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Mourning Vengeance

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Jeffery takes a personal interest in the new human champion while Marrow goes into a rage.

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-Jeffery sat lazily on his throne, his head propped up on his fist. His eyes were closed but he was not asleep. He merely rested his eyes and reached out with his mind to survey his kingdom. His minds eye flew over the dark territory, spotting humans and demons alike. Yet despite his all seeing eye Jeffery simply could not locate the trouble maker.

-He felt a hand gently touch his shoulder and looked up at Raven's smiling face. Her short black hair added the shadow that veiled her features but her loving eyes still shone through. She ran her fingers through Jeffery's shaggy brown hair affectionately and he smiled.

-"Good morning," Raven said as she moved around to the other side and sat in the adjoining throne. Despite being Jeffery's queen, Raven still wore common clothes. She wore black, tight fitting outfits covered by a dark trench coat. Her twin blades rested crisscrossed behind her back, just above the waist.

-Jeffery for his part continued to don his black armor even in this time of relative peace. The design on the breastplate was of a monstrous face outlined in dark red. The most prominent features were the large eyes on both sides of the chest. The armor was complimented by a large black cloak and Jeffery's sword which he wore across his back. The large black blade had tasted the blood of angels, and now waited impatiently to quench its thirst once again.

-The two of them watched the morning entertainment. A hulking gargoyle demon entered the room with a young blond girl held tightly in its grip. The woman had been caught spying and Jeffery suspected that she was in league with the human champion. The girl looked to be in her early twenties with dirty blond hair. She struggled in vain against her captor's arms and that made Jeffery smile. The spunky ones were always the most fun to break.

-"I'll ask you just once," Jeffery said, "tell me everything you know about this man who kills my minions. Tell me and you shall become a servant in my kingdom." Jeffery indicated the human slaves that cleaned his floors. The girl looked at them with pleading eyes but she would find no rescuer within their broken souls. "Don't tell me and...well I'm sure you have an idea of what will happen."

-She shot Jeffery a defiant glare and spat at him. The dark lord only smiled at her. He seemed more pleased by her refusal than he would have been if she had cooperated. He nodded to the large creature that held her clamped in its arm. The beast grabbed the battered jeans the woman wore with its free hand and ripped them off.

-The woman tried to struggle but it was no use, the beast snaked his muscular tail underneath her and thrust it up into her body. The girl let out a shrieking scream of pain and shock as her body was forced to accommodate the massive object that was forcing its way inside her. The gargoyle pushed his tail even deeper into her body and she screamed again much to the amusement of Jeffery and Raven.

-Jeffery reached down and scratched the head of Chaos while enjoying the show. He was a small mutated creature whose origins were a mystery even to Jeffery. Raven had created the mindless beast for him as a gift over a year ago. The creature was three feet tall when it stood upright. Its body was covered in mangy brown fur and its head was white with short hair. Instead of ears it had two goat like horns that curved back and big red eyes.

-Chaos' feet were large but his hind legs were so short that when he stood up they were completely covered by his fur. His front paws acted like hands which allowed the hyperactive little creature to hold his food while he ate much like a rodent. His massive gaping mouth could engulf a human head and housed an arsenal of sharp teeth including four enormous canines that did little to contain his tongue which always hung out to the side. He reminded Jeffery of a bulldog which had had a lobotomy.

-The animal wagged his stub of a tail as Jeffery affectionately scratched his head. Chaos' tongue flicked up and licked Jeffery's hand. He gave a happy, throaty growl of contentment as he watched the fun, eagerly awaiting a snack. Never able to keep still, Chaos swayed in place, panting heavily with his tongue hanging out as always.

-Many of the humans in the room tried to look away from the display. The women were horrified and disgusted while some of the men were amazed and even seemed aroused. Despite the rags they wore the human slaves were actually well taken care of, provided they didn't give Jeffery or one of his generals a reason to victimize them.

-The gargoyle continued to thrust its tail in and out of the woman's vagina much to her discomfort. Despite her protests, the girl's body responded to the intruder as it would a lover. Her vaginal secretions dripped down the insides of her legs and down the creature's tail as it continued to violate her.

-Aroused by the stimulation and the woman's cries, the demons penis became erect. The creature grasped both of the girls thighs and pulled them straight out to the side. The girl screamed in pain as her hips were dislocated and the beast positioned the girl over its foot long phallus and forcefully pulled her down on it, forcing it up into her anus.

-The girl let out a horrendous scream of pain. She screamed in agony with every thrust of the monsters penis and Jeffery watched with amusement as the two appendages actually distended the girl's stomach. The beast continued to ravage the girl and she began to bleed from both orifices. The gargoyle's enthusiasm increased with its excitement. Its claws dug into the girl's legs and it roared as it climaxed. The girl let out a horrified scream as the beast pulled her legs and pushed against the inside of her stomach with its tail until she practically exploded.

-The girls body parts scattered through the room and Chaos caught a gory rib in his mouth which he happily chewed on. The gargoyle stood covered in blood and gore. Jeffery waved a dismissive gesture and the beast left its master's presence. Dozens of insect and rodent like creatures scurried from the darkness to clean up the mess and even some of the humans cannibalized the girl's remains

-Jeffery reached over and placed his hand over Raven's. They simply gazed into each other's eyes for the longest time. But then their expressions changed. Jeffery and Raven's eyes became distant as they both sensed the same thing. They looked to the large double doors as they burst open and Hellen carried in Oakram on her back.

-The large woman set her passenger down on the floor and Jeffery and Raven hurried to the beast's side. Oakram was drenched in blood and covered with wounds, the most prominent of which was a huge gash in his left shoulder that went into his chest. Jeffery knelt down next to the wolf and Oakram looked up at him.

-"Hellen, get Marrow. Raven, get me a dark heart." Jeffery commanded. His general and queen both nodded and rushed out of the room. Jeffery looked at the large wolf and realized something was wrong. Every member of Marrow's pack was injected with immortality serum. It was a creation that allowed them to heal instantaneously from most injuries. Yet for some reason, Oakram's wounds would not regenerate.

-"Oakram, you've served me very well all your life," Jeffery said to the beast with a comforting smile, "rest well, and be at peace." The large wolf let out a whimper and weakly wagged his tail. With the image of his god smiling down upon him, Oakram closed his eyes and laid his head to rest forever.

-Marrow burst into the room with Hellen close behind. The truck sized white wolf froze in place when she saw the condition of her mate and second in command. She slowly walked up to Oakram and nudged him with her nose. His body did not respond and she knew that he was dead.

-Marrow let out a long, sad howl filled with her sadness and pain. Then Marrow let out a ferocious roar filled with anger and rage. Her enraged cry shook the very walls of the castle and she then threw her body against the stone pillars in a frenzy. She stepped out onto the terrace and roared again for all to hear. She wanted her mate's killer to know that she was coming for him.

-Jeffery and Hellen lowered their heads to mourn their departed friend. Deep inside the castle Raven rushed back to the throne room when she heard the sorrowful cries of Marrow. She lowered her head and looked at the black heart that she held in her hand. Even if she had gotten the life sustaining object to the wolf it was doubtful he would have lived. Still, she could not help feeling guilty.

-"I'll crush that human's bones into dust!" Marrow said. She spoke without moving her mouth, speaking with her mind. Jeffery could see the unwavering rage and bloodlust in her eyes. Before he could object Marrow leapt off of the terrace and took off running the second she hit the ground far below.

-"Hellen, go after her and give her a hand," Jeffery said. The large woman nodded and went for the terrace to follow the order. "And Hellen, I don't what you or Marrow to share Oakram's fate." Hellen looked back at him and gave a cocky grin.

-"It'll take more than a human to bring me down," she said. And with that, Hellen jumped off the terrace and fell five stories to the ground. She landed on her feet and the ground cracked and crumbled beneath the impact but her powerful legs kept her standing. She took off running after Marrow to back her up in the hunt for the human champion that had killed Oakram.

-Raven entered the room with Scylla right behind her. The two of them walked in and stood behind Jeffery, looking down at their deceased comrade. Jeffery shook his head and stood with a sigh. He didn't mind loosing lesser demons to conflicts with humans, but he had valued Oakram.

-Raven placed a comforting hand on Jeffery's shoulder. He covered it with his own and stood up. He walked over to a stone pillar and in a burst of anger punched right through the black stone.

-Raven stayed back and allowed Jeffery to vent his anger. She understood that it was not directed at her. He quickly calmed down and turned back to his queen. He looked over at a seemingly empty space above a stone gargoyle. He turned away from it and thought something over.

-"Kikki," Jeffery said calmly. The invisible space that had caught his attention a moment before shimmered and then revealed the slim girl with short red hair. She rolled off the top of the stone outcropping and hung from it by one arm like a monkey.

-"Yes master?" The girl asked in her childlike voice. She let go of the gargoyle and dropped to the ground. She walked over to the giant wolf, her long thin tail swaying around behind her. She crouched down by Oakram and looked him over. The look on her face reminded Jeffery of a child that was observing a strange bug.

-"What happened to Oakram?" She asked curiously.

-"The human's new champion," Jeffery answered with disdain in his voice, "I want you to infiltrate the human colonies and learn what you can about him. This will be an undercover assignment so try to remain inconspicuous. When you find out about him report back to me."

-"Yes master," Kikki said. Her body faded and then it disappeared. Jeffery then turned his attention to Scylla. The woman stood with a black patch covering her right eye, the result of an old accident. Her dark hair covered the patch the rest of the right side of her face.

-"Scylla, I want you to take Oakram's body and find out why he wasn't able to heal his injuries," Jeffery said, "but be gentle with him."

-The one eyed general nodded and shot a glare to the human slaves in the room. The scrawny servants fearfully stepped forward and Scylla pointed to the dead wolf. The slaves understood and carefully picked up Oakram's body and carried it off to the lab with Scylla close behind, leaving Jeffery alone with Raven.

-Jeffery watched the door close and let out a sigh as closed his eyes. He concentrated on the others, calling his remaining generals home. He felt each of them acknowledge the order and opened his eyes to see Raven standing in front of him. It would take the others a few hours to reach the dark castle so Jeffery had time to kill, and Raven to help him kill it.

-Sensing her husband's desire, and sharing it herself, Raven kissed him on the lips. Jeffery took hold of Raven's arms and returned the kiss. The two of them made their way to their bed chamber where they would enjoy each others company until the three remaining generals returned home.
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