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Welcome to Hell

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A boy awakens to find himself in a strange new world, full of danger and horror. Does he have what it takes to survive?

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-It was dark and cold everywhere. Jason was scared and lonely. The last thing he could remember was driving in his car; he went though an intersection and saw another car coming at him from the driver's side. The next thing he knew, he was in this dark place.

-He cried out for help but no one answered. The lack of response only added to his mounting panic. He tried to run but no matter where he went he was surrounded by darkness. Jason ran faster and further but it made no difference. There was no sign of light coming from any direction. Jason began to wonder if that car had hit him, perhaps it had killed him. Was he in hell?

-Then he heard something. It started small at first, but then the sound grew and he realized it was the sound of people talking. They were whispering to each other, so many of them that Jason couldn't make out the words. He was overjoyed at the thought of someone finding him. The whispers grew in intensity to the point that it made Jason's head hurt.

-It hurt so bad that Jason fell to his knees with his hands over his ears. The pain was overwhelming; it made his entire body tremble in agony. His relief turned to anguish as he begged it to stop. He screamed as loud as he could in an attempt to drown out the sound with his own voice but he couldn't even hear his own thoughts.

-And then it stopped. The voices and the pain were gone as suddenly as they had come. Jason opened his eyes and stood up, running a hand through his short blond hair to calm himself down. He caught his breath and thanked god that the pain was finally gone. He looked around at his surroundings, and realized that he was better off in the darkness.

-He had thought he had been hell but now he was certain he was. The ground around him was covered in some kind of black material that looked like volcanic rock. I was jagged and warped, twisted like something out of a nightmare. Even the sky looked menacing. The dark swirling red clouds almost looked like they were on fire.

-He stumbled around the barren landscape in search of other people. What he found were monsters. Dozens of horrible creatures that Jason had never even dreamed of skulked around the area. Jason heard a noise from overhead and looked up to see giant beasts with bat like wings flying through the air.

-Jason ducked into a ditch and tried to hide from sight. He tried to slow down his racing heart and figure out what to do. There had to be a way out of this terrible place. Jason's thoughts were interrupted when the ground began to move near him. Before his eyes a large creature emerged out of the ground right in front of him.

-The thing had a head like a hammerhead shark but it stood on six insect like legs and had black, shiny skin. It's dagger like claws dug into the ground as it looked at Jason though it didn't appear to have eyes. Then the front ridge of its snout opened up revealing dozens of black unblinking eyes that stared at him. Its mouth opened and Jason realized its lower jaw was hinged and folded up with no teeth. The tip of the lower jaw opened to the side, with two large hook like mandibles.

-Jason's eyes went wide with horror as he stared at the two huge pinchers clicking together excitedly. He tried to cry out but his voice failed him. The lower jaw sprang forward in a flash and Jason somehow managed to grab the slim covered spikes. The creature bore down on Jason, trying to push its pinchers just a little bit closer. Jason fought with every muscle in his body as the mandibles inched toward his neck.

-Jason's mind panicked and he felt more fear than he had ever dreamed possible. All he could think about was how much he wanted to survive. He wanted so desperately to live and the only way to do that was to kill this thing. The adrenaline surged in his body and he pushed back with every ounce of strength he had. And the harder he fought, the stronger he became.

-Jason managed to stand up and push the creature back. In a surge of anger Jason ripped the lower jaw in two. The creature squealed in pain as dark green blood poured from the wound. Feeling empowered, Jason reached out and grabbed the beast on the ends of hits head. The creature tried to pull away but Jason held it in place, his fingers digging into its flesh. In a final burst of strength Jason broke the monster's head in half like a man snapping a stick.

-The monster let out one final cry before slumping to the ground. More putrid blood sprayed from its gapping wound and then it was dead. Jason looked at his blood stained hands. He felt strange, stronger than he ever thought possible. He didn't know what was happening to him, but he liked it.
Two months later
-Oakram sniffed the ground and lifted his massive head, baring his teeth and growling. The human filth were close by and he was weary of stalking them. The big white wolf looked over his shoulder to the demons that followed him.

-The scraggly creatures were little more than ghouls, chewing on the dead and dying. Oakram despised the mindless creatures but he needed something to clean up the mess. And although he would much rather be enjoying the company of his mate Marrow, a direct command from the master was an honor.

-For weeks now the number of demon deaths had been steadily increasing. The humans were becoming organized and the master had personally charged Oakram with the task of hunting down and dealing with the upstarts. He had even promised the large wolf the gift of speech should he succeed. A gift that very few of the master's children possessed.

-The car sized wolf picked up the scent and continued on, eager to finish the task and be done with it. He finally found their encampment in a demon free area. It was a place in the dark territory where humans had cleared out demons to live. Some of the mortals even ate the flesh of demons to gain power but the effecters were temporary.

-The wolf used his superior vision to scope out the human base. There were several sentries guarding a bunch of women and children. Oakram growled suspiciously. There were a lot of humans but there was no way they could have taken down the giant war beast that had died two days earlier. And yet the scent he picked up from its corpse had led him to the encampment. Either the bulk of their force was out hunting for their own prey, or it was a trap.

-Oakram looked back at the demons that followed him. The dumb beasts barely understood anything other than killing but he knew how to get his point across. He growled to get their attention and nodded toward the humans. The black skinned, ape like creatures became excited and chattered as they descended upon the humans.

-The human sentries tried to fend off the beasts. They drew their swords and managed to cut down three of the shrieking creatures before they were ripped apart. Oakram watched the slaughter and found himself missing the good old days when the humans still had guns to fight with. The last real battle he enjoyed had been years ago.

-General Emily had led the remains of the American military in a final assault against the dark territory. Oakram had fought beside Marrow on that day and took on the tank division. He and the rest of his pack had taken the best the humans could throw at them. And now he was watching as a bunch of ghouls devour defenseless women and children. It was down right demeaning.

-The next thing Oakram knew, he was slammed in the side and was sent flying through the air. He crashed into and through a boulder and skidded to a Halt lying on his side. The ghouls ceased their assault on the humans and turned their attention to their comrade's attacker.

-Oakram picked himself up to see what had hit him. He was surprised to see a lone human standing before him. The man stood defiantly, covered in armor that appeared to be made out of demon bones. His pauldrons and helmet were clearly the skulls of higher class demons. The cuirass was a rib cage and the bracers and grieves were also ivory white and carved with intricate designs. He held a massive white sword that also appeared to be carved out of demon bone and a blood red cloak that flapped in the wind.

-Before Oakram could call them off the ghouls charged the human warrior. The first of the beasts to reach the human leapt high into the air. As it came down at the man he looked up at the monster and smiled. With one upward slash the man sliced the ghoul in half. It fell to the ground in two pieces and then the human set his sights on the others.

-With inhuman speed he cut them down one after another. He swung the giant sword as if it had no weight at all and the ghouls fell one by one without even laying a hand on him. As soon as all of the creatures were dead the man turned, and saw the fangs of the giant wolf bearing down on him.

-He reached out and grabbed Oakram by the neck and threw the enormous wolf into another black rock. The beast picked himself up and snarled at the human. The man stood confidently and invited the beast to attack him with a hand gesture. Oakram's rage clouded his reason and he charged the human one last time.
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