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Kim breaks her leg while on a hiking trip with Ron, with no help coming, it's up to Ron to get them home, can he do it?

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Disclaimer: I /DO NOT/ own the rights to Kim Possible, or any of the characters contained herein, they are the property of Disney entertainment, the storyline is mine, I make no profit from this.

Rating: PG for mild language, and some slight gore.

A/N: This story takes place during the winter, when Kim and Ron go out, the weather is perfect, by the time they try to get back home, they're in the middle of a blizzard.

The Point of No Return
Kim Possible

/Kim badly breaks her leg while on a hiking trip in the mountains with Ron, with no help coming, it's up to Ron to get them back to civilization, before Kim reaches the point of no return, will they make it?/


Kim was packed, and ready for a week long hiking trip in the mountains with Ron, the first true date between them.

They had only begun dating a week ago, and everything seemed perfect between them. The friendship they had groomed for years, had bloomed into full-blown love, and Kim could never have been happier than when she was with Ron, even when it was a mission.

But today, this was different, Ron had planned this for the last three days, a hiking trip up Mt. Middleton. He had been wanting to conquer the peak of the mountain's summit for years, this time, he was bringing Kim along for the ride,

'I wonder if he'll give up this year?' Kim thought, as she loaded her pack onto her back, and grabbed her snowsuit, the forecast had called for cold temperatures near the peak of the mountain tonight, and she didn't want to be caught in it unprepared.


Meanwhile, at Ron's house:

Ron Stoppable had his bag packed, and ready, inside, was everything he would need for a hiking trip up Mt. Middleton, including, the very thing that had stopped him last year from getting to the summit, a first aid kit,

'I wound up with frostbite last year, and had to stop my ascent up the mountain early, it won't happen this year.' he thought viciously. He had hiked past the midway point, only to wind up with severe frostbite on both hands,

'Talk about embarrassment,'he thought, 'Kim wouldn't let me live that down for weeks.'

But this time, it was different, Kim was going with him, this was to be their first official date, and Ron didn't want to disappoint her, not like he had done to himself for the last seven years,

'Not this time, I'm not going to let anything stop me, I just hope Kim's ready for the experience of her life.' He thought, he had no idea just how much of an experience it would be, for both of them.
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