and throw at Naruto's head. Naruto grabbed his head and said "Who threw that?! I'll come up there and beat the living life right out of you!"

Iruka came in and hit Naruto on the head and yelled "No you won't Naruto! Now go take your seat!" Iruka hit him upside the head again and Naruto rubbed his head once again and went and sat down. Mizuki shook her head, she felt so bad for Naruto but, she knew that he would become Hokage when he was older he was going to be just like his father or even better for all she knew. Iruka then clapped his hands together and said "Ok students this is how the test is going to go."

All the kids once again paid more close attention except for Shikamaru because he could hear even if he was sleeping Mizuki didn't know how but, he was just talented like that she guesses. Iruka then continued to say "Each one of you will be called into the testing room individually and take your test. After you finish your test we being the judges will decided if you pass or not. If you pass then you will receive a Leaf Village headband. If you do not pass then you fail and will have to try to take the test again next year. Whether you pass or not you will proceed through the door that will be beside me and that will lead outside. Be aware that there will be parents and family members outside waiting, and then I will come back into this room and get the next student. Also if you pass the test then you will have to report back here tomorrow at 9:00A.M. So we can put you on your teams. Good Luck to everyone! I am going to go tell the judges that you guys are ready and then we will be starting test."

With that Iruka walked out of the classroom, the classroom started to fill up with chattering about the test. There were a lot of kids talking about how nervous they were about the test but, Mizuki was not nervous at all if she was feeling anything it was excitement. She was going take this simple test and become a ninja for the Hidden Leaf Village. Just as she was picturing her future Iruka walked back into the classroom. When all of the other students saw him all of the chattering stopped completely and Iruka said "Ok students we're starting the test now so everyone needs to be a lot quieter. First we need Choji Akamichi." Choji had just finished a bag of BBQ potato chips and got up and walked down to Iruka. Mizuki said "Good luck Choji!" Choji smiled and nodded. Mizuki heard Shikamaru yawn and she made a puzzled face at him and said "Well good morning Sleeping Beauty did you enjoy your nap?"

Shikamaru yawned again and said "No I couldn't sleep because all I heard was this really loud and annoying girl screaming Good Luck to Choji."

Mizuki gasped and pushed Shikamaru and said "Shikamaru Nara you are a meanie head! I'm gonna tell your Mom!"

Shikamaru's face just dropped and he said "Oh no anything but that Mizuki that would be just a cruel thing to do to your best friend you, know I was just joking right?"

Kiba laughed at this and said "Yea Mizuki that would be pretty cruel of you, you know how much his Mom adores you and, if you told on him he you would never see him again."

Mizuki laughed at this and said "Oh alright I'll forgive you this one time Shikamaru you better be thanking Kiba for this one." Shikamaru peeked behind Mizuki as Kiba did the same and Shikamaru said "I owe you one man next time Mizuki threatens you like that I got your back." Mizuki of course heard the two of them whispering behind her back and she just chuckled it was just so funny to her.

Mizuki then turned toward Kiba so she could pet Akamaru but, Kiba and he were asleep! Mizuki quickly turned to Shikamaru to see that he was back to sleep again! Mizuki just faced forward and shock her head with disappointment, how could three boys be so tired when they haven't even did anything today except for sleep?! It made absolutely no sense to her. Iruka came back into the classroom to get another student, once he left the room Mizuki could hear half the room, sigh in relief that they didn't get called on. Twenty-five minutes later Kiba got called on to go take the test; Mizuki wished him luck as he followed Iruka in. Mizuki looked around to see who all was still in the room, Shino, Choji, Sakura, Hinata, Kiba were all gone. The only people that were still in the classroom that Mizuki knew were Shikamaru, Sasuke, Ino, and Naruto. Thirty minutes had passed and Shikamaru was still asleep and Mizuki could see that Naruto was asleep also so Mizuki was just sitting there playing with Shikamaru's hair. Iruka came back into the classroom and called for Mizuki. Mizuki shook Shikamaru and said "Get up Shikamaru I'm taking my test now and I won't be back to wake you up so you gotta stay awake and not go back to sleep." Shikamaru raised his head up a little and nodded his head. Mizuki got up and followed Iruka to the room. As soon as Shikamaru saw them out of the room he laid his head back down and went back to sleep.

Mizuki was now in the testing room and there she was just standing right in the middle of the room just chilling while they did some paper work. Mizuki studied the judges also it was just Iruka, the Third Hokage, and some creepy looking dude. This creepy dude was really creepy, he had white hair under a bandana thing and he was smiling like a creeper to which didn't help at all!

The Third Hokage smiled and said "So you're the niece of Jirayia right?"

Mizuki just smiled and nodded her head and said "Yes sir he is one of my favorite uncles of all times."

The Hokage smiled and said "Well did you know that when he was your age I was his teacher and sensei."

Mizuki's eyes widened and she said "Really? That is so cool Uncle Jirayia never told me that."

The Hokage just started chuckling and said "Well you take this test real quick for us and we'll meet up later and talk about it." Mizuki smiled and nodded, she put her hands together real quick and made a perfectly good clone of herself.

They all clapped and the Hokage grabbed a headband and walked toward Mizuki and held the headband out and said "Mizuki Ketchum I now pronounce you a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. Congratulations." Mizuki grew a great big smile and said "Thank you Third Hokage and thank you very much for teaching me the ninja ways Iruka sensei." They both smiled and nodded their heads. Mizuki walked out the door and saw all kinds of parents still waiting on their children to come out. Mizuki smiled when she saw some of the kids showing their parents their new headbands and listening to the parents telling their children how proud they were of them.

Mizuki tied her headband around her neck and started looking for her Uncle. She rose up on her tippy toes and saw large white spiky hair moving around, hiding behind someone. Mizuki smiled and walked over to where the person was standing. She walked over to the person who was Shikaku.

Mizuki said "Hello Mr. Nara!"

Shikaku smiled at Mizuki and said "Well hello there Miss. Ketchum! I believe there is someone behind me who would like to say hello."

Mizuki tapped her chin and said "Hmm I wonder who it could be." Just as she said that Jirayia popped out from behind Shikaku and picked up Mizuki and started spinning her around and said "There's my number one star ninja!" Mizuki laughed and held up her brand new headband. The three of them just sat there and laughed.

Shikaku looked at Mizuki and asked "So Mizuki was my son still sleeping when you left?"

Mizuki sighed and said "Probably, I woke him up before I went in and told him to stay awake because I wasn't coming back in, but he probably went back to sleep as soon as I left the room."

Shikaku chuckled and said "Man what am I going to do with that child? He could really make something of himself if he really wanted to. I know all he does is sleep but, man the boy has brains."

Mizuki nodded in agreement and said "Yea he can always come up with awesome and quick strategies and gets the job done."

Jirayia then said "Heck for all we know he could be the Hokage or the Hokage's top man!"

Mizuki laughed and said "Yea when I'm Hokage I'll make sure Shikamaru is my main person! Haha nahh I can't become Hokage." Jirayia and Shikaku looked confused and asked "Why?"

Mizuki simply smiled and said "Because that is Naruto's dream and I am not going to get in the way of that and besides he'll be Hokage someday I know he will." The two adults just smiled.

The three were just standing around and Jirayia asked "So Mizuki what do you want to do now? Do you want to go home? Go shopping? Go eat?" Mizuki shook her head no and said "No I've got to wait to congratulate Shikamaru and Sasuke. Then I have to see how Naruto did." Jirayia smiled and said "Ok dear." The three of them continued to stand around, wait, and just talked about little things while they waited and waited and waited some more and then Shikamaru came out of the door yawning as usual. He took his time walking up to them. Mizuki was looking for a headband but she didn't see one so she said panicked and said "Shikamaru where is your headband?!" Shikamaru breathed out and said "Girl you're so troublesome its right here on my arm." Shikamaru turned so the three of them could see the headband tied on his left arm and smiled.

Shikaku smiled and said "Congratulations Son your Mother will be so happy to hear when we get home." Mizuki laughed because she could already picture his Mother start telling him to work harder now that he was a ninja. Shikamaru sighed again and said "What are you even still doing here Mizuki?"

Mizuki held up her finger and said "Well I had to congratulate you and then Sasuke and then I have to see if Naruto passed. I already know that Choji, Kiba, Sakura, Shino, and that one Hinata girl passed." He just nodded her head and sighed again.

Mizuki laughed and said "What's wrong Shikamaru?"

He just said "I already know my Mom is just going to lecture me even more about getting stronger and having more responsibilities and then we get team members tomorrow and it's just going to be such a drag."

Mizuki laughed again and said "Geeze Shikamaru everything is just a drag to you."

He just smiled and said "Yea you got that right, but, there are some things that aren't too much of a drag...well I'll talk to you later Mizuki, Choji was wanting me to meet up with him after I finished taking the test I'll see you later."

Mizuki said her goodbyes and Shikaku and Shikamaru said their goodbyes and left. Jirayia smiled at Mizuki and said "I'm so proud of you Mizuki. It is an honor to be able to say that I'm your Uncle. You've come so far to be where you are today."

Mizuki smiled real big and said "Aww thanks Uncle Jirayia that means a lot to me. And besides I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

Jirayia said "Mizuki one of these say you will help change the world and help someone or even make peace all by yourself in the world I know you will."

Mizuki thought about it for a moment and said "You really think so Uncle?"

He nodded his head and said "I know for a fact that you will, I know it in my heart that you can accomplish anything you put your mins to." Before Mizuki could say anymore she saw Sasuke coming out. Mizuki was getting ready to go up to him to congratulate him but, she saw his fan girls already there waiting on him. He saw her and she mouthed "Congratulations!" He smiled at her and mouthed "You to."

Mizuki turned back to her Uncle and said "Well all we have to do is wait on Naruto to come out and then we can go home." Jirayia smiled and said "Anything for my little ninja!" Mizuki and Jirayia stood there waiting around and talked about different ninja missions and how Jirayia would let Mizuki write a letter to her parents to let them know the good news. They also talked about the different people that could be on Mizuki's team and getting weapons and summoning scrolls. They talked for quite some time but Naruto never out of the doors, Mizuki was starting to get worried about him she figured he would already be out by now. Mizuki saw the doors open and expected to see Naruto but instead she saw Ino. Mizuki thought to herself that that couldn't be right U comes before Y. So what happened to Naruto?
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